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charging for anything they can!!!

I have 5 children the youngest is 7 months old. It is such a hassle making a payment to Centerpoint, I usually put it off. Since I don't deal with mailing checks, I use my credit card over the phone. First I have to call Centerpoint (on the phone for about 10-15 minutes)just to get the phone number to call for Bill Matrix to make my payment (another 5-10 minutes) plus they charge a 2.95 charge for electronic checks or plastic. THEN I have to call Centerpoint AGAIN (Another 10-15 minutes of phone time) to give them the confirmation code.

Well, my gas was cut off yesterday evening, no knocker...nothing. So I had called Centerpoint, the electronic voice said 61.08 plus $20.00 reconnect fee. But being that I wanted to speak to a person, I had to call back. I finally got through to a person and was told 157.00 and that our service wouldn't be reconnected until Tuesday. Today is Thursday!!! 5 kids, 2 adults, no hot water for 6 freaking days!?!?!?!?! The guy, can't remember his name said there was no way they could make it out here until Tuesday.

Grumbling, I got off the phone called and made the $157.00 payment, plus an additional 2.95 Bill matrix payment fee.

I called Centerpoint energy back with the confirmation code and still pretty ticked off that my service wouldn't be reconnected until Tuesday. Then by the lady I was speaking to with the receipt number, she tells me that I can pay an additional $35.00 OVERTIME fee for them to reconnect today. But through Bill Matrix of course. They have to have that additional $2.95 ya know! But I had to do what I had to do for my babies!!!

So I called, made the payment to Bill Matrix and then called Centerpoint back. They couldn't give me a time of when someone would be here, but someone has to be here! Good thing I have no life outside my house... ya right! DON'T THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT WE HAVE TO WORK TOO!?!?!?!

They charge you an arm and a leg for everything. My bill was only 94.40 (Summertime, no heat, just hot water) and it totalled 157.00 for a reconnect fee, So it was 94.40 (gas) + 62.60 (reconnect fee) + 2.95 (pay it fee) + 35.00 (OVER TIME fee) + 2.95 (another pay it fee).

Did I mention that I can't go and make the payment at the actual company, because there isn't a Centerpoint energy or place to make a payment anywhere near. The closest one is in Lawton, Oklahoma which is about 50 miles away!!!

This just seem illegal to me and they are getting away with it. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they started charging us to mail our bills to us!!! I know they charge us a stamp to mail our paper checks to them!!!

I'm so livid over this that I am thinking about calling my attorney to see if something or anything can be done! Gas prices are high enough!!!

  • Er
    Ernie Apr 17, 2009

    It just happened to me. After being wrongfully disconnected and paying $62 to reconnect. The tell me that are going to take 3 days to recconect... What is this?? this an utility and public service that is considered a basic need. I think $62 is a big charge for 5 minutes they take reconnecting, I think they could work on saturdays.
    I bet if they didn´t have the monopoly for the gas service in the area, I am most certain they wouldn´t have such a lousy customer service.

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  • Re
    RENEE Apr 21, 2009


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  • Di
    disgusted 100 Jul 07, 2010

    centerpoint sucks. whether its reliant, txu or whomever, centerpoint comes out for all providers. we dont have a choice. all you can do is PRAY that you get someone that is in a good mood when they come out to cut your services off. we have to answer to centerpoint and so one day centerpoint will have their day in GOD's court. HE is the highest chain of command.

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lying snakes

Centerpoint is a bunch of liars, and their customer service sucks on the phone. I missed work today to sit at home and wait ALL DAY for a representative to show up...NO ONE SHOWED UP...whats worse is that they lied about it and said that they showed up to turn my gas on... WHATEVER not a damn person showed up. they say they rang the doorbell and my dog started barking, strange at the time he said he showed up was right around the time our power came back on after hurricane Ike. so if he was just before the power came on the the doorbell would not have worked therefore not getting my attention, let alone my dogs to go bark at the door. if it was after the fact that we got power back then he is still a liar, because once the power came on I went and opened the garage door to take the trash out to the curb since tomorrow is trash day and we haven't had trash service for weeks due to Ike. the thing that makes it worse is that they sent an e-mail saying when they would be here, and it stated that nobody needed to be here... why then would he come out (the liar didn't come out) and cancel my turn on because he said nobody was here. DON"T TRUST CENTERPOINT THEY LIE AND THE SAY ITS YOUR FAULT AND YET MAKE YOU WAIT LONGER FOR SERVICE.

