CarTrawlerhired and paid car, but were not allowed to take it with us

L Jul 25, 2019

We hired a car for the 4th of July 2019 at Sixt, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. We paid it bij Visa in June. We wanted to pick up the car. At first the lady at Sixt could not find the reservation. At last, she found it. But than we had to pay reservation costs (170euro), but we could not remember the pincode of the card. So we were not allowed to take a car. We travelled with an 88 year old lady, who was by than in a stress. A lady at Budget Car, at another office at Arlanda, told us we could hire without pincode. So after 4 hours we were able to fix a car at Herz, which was a blessing. So at the end, we paid at Herz for a car and also the already paid car at Sixt/Cartrawler, which was a lot of money. Please send us a refund of the not used rented car at Sixt. Looking forward to the answer and actions.
Regards, L.R. Inhulsen

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