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Kool Smiles — service

I am very dissatisfied and upset with the service and treatment I have been receiving from Kool Smiles for...

Kool Smiles — customer services

The person who work the braces side customer services was really rude she didn't let anyone who was get...

Kool Smilesdental service (or non service as it came to be)

I called at 3:25pm on Wednesday Aug 14th for an emergency visit THAT DAY, as my daughter just had the filling of her previously filled tooth*2 months earlier) fall out. My daughter has Autism and has VERY different sensory responses than the neurotypical person. When I called I explained that the previously filled tooth filling came out I explained that my daughter has Autism and her sensory responses are more heithened than in other people and that it was a MUST that we get this refilled TAT DAY. On the phone they said "can you get here by 4pm? I replied yes. We got there by 3:44 pm AND were SAT til AFTER 4pm! Finally took daughter for xray, they only LOOKED at the tooth, and would not fill the tooth s, saying that they don't do any work other than xrays and cleaning after 4pm! WTF? My kid is Special Needs! I specfically stated on phone we needed filled THAT DAY, why bring us down from 20 min away (speeding mind you to get there by 4pm) only to NOT do what we can there for? We didn't NEED an xray, I knew what the problem was! I had the filling that fell out WITH me and showed them!. Seriosly? So now I have to do the same thing again today at 1pm where she will get the tooth filled. They also used to have convenient (for patrons) EVENIN hours and weekends, what happned to those? Switching from Kool Smiles to it's new Name "Porter Dental" recently has only made this dental practice WORSE! "Flexible hrs" my arse! When they say flexible they mean for THEMSELVES not the patients!
Ugh, after today, I'm finding a new pediatric Dental firm

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    Kool Smilesdental assistants giving our pricing for procedures

    i had to have 2 teeth pulled & i was told my insurance would cover it. I get there & after 30 minutes of waiting they finally tell me the price of it & i expressed how when i was there May 6th that they said it was covered. The lady at the front then told me that "A Dental Assistant probably told you the price, I'm sorry & we are training them on that now." I then asked for something for the pain & got told to take over the counter meds... NEVER AGAIN!!
    1. a dental assistant shouldn't be discussing any type of pricing.
    2. Over the counter meds don't work for the pain!
    3. The procedure should have been done for the cost they said since it was their mess up..

    Contacted corporate & got no response.. called to speak to the office manager at the Colonial Heights location & he was no help either...

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      Kool Smilesdental visit extraction

      This is the review I left weeks ago but never heard a thing. This place doesnt even deserve the 1 star that I have to give them to be able to leave a review!! I BEG OF YOU, DONT TAKE YOUR CHILD HERE!!! This place has literally changed my child, my mother, and myself for the rest of our lives. I wouldnt put my pets through the trauma that my child endured here! The only thing that was halfway ok here was the one dentist was kind. The nurses and helpers were heartless, mean, and rude. My daughter is only 3 years old this was her first time at the dentist and she was trying to be brave, she was trying to talk with the lady at first and the lady paid not one bit of attention to her. She was physically held down by multiple adults and treated like a rag doll. Her tooth the abscessed and needed to be pulled but they dont do sedation at this location. I begged for them to try to get her into a place that could sedate her but the only place they would refer us to is 45mins away and when I asked if they would call them for me and see how soon they could see her they refused to help me out with that. My option was to take my baby home with an antibiotic and a badly infected tooth that was causing her horrible pain, she couldn't even eat. Or to have it pulled there in the office and have her tied down. I felt helpless I was scared of the infection and the horror she had already endured and I said to get it pulled. I paid for the nitrous but they didnt even give any to her. They told my mom and I that neither of us could stay in the room, I literally begged like a dog for one of us to stay. The dentist agreed to let my mom stay with my daughter but the nurse was very cruel when telling us the rules. She said dont speak to the patient dont come near her dont try to talk and there can be no communication to the outside she was backed literally into the corner being threatened that if she made one peep she would be out. They strapped my thing 3 year old baby to a papoose board put socks on her hands and literally velcroed her down from the neck down! As I waited in the hallway I could here her gut wrenching screams and pleas for help. It plays in my head over and over again. Now my child is mentally and emotionally scared for the rest of her life and so am I for that matter. I honestly didnt even realize that this was going on. I have never experienced something so horrifying in my life it is absolutely INHUMANE! They even put blinder glasses on her, she thought she was blind! Never again!! Now even when I mention the doctor the dentist anything she loses it. She fell and skinned her knee a couple days later and youd have thought she cut it off she is terrified to get hurt now. I am not exaggerating when I say this has literally changed the course of our lives. This type of treatment should not be allowed how can we let our children be treated this way. Not to mention the cleanliness of the office was ridiculous. I could write a book and still never be able to tell it all and express the pain I felt in my soul. I hope this helps someone out there to never have to go through this hell with their baby! Since I called asking for an antibiotic and was told no. Also now for any other dental work my kid has to be put under. Not to mention the cost I am worried for her overall health. She has been diagnosed with PTSD because of this. I say this every day THEY BROKE MY BABY!

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        Kool Smilesdental

        I went back I. March for a tooth he sat for hr in waitj g room they then took me to back roo. A d sat for another half hr they finally took a xray then I sat for another half hr. Finally dentist comes over shows me xray says I need to teeth pulled. Made me a appointment for 5 weeks later and gave me antibiotics and pain med for two weeks and I said I have to wait this long and this is all the medication I get. And she smiled and said it should be okay I am in terrible pain that's why I am here. So now she gives me my appointment and says see you in 5 weeks. We'll 5weeks now I go back to get teeth pulled and get there 15 minutes early she hands me forms again to fill out. I fill out and sit down. She calls me back up laughing to her other secretary not looking at me and says oh the dentist that's suppose to pull your teeth isn't here. Then says hold on so I sit back down and she calls me back up and laughs again and says oh he is here today so you can ha e your teeth pulled and it's a hr drive to get to Kool smiles from where I live. So she tells me sit down and wait. So ten minutes later she calls me back up and says how are you paying today and I say excuse me you have not told me anything about a price and they both laugh as I feel humility she says I need 248.00 and I say you never told me I needed to bring any money and you never explained what my insurance covered and didn't cover. And again they laugh and she says well no money then we can't pull your teeth. I am just dumbfounded that they never said a word about any of this at my first appointment. So now We drove a hour for nothing I am in severe pain and she tells me when you have money come back what kind of place does this.

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