  • Ho
    Houston Mar 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If they show up, they should leave a note hanging on your with a time stamp.

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  • Br
    brandonj69 Aug 25, 2009

    They have done the same thing in Conway, AR said they came here Friday and on a Saturday no one showed up no note nothing, now they are trying to charge another 50$ fee to come out again or we have to wait a week

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ignoring downed power line reports

Center Point has been contacted over one hundred times regarding downed power lines on Spring Cypress Road between Grant and Eldridge Roads in northwest Harris County zip code 77377. Center Point is ignoring community requests to have these lines and downed poles repaired/replaced. Center Point is also diverting power restoration crews from this area to other, more affluent areas in the wake of hurricane Ike. Center Point refuses to send crews to this area even though a clear and present hazardous condition exists. Center Point is negligent and liable for this hazard.

  • Jf
    JF Sep 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Centerpoint Energy is also ignoring downed power lines in Houston, Texas 77021 area. It has been reported to them repeatedly.

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  • Lr
    lrh123 Jul 06, 2011

    Sue em.

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  • Ye
    yexm Sep 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not know why if I pay a monthly fee, And when I need them they cant come until a week later ??????? In my opinion they are taking my money and running. I had to buy a part that costed me $120.00 for my oven and fix it myself :(
    A unhappy customer!!!

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unfair equipment charges

After many phone calls and several weeks, we *finally* got someone from Centerpoint to come out and install a meter for electrical service - only they didn't. After severl days of calling customer service to see if our power had finally been installed (the service is in a different town than we live in) we were informed of the turn down, as the company calls it. We asked what the reasons were, the rep named them, one of which was a cryptic "Construction needed". We asked the CSR to explain the problems (so that we knew what to correct) and she couldn't say! We asked what "construction needed" meant, she similarly couldn't explain it and then referred us to a local rep, John Burke, which we had to leave a voice mail for. To make a long story short (and believe me, it IS a long story) John went out to our property and determined that the transformer box was just that, a box, and that the company has to intall one in order to provide us electrical service. Because the service is going to our RV rather than a home (we won't be building for a few years) Centerpoint is charging us $864.00 for the labor of installing said transformer. Keep in mind others with homes in this subdivision get this service for free, but we are being forced to pay for it. We will not be reimbursed for the cost when we build our home, and the transformer also services the vacant property next door - so once someone moves in there, they will get for free what we have had to pay for. I spoke with John's supervisor Christine Churny who made no concessions whatsoever to our plight. As the $864.00 charge is discretionary, I feel they could have given us a break. FREE would have been nice, but halving it seems fair given that it's a shared piece of equipment. I wish there were an alternative to Centerpoint. This latest is just another problem we have had with them and our service hasn't even started yet (although our disservice has!)

Reconnect Fees

CenterPoint Energy rightfully shut off my gas service and I have no complaint about this, as I was completely...

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pitiful customer service

Can't get Centerpoint to place my meter in a timely fashion. They were supposed to come Monday August 4th, when they received the fax that the City had inspected the completed plumbing work. When I attempted to inquire about the status of my meter, I was disconnected 4 of the 13 times I called over the next 36 hours, was told numerous times(on a sunny 95 degree day)that storms wouldn't allow service, was rerouted and disconnected, was lied to, told there was no way to reach any local office (wow! no wonder it is difficult to dispatch workers) and even told that the company has no supervisors to whom I could speak. Eventually, I was able to get through to a real person on the emergency gas leak report phone number and told that they would replace the meter if I stayed home AGAIN to wait for them (obviously they're under the delusion that no one else goes to their jobs either) How do I get compensation from a company that so blatantly lies to its customers? telling us that consolidating offices away from local areas would increase efficiency when in fact they have workers in Seguin Texas sitting idle because it is raining in Houston?!?! telling us they have no way of contacting area offices? telling us they have no heirarchy through which to channel a complaint? I know they are handicapped by having an all male board but surely someone could take a basic business course and start working on a few of these most obvious concerns; hopefully before enough people are so upset that they expect Centerpoint to operate fairly within a free market and deal with things the rest of the business world deals with - like competition.

