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I sent Cash 4 Gold 2 14k bracelets, 3 12k necklace charms, 1 18k chain, and 3 12k hoop earrings and the sent me a check for $10.31 sent.but the people at the check cashing place took the .31 for fee.So all i got was $10.00.LMAO!!!

  • Mu
    MUCHMERCY Jul 27, 2009

    I sent a gold ring to Cash-4-Gold and received a check for 16.00. I personally sent them their check back and requested a return of my jewelry. It appears that they only pay for the gold. My ring has 12-14 nice sized diamonds in it. Are they making a much bigger profit frm the diamonds? I would have done better at the pawn shop! I was and still am extremely dissappointed with Cash-4-Gold

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  • Ri
    ripped off in alberta Dec 18, 2009

    I sent in a 14k ring with diamonds and saphires and got $22.18. is this some kind of joke! I want my jewellry back as I am not that hard up for $22.18!!!
    This is a scam!!

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  • Mi
    Minniebee12 Dec 21, 2009

    Heck, I sent off my jewelry on the 27th of November 2009 and of course its lost in the mail. I beleive this nothing but a scam going on. I personally am going to contact my Attorney Generals Office.

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  • Jo
    jojo223 Aug 23, 2010

    c4g is a bunch of liars they are sceving sons of bit**** i think its bull sh** that they can steal peoples gold/jewlery and get away with it and nothing be done to there as***

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  • Jo
    johnn27 Jan 20, 2011

    this is terrible but honestly...any company that has you send in things...and appraises it without your presence..of course its going to be a scam most likely... terrible company it shud be shut down

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rip off artists

I sent in a matching 14kt gold herringbone necklace and bracelet set and got 35.00 for it. It was as if my check was sent out when I called, because the agent said they were "sending it out today, " two weeks after I sent them my items and only after I called were they prompted to mail a check. To return the check, I tried calling the number on the cash4gold website and was given a long distance number to another company where no one answered and I left a message. I also e-mailed customer service. There is no info on the cash4gold website on returns, no FAQ page, no customer service info whatsoever. I guess I was eager to cash in so I didn't research. Didn't have to look too far after the fact for hundreds of complaints online. Beware! This is one of the worst scams going, and you should boycot stations that air their commercials and write to the stations saying you will report them to the FCC for airing scam commercials. We need to start calling networks on any commercials that mislead. This includes any product, from Seen On TV stuff to food to gold to pharmaceuticals. Enough is enough! Call or write the FCC and tell them you are telling everyone you know to do the same. It's a new day and we are ired of being mislead while networks make millions from these no good sponsors.

  • Ri
    richw63 Mar 22, 2010

    Do you believe these rip off artists are still in business??? We recieved a check from them for 60 dollars... took stuff to a pawn shop, where we were told, just like cash4gold, it was bye weight... wonder whats wrong with the cash4gold scales??? We got paid 230 dollars for stuff they said wasnt worth anything...ok, go figure, , , , , , lets all complain, and put these theives out of business

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  • Go
    Gold Seller Chris Mar 22, 2010

    As you can see above, it is really important to do your homework. As a person who sells gold to gold buyers, I've done some research and found that there are about 10 good questions to ask a gold and silver buyer before selecting them as the one to choose. A couple are:

    1. What is their physical address? This may sound not important, but if you send your gold to a PO box and you and the buyer have a disagreement, it may be hard to follow up. Also too they have your precious metal! It is hard to knock on the door of a PO box. There is something about a business having a “physical” location.

    2. What’s Their Security Policy to Protect Your Valuables While it’s at Their Facility/Warehouse? Just because there is insurance on the package that arrives, once it is signed off the insurance ends. So it is important to know what procedures they have in place within the company to insure that your gold does not get lost, mixed up, or even stolen. Good gold buyers have solid and strict policies and procedures that their employees must follow.

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  • Pe
    Peggy Stanford Garner Jun 22, 2010

    I must say that I have had much more satisfactory transaction-by-mail-experiences in the past two years in dealing with, than my MOST RECENT SALES EXPERIENCE! The
    only reason I was interested in selling some of my gold jewelry was
    due to the "unprecedented" Gold Value of $1, 230.00 per ounce, as
    of 06-14-2010 (per CNBC Cable News/"Squawk Box" Program, which constantly lists the stock market values as well as the current values of Precious Metals Market). However, I was DEEPLY
    DISAPPOINTED to receive a check which was only worth one-third of approximate gold-per-ounce price; even though the itemized statement of values of gold-items-sold-by-mail outlined that I
    had INDEED sold at least ONE OUNCE of GOLD in DKT Weight!
    give way to Corporate Fraudulent Practices - Not EVERONE is
    IGNORANT as to the current "values" of gold jewelry items in THE
    PRESENT ECONOMY! I will NOT give any recommendations of
    dealing with to my friends EVER AGAIN!

