CarTrawlercar hire

O Oct 02, 2019

Cartrawler (in partnership with Ryanair) is a rip-off and a scam of an operation. In a dubious partnership with Ryanair it lures unsuspecting customers by 'special discounts'. They are unprofessional, unreasanble and unhelpful. Apart from that they want to block a wapping additional £2.5K excess on your card on top of the car supplier's, in our case it was Goldcar's €1.7K, without prior warning, you only discover this in the booking confirmation. Their tel numbers given on the booking confirmation are deadends, we called several times and waited for over an hour! Our calls were never picked up. The website chat was another automatic screensmoke, they can only apparently 'help with aftersales', i.e. when they have taken and run off with your money! Our story: our Ryanair flight was delayed by 3 hours arriving in Marseille at 1am on Sat, 28th Sept - every other car hire office was open except for Goldcar! On the opening of the office at 7am the Goldcar rep told us that the booking was annulled a new booking would need to be made at three times the price of the original one, for which no refund could be offered. The Goldcar rep also lied to our faces saying she's been waiting for us the night before, until we told her to go and fetch the note we left at 1am in the key drop box! Having then spoken to a few other car hire places about our situation we got the impression that Goldcar clients are ripped off in a similar fashion on a daily basis.

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