price gouging

The adjusted rate on my gas bill is 2700% more than my base rate. I was told the adjusted rate is the cost of the transportation of the gas from the supplier to my house, in other words, their cost of doing business. Why do they have the right to pass on their cost of doing business to the consumer? I don't mind paying the base rate or the service rate but this adjusted rate is exorbitant. The transportation of gas to and from point A to point B is a corporate cost and should be reflected in their cost of revenue, which reduces their earnings and thus, reduces their tax burden. On top of that, the ignorant ###ic customer service rep told me if I have a problem I should call the Texas Dept of Railroads. Is there a law firm willing to go up against CenterPoint in a class action suit with the consumers as plaintiffs?

  • Ch
    Cheating gas Jan 17, 2010

    "Is there a law firm willing to go up against CenterPoint in a class action suit with the consumers as plaintiffs?"

    Good question!!

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wrongful billing

I own a rental property in Pearland and turned the energy on for a family moving in the property. In late November 07, I called the CenterPoint Energy company several times to turn the gas off and change it to the new renters name, but they told me they could not place the account in the new renters' name unless the new renter personally called them. I said ok and asked them to give the new renters 7 days and if they did not convert the gas in their name to turn it off. I also contacted the new renter Robert Strong and he assured me he did transfer all utilities in his name, so i did not worry about a bill. I returned to Houston on 19 June and just as i stepped off the plane, i received a call from CenterPoint Energy to tell me there was a 973.39 bill that i needed to pay or they would turn the gas off. Mr. Strong had just broken his lease, due to illness I was told, and there were new renters in the home. They told me that Mr. Strong never put the bill in his name and I had to pay it or they wouldn't let the new renters #2 move in. I was upset that they had let the bill go for over 6 months and never before called me. The person who called me stated she was turning off the gas in two days. i asked how it had gone sooo long especially since she had my phone number from back in november and she said the bills went to the house. Neither Mr. Strong nor the actual company notified me of the large bills being accrued by Mr. Strong.
After several attempts to contact Mr.Strong, i talked with CenterPoint staff again. For some reason they acted as if they knew Mr. Strong and one lady said, "they didn't say the would pay the bill did they"? She had a very strong reaction to my stating I was awaiting a call from Mr. Strong's family again and had talked with his nice. I believe the billers were somehow related to Mr.Strong and do believe they waited his departure to tell me about the bill. Mr.Strong didn't mail the bill to me, of course because he had told me he changed it to his own name and the company didn't call me for 6 months because they didn't want me to know either. THIS COMPANY OR THEIR STAFF has defrauded me in not telling me the gas bill was not being paid until AFTER the renter moved out. There is something wrong with this picture as most bills must be paid within 30 days, etc. I would like a response to this complaint.

Louella Anderson
3134 N 158th Ave
Goodyear, AZ 85395

PROPERTY ADDRESS: 10023 Chestnut Creek Way, Pearland Texas.

  • Pe
    Penny Sue Dec 29, 2008

    The state Gross Receipts Tax reimbursement to Centerpoint is unfair. The company should not require their customers to pay their gross receipts tax!

    When you call customer service about this, they don't even know what you are talking about!

    It is just listed on the bill as reimbursement of GRT - and guess what? No explanation on the back of what this is nor what percentage of your bill they are charging you for the reimbursement.

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scam and fraud

This company is a joke. We received a bill for $794.00, after never having received a bill for more than...

Equipment maintenance/power outages

Centerpoint is incapable of maintaining it's equipment. Frequently, as often as three times a month, a...

poor service!

Came out to replace my meter. No problem just everyday meter change out program. No notice just changed it and left note to call to get gas turned back on. When I called they indicated that I must commit to stay at home all day for them to put me on the schedule. No time frame, no call before coming no service in any way.

  • Sa
    Sarah Apr 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't you love a monopoly!!

