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Hi, on the 11th of August, I bought a NEC projector from cash crusaders. I bought it to watch DSTV on it. We only got a chance t set it up a day or 2 later. When we turned it on the projectors colors a picture were bad, then 5 minutes later it turned off a refused to go back on keto powering off. I wanted to return it the next day but couldn't cause I was so busy at work and couldn't get time to do it, plus I wanted to prepare self to be disrespected and given the run around and that's exactly what is happening at the moment.10 days later I took it in and I'm still waiting for the projector I've been told everything from I'm a liar to I broke the bulb then they said not bulb I over worked the projector so the panicked up a seized. I've suggested swapping it for another projector or store credit, and I'm told blatantly they don't do that. I e tried everything to be patient an understanding, but I'm not a dog a don't deserve to be treated Ike one. I even bought another projector a week ago at branch and it's worse than I've ever seen. The week up to me buying NEC I bought a PS3 console a Sony projector and that one also wasn't great quality. But anyway 4 weeks is up a still I'm getting spoken to like a fool a still 6 weeks with nothing to watch, this is so unfair. Please help me, I can't carry on this way. They even brush me off when I say I'm going to the consumer complaints. I've tried a thousand times to find ways to resolve this and they keep making problems and are extremely rude a calling me names is so wrong. Thank you I'd appreciate your help Lee Hoder

Update by Lee128
Sep 20, 2021 3:33 pm EDT

My gf let me know now that they've not once contacted us on a update we've what's apped them many times a day to be treated badly an no update .some days we've rushed into store for them to brush away with a comment like we told you 4 weeks so wait 4 weeks .it wasn't 4 weeks it was 2 to 4 weeks .ontop of this all check the computer I'm a good an loyal customer I spend over 7k a month

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