CarTrawlerrent a car from alamo

i reserved a car from FRANCE and i was suppose to pick it up in Fort Lauderdale Florida USA. I came to the desk on the september 22 2019 and the guy behind the desk talled me he can't give me the car !! it was 22:00 pm. I tell him : what should i do at that time? He answer me: Take a taxi!!
I paid USD:854.27 the integrality was paid when i made the reservation and no car!!!
I went to HERTZ to rent another car and it cost me another USD 1200.00
Now i want my 854.27 $ back and at that point...Nothing !!! Nobody answer at Cartrawler they send me back to NORWEGIAN who is the plane company wich i travel with??? I think that Cartrawler is NOT HONEST and treat their custommers very badely!!! But i want my money back and when i wil be in France i will go to my lawer. Don't use that company they're no good!!!

Oct 11, 2019

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