    When we were out of town last week, Centerpoint left a notice on our door saying that they had replaced our gas meter (with no prior warning) and that since no one was home they had left our gas turned off. This happened on Monday and we arrived home Thursday night after driving almost 700 miles that day. We found the notice and tried to call Centerpoint but since it was after 7 PM they were closed. My husband was rather irate with the thought of going to work early Friday with no hope of a hot shower. He left it to me to contact Centerpoint and get the gas turned back on and the pilot lights lit. I assured him that I would take care of it and promised it would be on when he returned from work on Friday. I will not go into all the details of numerous phone calls I made - starting at 8 am- except to say there were at least 5 and that each time I was assured that the gas would be on by 5 PM. The second call I made told me the only way I would not have service was that if no one over 18 was here when the service technician arrived and the last one told me that they even worked until 9 or 10 PM sometimes to finish all the work orders they had for that day.

    My husband had told me to talk to a supervisor and so I tried. I asked for one in a call about 1 PM and was assured by Ms Evans that she could help me. She found my records and said a service man had been dispatched and would be here by 5 PM. I guess I am more naive than my husband because I believed her.

    My husband tried his hand with Centerpoint when he arrived home about 4:30. After listening to all the recordings and pushing all the buttons he requested from a human to speak to a supervisor. He had probably been on the phone for at least 20 minutes at this point. He was on hold for OVER AN HOUR more to speak to a supervisor. When he had related the whole story he was finally told that there was nothing to be done at this point but that if his wife had persisted and talked to a supervisor in the afternoon that it could have been handled.

    It is now 10:15 on Friday night and I assume we have no hope of hot water or heat until sometime Monday - if they deign to come then.

    Don't you think that it would have made sense at the beginning of this mess to establish a time to replace the meter when the home owner (and customer, if that means anything) could be home so that service would not be interrupted?

    I would also like to know why I am in the dog house here for believing what I was told a utility company customer service representative more than once. I guess I am an idiot. Anytime we need anything done we need to be very assertive and ask for a supervisor on the first phone call or forget it. If you are dealing with Centerpoint - good luck! Their customer service people are very well trained to keep you away from a supervisor with arguments and if that fails you might need to bring your lunch while you wait.

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failure to act promplty!

I had a home removed and am having another built on the lot in Houston, Texas. When trying to get service...

scammed by centerpoint

At about 1:30 PM, 11/13/07, a Centerpoint Energy contractor by the name of Jeff arrived to do the 'six point check' on our furnace. In past years I had gone through our local heating and cooling company, but this year decided to go with Centerpoint to save money and spread out the payments on my monthly gas bill.
This man was not in the house more than 15 minutes and discovered a crack in the heat exchanger which followed with the unit being red- tagging and turned off our gas. I called my husband who, in turn, called a contractor he knew from his years in home building. My husband simply began the conversation, 'Centerpoint is at my home' and the man on the other end of the phone interjected , 'and they red-tagged you'. Apparently, Centerpoint has a reputation of red-tagging for reasons unknown to me.
What angers me is that I will still be charged $98.50 for the six-point check and cleaning which wasn't done at all. He looked for a crack, found it and this is what I am being charged for. Seems a bit scammish to me. Seems to me I would be given a break since the unit was not cleaned, etc. By the way, none of us have been waking up or suffering with headaches and the furnace has been running for at least a month. We also have a lovebird right outside the room which contains the furnace and it hasn't dropped dead.
I called our local heating and cooling company and they remarked by stating that Centerpoint is a bit over cautious. At one of their other customers home whose furnace was cleaned and checked, noticed fingerprints on the mans furnace. The contractor asked if someone had been out to see the unit, the man said yes and that it was Centerpoint Energy one week earlier. Well, apparently his furnace was not cleaned as Centerpoint said they would do and they were only in the man's home for about 15 minutes. My local company will spend about 1 and1/2 hours on the furnace. Wish I would have spent the extra $30 and gone with my local company. Live and learn.

  • Kemps Apr 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since they sent a Tech to you house and most likley saved your life and that of your children maybe you might actually be appreciateve. The other company you called, they don't sound like very professional people. I wonder what they charged you and how they handle things when they find a cracked heat exchanger? I guess we will never know because your not going to be homest about it anyhow.

