Cash Crusadersjebson radio no feedback

W Aug 12, 2018

I had bought a Jebson Radio from the store on Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. I had it installed by the recommended installer. I returned it a day later as it would not switch on nor off. It was in a constant state of readiness. This led to my battery running down overnight. I was given a new unit which basically done the same thing. I now have to constantly kick start my vehicle with a battery that is just over a year old. Before this radio was installed I had no battery issues. I returned it again on 09 August 2018 and was told I cannot get a refund until I give them the cables as well which I understand. What they could not answer me was who was going to pay for the removal of these cables and the reinstallation of my old cables. I was told the owner, Jody was not available at the time but would contact me on Friday 10 August. Today is Sunday 12 August and I am still waiting for someone to contact me to give me some resolution to this issue. This exercise has cost me R1000 and that's not counting now having to get a new battery. This is pathetic and disgraceful customer service from this store and it is not the first time I have experienced this here. I hope someone can give me some type of resolution to this as I want my money back!

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