Cash Crusadersxbox one

T Jul 11, 2019

I had a Xbox one I sent to cash crusaders with my husband and a friend to pawn as my husband ddnt have his ID we asked the friend to use his. Well the amount due on the loan was on Sunday so I sent my husband to the store with the due amount and the receipt of the original pop to show that he game belong to us. They ddnt want to give the game due to the one who gave his ID to pawn the game not being with (we can't find him anywhere). They did however accept the loan amount payable from my husband and gave him a receipt as pop. Today we went back to the store to say we the guy who gave his ID is AWOL. And if they are not able to give the game back them they should then return the money as the same princtipe should apply that if they cannot give the game without the ID of the person who pawned it they should not accept the money from us. Now we have a problem where they say they cannot return our money or game. Can someone please assist as I am furious. We cannot find this guy who we used anyway and don't mind if we have to lose the game but it is not right to then keep our money as well. As they should never have accepted the money in the first place is they are strict about the person who ID they have there must come to get the game. Then why did they accept the money from us without the persons Id

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