    Unhappy Camper In the South

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Ridiculous Amount offered for my goods

Cash 4 Gold received my packet...full of gold rings, and sterling silver items (which they stated they take...

terrible service

Hello, more than 6 weeks ago I sent away my envelope to They say that your envelope is tracked...

false advertising

I sent Cash4Gold an $800 engagement ring (I can verify this with a sales receipt and a jeweler’s appraisal) with the expectation that I would be paid something reasonable for it, I would have even been happy with $200. They sent me a check for $27.94 dated February 20th, 2009 which I received on March 3rd, 2009.

I was not happy with this amount and called them on March 5th to ask for the ring back. I was told that I was requesting a return past the date when they would refund my item. Apparently, their policy for returns is 10 days after the check is dated. When I informed Cash 4 Gold's customer service operator that I had received the check 2 days prior they told me that was none of their concern and that they would not refund the ring, nor increase the amount of compensation to me.

I feel that I have been robbed by this company and I have contacted the Florida State Attorney General's office for help in shutting down these deceptive business practices. Don’t do business with this company!

  • Bi
    bigman Mar 05, 2009

    there return policy is 12 days not 10 just checked their wedsite and you called in 15 i dont think you are being fair in yor complaint. Sorry being honest!

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  • Ge
    Getthe thieves Apr 04, 2009

    Forget the bigman comment! I'll wait for the day he loses something and begs for help. You have been robbed and I predict this company will be in legal trouble within the year! Here is what I will suggest also. It is deemed mail fraud and becomes a federal matter. You need to check this avenue and call the local FBI.

    By right, in the jewelry trade, you should agree to the amount or else it should be returned to you. You might want to consult Jewelers Vigilance Board. I just dont have it handy.

    Feel sad to see soooooooo many good people getting sucked in this scam.

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do not use fast cash option

Do not go for "fast cash" option. My wife and I recently sent 2 wedding rings with 3 diamonds each. We had purchased the rings in mayors, 18k gold, good quality diamonds. We went to 3 local pawn shops to sell the rings. One told us they'd give us $350. The second one $310, the third one $330.

We wanted a little more than that so we decided to try cash4gold. With all their advertisements of "eliminate the middle man" and the supposed "customer testimonials" we figured we'll at least get the $350. We sent the items, waited 2 weeks for our check (Thank god we didn't take their fast cash option which waives your right to dispute the amount you receive!). The check was for a whooping $67.70. That's right. Sixty seven dollars!! What kind of bs offer is that? Even they weighed the rings at a little over 1/2 ounce of gold. The price per ounce of gold at the time was around $980! What kind of bs offer is $67 dollars for 1/2 ounce!?!?

I figured, it's got to be a mistake on their end. I called the customer service number and the person who answered the phone kept defending the $67 offer. He didn't have the "gold price knowledge" to realize that $67 for 1/2 ounce of gold was bs!

We returned their check and we are waiting to get the items back. Again, thank god we didn't try their much advertised "fast cash" option where they wire you the money but you can't argue the payment amount. Bs!!

Payment for gold

I saw an ad on TV about Cash 4 Gold buying old gold jewlery. The people in the commercial indicated they got...

thanks for nothing-no really nothing!

So I had some diamonds and gold and I thought hey I need the money bad (who doesn't) and I figured these guys were going to give me a return way better than any Pawn shop from the way they advertise...oh and they have a return deal. Sweet. WRONG. I was expecting at least 100.00...nope they sent me 25.00 I answer (go figure) so I left a message. TELL ME WHY have an answering machine when YOU don't call BACK?!? If they don't answer how can I tell them oh and the check is sent out so late you are can't send it back to them in time to get your stuff back. They sent me a letter saying they never got ANY communication from me about my I HOPE YOU GET IT NOW!!!
I sent in two small diamonds in gold post and they gave me 2.00 bucks WHAT!? sure they were tiny but they costed WELL over 2.00 DOLLARS!!! Some stuff apparently had no precious gold so WHY DIDN"T I GET THAT STUFF BACK!? Karma sucks I hope your company goes down...file bankruptcy...lose YOUR sucks companies like THIS stay in business while the GOOD ones go belly up.
HOw much did the people in your tv ad send you cuz for 500.00 dollars so they can take a vacation they musta ROBBED a pawn shop and sent you the store...otherwise I don't see how they made out THAT well...

  • An
    Anon Mar 03, 2009

    You mean a site that's no longer up? NICE TRY DON PENNINGTON...YOU FAIL.

