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I put 4 rings on buy back on 27th March 2019. I was unable to come in to the store to pay the interest as I was stuck in Tableview without transport or a phone. My daughter Phoned Longbeach to ask for an Extention to Mon or Tues. I only got there o Wednesday the 1st. The cashiers and sales staff where we're extremely rude and said that my rings now belonged to them and offered me no solution. I even offered to pay an extra month of interest. They ignored me and left me waiting for 30 minutes while they were looking for the rings and then told me I could only get them back by paying double what I sold them for. The arrogant and uninterest from the staff has put me off ever doing business with the company ever again.

May 02, 2019
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      May 14, 2019

    I pawned my studio monitor's andmy laptop at cash crusaders field street on the 9th april 2019. And on the 8th may i went to to settle with them to give me maybe a 7 days extension my mom is been hospitalised since the first of may and she has been moved baragwanath hospital so i need some time i will double the interest. They refused to help me. I offered to pawn one of my cannon cameras the lady doesnt know how to operate the cameras considered it faulty they cant hep me. I came back the following day with the camera i went to the shop where i bought and they found no faults but still the lady refused.. i left and came back on the third day to settle the payment for my lap since its needed my school assignments are there and everything i need is in that laptop they refused saying it expired and they put it on shelves for sale.. and they were so rude to me when i beg them to help they shut me off.
    A lady that was watching waiting to be helped left without continuing with wha she was there for and advised me to take legal actions. but i still need my pc and monitor's i feel i was treated unfairly. And deprived a right to my belongings.

    Please help i nees to go to school
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