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Mistaken disconnection of service!

CanterPoint Energy gas division of Houston, Texas accidentally shutoff my gas services this morning for non-payment of my bill which was paid via their online billing services. I had my confirmation print out from my computer had the technician rang the doorbell and notified us. I always call a person at Centerpoint and relay this information but was unable to contact their services. Their voicemail stated they were too busy to take any phone calls right now so call back in thirty minutes so I e-mailed them. Now I have to reschedule reconnection for tomorrow and be available from 8 am to 8 pm a twelve hour time frame due to their mistake which they initially admitted but now their representative Tasha who reports to Michael Anthony is dancing around their even acknowledging this. This is a complete 180 from the customer service that I have received from CenterPoint Energy in the past 30 years. Tasha even danced around the suggestion that I go totally electric so I would not have to deal with them anymore. WOW! What poor customer service!!!

  • Ve
    Verob Sep 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Centerpoint is a big bully! I would write to the big executives who run this joke of a company!

    3721 TANGLEY RD
    HOUSTON TX 77005-2031

    3811 LOCH GLEN CT
    HOUSTON TX 77059-3718

    HOUSTON TX 77005-2224

    HOUSTON TX 77056-2120

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  • Te
    Terry S. Singeltary Sr. Sep 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Terry S. Singeltary Sr." <[email protected]>
    To: <[email protected]>
    Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 12:23 PM

    I got one of those same letters in the mail. It was a 'Dear .............'
    letter. For the past two months, CenterPoint Energy has attempted to read
    your meter. As a result, your gas usage has been estimated. In accordance
    with our General Rules and Regulations for Gas Service you must provide
    access to our gas meters at all times for inspections, reading and testing.
    Refusal to allow access to your gas meter can result in disconnection of
    your natural gas service. ...then they go on to tell me how much i would
    have to pay to get it turned back on, and then under that, they tell you how
    you can fix this (i did not know it was broken), they then tell you about
    your options, one of which is to buy a (ERT) remote read device, for
    $180.00. or I can pay to relocate my meter. ...


    been reading. i have lived here all my life, it was my grandparents
    homestead. we have no dogs, and you have been opening the gate all this
    time (WE DID NOT PUT METER ON THIS SIDE OF FENCE, you did). SO, what's
    changed ? Probably just more greed with the utilities. they want to do away
    with meter readers with a more sophisticated meter, that will do away with
    the meter readers (they claim), and they want the consumer to pay for it.
    what a racket, and the utilities commission is about as broke and bought off
    as the insurance regulators, tx-dot, and everything else. wouldn't it be
    nice if the consumer could do the same and pass the cost of a new central
    air and heat back to the electric and gas companies. where's justice, wheres
    the utility commission $$$

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  • Te
    Terry S. Singeltary Sr. Oct 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Greetings et al,

    well, i got my bill, and yep, for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time, not sure, but the supervisor at customer relations was so concerned they will read meter tomorrow. i just went out and read it and they over charged me. there _estimated_ again read on 9/24/2007 was 3134. i read it today 10/1/07 and it was actually 3105. gotta love em, to keep from hating.
    you have wasted my time now with this meter nonsense, now that i know what it's all about. you just want me to buy a new meter, to do away with the meter reader, and make us pay for it, a win, win formula. what a hoot.

    have a nice day, but would somebody please read my damn meter, it's in the same place it's been for over 50 years. call me, i will show you where it's at. ...terry

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  • Mi
    Minda May 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I set up my parents acct for auto bank draft and it did draft on the due date, however, according to them, it was returned so they are charging 20.00 for returned check. Bunch of bull, and they don't budge. I even have proof of when I set up on auto bank draft online. They are and will be getting in deep trouble. They won't even, out of courtesy, waive the charge! I mean, at this point we don't need their courtesy just for them to do what's just..but they will...mark my words.

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horrible customer service

On 09/04/2007, I found a representative from Centerpoint energy in my driveway who informed me that he wa...

Very poor customer care service!

This past Thursday, I phoned Center Point Energy and reported a gas leak; a tech came out and found where the...

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