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  • An
    Anon Mar 03, 2009

    Besides there's a difference between not paying full market value and giving you $2.oo for a diamond. Please tell Satan I said hi the next time he comes to your street corner for your twice-weekly BJ sesh.

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  • An
    Anon Mar 03, 2009

    So, I put on my Indiana Jones hat and did some digging. Here's what I found:

    - ''" is a man named Don Pennington from Pennsylvania. If you go to, you will be redirected to a site called, a site that PAYS people to write content for them. The so called "review" is little more than a commercial for Cash4Gold, not an honest review of the service. Here's an example:

    "Wanna better option? Of course you do! Got any old, ugly, broken jewelry around your house? Of course you do! Wanna get paid top dollar for your scrap gold, silver, and platinum? Of course you do!! My friends at have already helped thousands of good people just like you, through troubling financial times, and have paid out millions of dollars, to many who become regular customers. To be frank: You're just not gonna find a company that'll treat you better, answer all of you questions clearer, or pay you more, than! has been operating since 2001. They've since grown to being one of the largest, and most respected, precious metals refineries in the U.S., and they're the only precious metals refinery to be listed in "Inc. Magazine's" "500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America", for 2006 and 2007. And it's all based upon, fair dealings with sellers, honesty, and knock-your-socks-off service!"

    Does that sound like an honest appraisal or a commercial?

    This guy is a shill. A carnival barker.

    - On this very forum, Pennington says he is a "former customer" yet in his commercial/review, he never once says anything about how much money he got or even if he actually ever used the service! COMPLETE ###!! Remember, Don Pennington is being PAID to write this, and I'll wager that he got more money for lying about the service than he would if had actually used it.

    - Pennington is a sad and bitter divorcee who, according to his profile, has but one interest: "Winning my children back".
    Sad, huh?
    Well almost as sad as this, his bio: "I'm just another throw-away Dad tryin' to make the child support". Apparently making the child support includes writing almost 400 articles for In fact, I encourage you to not go to that site, as he may get paid for every visit. I did it for research and part of me hopes he gets money to pay his support with, but you don't need to do it.

    Don, you asked for this by coming here and insulting people that have a legitimate gripe against a scam just so you can generate traffic for your Internet paycheck machine. Get a real ###ing job, ###.


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rip off: paid me about 1/10th of the jewelery's value

I was fooled by Cash4Gold. Enticed by their tv commercials, unemployed and needed cash to buy gifts for my family for Christmas '08, I shipped my gold jewelry and silver quarters to Cash4Gold. Lured with FAST CASH option ($4.99 fee) where $ would be wire transferred to my checking account, I signed the fast cash form. There was a CATCH: choosing FAST CASH voided the "10 day return policy" meaning I would get stuck to whatever amount they would give me. HUGE MISTAKE!!!

1 0.39 cts marquis-cut diamond ring (my engagement ring)
1 gold wedding band with little diamonds (my husband's)
1 gold bracelet
7 gold earrings
1 white gold earring with little diamonds
2 gold pendants
1 gold ring
40 silver quarters ($10)

Cash4Gold paid me a TOTAL of $138.74.
The silver quarters worth $10 = Cash4Gold paid me ONLY $3.16. I would have gotten more value if I dropped those silver coins in a vending machine to buy junk food. This is an OUTRAGE!

The sad thing is I trusted them to be fair in appraising and paying me a fair price. Of course, I did not expect to get near the amount I paid for those jewelry, which is $1, 000+, but I expected MORE THAN $138.74. Since I waived the 10-day return policy in favor of "fast cash, " I'VE BEEN HAD. Basically, Cash4Gold gave me 1/10th of the money I paid for those jewelry. TOTAL RIP OFF!

Cash4Gold had a Super Bowl commercial...WOW! Do you know how Cash4Gold could afford the Super Bowl commercial??? Because of FOOLS like me! BEWARE!!!

I am angry. I am humiliated. Please learn from my mistakes.

See photos of Cash4Gold purchase invoice and jewelry on my blog:

  • St
    Steve Wright Mar 02, 2009

    Wow. Just saw the sell you gold investigation on the Philly local station. Cash4Gold was the worst; not just a ripoff they steal outright!
    Great station: rated the top 3 companys to sell gold on line to. Its an industrial refiner that has a precious metal refinery within. Go to and click on the dollars for selling gold item. Good luck with the schmucks at cash4stupid people who are gullible to sell to them.

    Steve W.

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  • St
    Steve Wright Mar 02, 2009

    Got a similar newscast in the Chicago area. Same story pretty much. I got the phone number of the company. They are in Barrington, Illinois. 800-323-9785. I called and they told me that they call you when they receive the material, tell me what they are willing to pay and if I say ok they send the check out the same day; if not they send the gold back at their expense the next day...payment in 24 hours from receipt.

