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Casey’s General Stores / employee lorna mccracken

Rue Cope on Sep 15, 2017
I went to the north Casey's in Chillicothe, Mo and bought Starbucks protein coffee. There was an ad stating the coffee was on sale 2 for $3. When I arrived at the cashier the coffee was ringing up $3.69 a piece. The lady working the register was very nice about it and was attempting to...

Casey's General store / manager

tahahaha43 on Sep 14, 2017
i know that the manager at caseys in cayuga is a nice person but a terrible manager i live in the same town as this specific caseys and know every one im 43 years old so not like im dumb ive been in the workplace since i was 15 and know how it works...she is only there maybe 2 hours a day...

Casey's General Stores / second assistant manager's lack of work ethic, and poor treatment of other employees

Lynn Haning on Sep 6, 2017
The Casey's location in Piggott, Arkansas hired a woman by the name of Shelby Hughes, as 2nd Assistant Manager, back in late June or early July of this year. I have noticed that Ms. Hughes has been poorly trained in all areas, seeing as how she is in constant need of the other employee...

Caseys / im complaining about the way the kitchen is managed in casey's at coffeyville kansas.

Mildred Masters on Aug 28, 2017
The kitchen manager slams things around, cuses, she plays favortisms, she talks about the workers with their Co workers running them down and threatening them. She has made workers miserable to the point they quit. She has ran off customers as well. She also thinks she doesn't have to work...

Casey’s General Stores / management

Paige Boken on Aug 26, 2017
My manager, Laureen Jensen, has deliberately excused problems, most employees when bringing a problem to her attention will be told I'll look into it and do not receive a solution. Problems are between staff members, staffing conflicts/shortages, notices of shortages on products served...

Casey’s General Stores / customer service

Mandee Hank on Aug 16, 2017
I ordered a pizza over the phone a few days ago. I was told it would be $13.99. When asking my name for the order he kept getting my name wrong and I know I was speaking clearly and repeating myself. But the employee stuck with the wrong name and wrote it on my ticket. Then when I picked...

Casey’s General Stores / food order

Beverly Crank Atkinson on Aug 9, 2017
Waited almost 2 hrs for our food... Called to make sure it didn't get delivered to wrong house... Guy on phone never apologized but said they got slammed with 5 pizza orders... Yes...5. When the delivery guy got here... No apology!!!... Mind you it was all cold!!!... Jerks!!... The other...

Casey’s General Stores / service, cashier

1th on Aug 1, 2017
A middle aged woman working at 8:30 am on Tuesday August 1st was very rude and would not give me a five and five ones for a cash back I purchased. She gave me a ten and I asked for ones instead and she said they didn't have that many ones so I asked for a five and five ones and she...

Casey’s General Stores / employees

Hillsidehaven on Jul 30, 2017
There is an employee at the Casey's in Cullom il who is very rude. When calling to make a pizza order she sounds agitated about having to make my pizza then when picking it up she just kind of shoves it at me. No smile, no thank you, nothing. I don't know her name she doesn't have a name...

Casey’s General Stores / service

TamTamK on Jul 29, 2017
When I leave the house to go to work I sometimes like to stop off at Casey's for a drink and/or breakfast. There were several occasions I got there at 6 am and they were not open. They are supposed to open at 6 am at least Monday through Friday. I had to wait till 6:10 am before they open...

Casey’s General Stores / cashier named justin who was rude, belittling, and pretty much called me a liar about what I asked for.

Sam Turner on Jul 13, 2017
I stopped at Casey's West here in Iowa Falls Iowa today, June 13th, at about 5:40... put gas in the truck and went in to get cigarettes and pay for the gas. I asked for 3 different kinds of smokes, added the gas, and left. Not even out of the parking lot and see that he gave me the wrong...

Casey’s General Stores / no change

Mrs. Adams on Jul 5, 2017
So I went to the store in Oblong IL to buy 2 packs of cigarettes and a drink walk to the counter and the not so friendly cashier rang everything up and I hand her a $100 bill. She looked at me crazy like it was foreign and said you don't have anything smaller?! Well if I did I would have...

Casey’s General Stores / management and employees

Anderson9856 on Jul 2, 2017
I am concerned about the way Joni and Debbie are treating their employees at Villisca, Iowa location. There are some rules that are in question whether they are Joni and Debbie's rules or corporate policy. Employees are expected to find there own replacement if they call in for their...

Caseys / manager was rude and then obversed buying drugs in parking lot

James Gregory6518 on Jun 21, 2017
My wife and I visited store on 6/20/2017 and like alw ays store was nasty looking, the bathrooms are gross' we go to get something to drink from soda machine and whe n we ask the manager if she ciuld put more soda out we are told very rudely" there isnt any and I didnt order any either-...

Casey’s General Stores / breakfast

Screwit on May 24, 2017
Stopped into the caseys store in Monroe Iowa to get a breakfast pizza and was greeted with an argument by one of the cooks, she informed me that due to a large order she threw all the breakfast pizzas in the trash, her incompetent attitude lost you another customer, not everyone are early...

Casey’s General Stores / payroll problems/second assistant attitude and behavior unprofessional

Rachel Chilton on May 15, 2017
will be calling soon. to long to write out but I am having problems with management (supposed second assistant) has a very bad attitude and has been rude to customers so much so that there has been many complaints on her in the past year that I have been employed there and now they are...

Casey’s General Stores / employee conduct

Tracy Sisney on May 8, 2017
Today 05/08/2017 at 4:30 pm, my children and I went to the Caseys at 1305 S Main St, West Frankfort, IL 62896 #1 location. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed they were busy and there was a lot of traffic entering and exiting. I was not getting fuel, so I was attempting to pull up...

Casey's General Store / kitchen

Vashti Wright on May 5, 2017
My husband called last night around 1:30 am. They woman working in the kitchen refused to take his order because she said she had 5 orders before ours.. Now why do you work in the kitchen when you can't handle making pizzas. Her attitude was awful she kept exhaling deeply into the phone...

Casey’s General Stores / pizza

Bob Farr on May 3, 2017
I ordered a large vegetarian pizza with ground beef hold the mushrooms. I got a sausage and cheese. Then when I called, she proceed to tell me that she watched the cook make the pizza and we got what we ordered.I live about 8 miles fro the store. I am not at all satisfied with this type of...

Casey’s General Stores / poor customer service

Calolio on May 3, 2017
I stopped in to get snacks and gas the other day and the hateful readheaded girl with glasses was working again. I have dealt with her on a few occasions and every time she is so rude and unfriendly. Her tone is cold and flat and she acts like you are inconveniencing her by wanting to be...

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