CarTrawlerproblem on desk - pushing to get 0acces cover through the abbycar

I would like to complain on the woman who served us on the arrival to Abby Car Rhodes 29/09/19. We came to desk with the woman who supposed to by our driver for holiday. We booked axa insurance through the Car Trawler. When we came she was really polite but the problem started when the driver asked me to give her my card for deposit as she had around 4 credit card but wasn't cure about pincodes. I gave receptionist my creditcard so she could 1000.0eur deposit but she refused to do it as I wasn't the name driver and she needed names driver credit card. than the name driver told the receptionist she can use the debit card on the drivers name and she have refused it again. telling us she has to use credit card with drivers name on. we again tried to tell receptionist she can use the drivers credit cards to take deposit 1000eur without pincode just the block 1000 Eur deposit. she told us she cannot do this too. then forced us to cancel additional cover I made and took her 0acces cover for 140 euros. We didn't want to do it bud she told us we wont be able to take car. and she also promiss if I cancel the additional insurance through the website I made the money will be returned. I cancelled insurance and buy the abbycar 0acces insurance. was waiting for refound but found out today that the refound wont be made as I cancelled policy less than 24 hours in advance .
I don't think is fair as the person on the reception desk was realy pushing on us to buy therin insurance and didn't want us to sort our situation on our own

Oct 08, 2019

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