    Cash4Gold is a out and out ripoff. CNN says there are 388, 000 complanints so far against them. How do the authoritizes let them stay in buisness. Must be a payoff somewhere.

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  • Ab
    ABC1234 Feb 22, 2010

    The customer service number is 1-800-241-1811

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misleading information about the company

A note from the ceo of Hi, my name is jeff aronson. I am the ceo of I would...

Mail Fraud

I applied for a Cash4Gold secured envelope to be sent to me to put my jelewy (all gold with some diamond...

Tltal ripoff and theives!!!!!

Total Rip Off!!!

I sent old gold and silver jewelry to Cash 4 Gold in October of 2008. After two weeks, I had heard nothing from them, and called, and was told my jewelry had no precious medal. If I wanted it back, I would have to pay $15.00. I called again today hoping to get another customer rep, but the same person answered the phone, and told me the same thing only now I can't get my jewelry back, because it's past the 10 days I had to request it back. I don't know how this place can do this!! Please, do not send your jewelry to this company. It is a total SCAM. I also read on a website that even though they have the Better Business Bureau as a reference, they have the lowest rating anyone can have with the BBB. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!! Don't send them your jewelry!!!

  • Su
    susan westfall Jan 13, 2009

    Sorry for the misspelled words--I am recovering from a concussion.

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  • Ti
    Tina Jan 13, 2009

    Amen to that, I did get my jewelry back but there'll be no more dealing with them again, i'll go somwhere else. Folks don't fall for the ''cash4gold'' outfit...just don't . I got insulted by them after they sent me a check for $ .13 cents. And yes they got their check back. I kid you not!!!

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  • Ro
    rothstein jewelers Feb 14, 2009

    In our Blog, we warn people against sending their valuables in the mail!!! You have to go to a reputable jeweler and get at least a proper estimate for your valuables. Give Rothstein Jewelers in Beverly Hills a call... please- don't get ripped off!

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  • Re
    redneck Apr 17, 2009

    This is true, I sent in alot of jewlery to them also a couple of 10k braclets, and two 10k rope necklaces, also some rings and earrings and they sent me 55.00 dollars. I later found out about the rip off thing with them. If I would have known I wouldn't have sent my stuff in. I feel like I got cheated. I had a friend that was going to send her stuff in I told her not to, to go somewhere local and she did she had a rope necklace and braclet set with one ring and she got 100.00 dollars for it. So I know I was riped off. Do not use them.

    0 Votes
  • Te
    Teddy22 Feb 28, 2010

    I agree that is a scam, I cam across a very helpful website called and that told me everything that i needed to know about every online gold company out there. If you are looking to sell your gold and you want to know the truth about the company please visit, I hope this website finds you well. I sure thought it was useful.

    Miami Florida

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scammed! again!

I just lost me a parcel to Princess Narobi in one of them ghananese check cashing scams and I wanted to try and git my money back so I sent in all them useless gold watches my grandaddy lef me and my gold teeth that done falled out and also my mommas weddin ring and Uncle Arlins rodeo buckle which was cuvured in 10k gold. I sent this here cash4gold the baggie with gold in it and I waited for a rally long time and all I got was 6.32$ in a chek that the bank sayz they cant cash. I been screwed so long I can see backwerds walking forwerds. I think the goverment should shut these peeple down fir good.

  • An
    ANDREW Mar 02, 2009

    SERIOUSLY?!?! Is this a joke? This has to be the most poorly written comment I have ever seen in my life!!
    "I sent in all them useless gold watches my grandaddy lef me and my gold teeth that done falled out" Really?!?! Did you quit school after kindergarten? I mean come on. I refuse to belive that someone is that uneducated that this is how they really speak.

    0 Votes
  • An
    Anon Mar 03, 2009

    It's called "trolling", Andrew. Kind of like the internet version of a prank call.

    Most of the time, the troll's aim is to get people like you to make comments like the one you made.
    This was apparently a victory for the troll, as you played into it. Not the best troll, but I guess it worked (on you). Made me laugh, though.

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I recently sent in one pound of sterling silver and only got back a check for $4.93.The silver was worth alot...

rip off

they told me they were very intrested in my ring and 2 send them copy of appraisal so i did. my ring gia...

Rip Off

What a rip off! I sent them 2 rings and I already have a written appraisal from the jewelers where the item...

delay and ripoff

I had a great deal of scrap gold jewelry to sell, and I chose because they advertise the...

fraud & scam

Cash4gold is a big fraud, they are issuing fake checks and they sent me one, here's my story: I sent some...

deceptive advertising!

We decided to use Cash4Gold after reading the great references cited on their website. We were going to sell...

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