Cash Crusadersdamage of property

C Aug 06, 2019

Good Day

Im realy dissapointed in Cash Crusaders. I pawned my phone and it was tested to see that it was in well working condition. When io go back at month end to collect it my phone did not switch on at all. I was advice by Thinus that it might be the battery and that i need to test it first. I did took it to a shop to test the battery and to find out it was not the battery nor the screen. I went back and have an hell of a fight with Diane at the shop then she said she will send my phone in and get it fixed by her self for as Morne the manager at the shop said no not gonna fixed it at all. After a weak Thinus phoned me as said they wanne see me. When i get there they inform me that fixing my phone is to expensive and they not gonna do that but are willing to sell me a phone for better price.

Now listen too my i left my phone there in working condition and i want a new phone im not gonna settle for this buying myself a phone when i did nothing wrong. this will teach you all to not messing around with our stuff when it is ther in the shop. If you dont help me my next step will be going to see my lawyer for im not gouing to leave this matter as it is. And im going to place it all in the news paper aswell with my number for customers to contact me that Cash Crusaders also did wrong to.

Also be aware that i did log a complaint at the onbudsman aswell.

Christine Pieterse

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