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800 0007 7775 (International)
1800 130 000 (Australia)
1800 1651 0809 (Philippines)
1800 011 333 (Thailand)
1800 227 8437 (Mexico)
+41 445 809 090 (Switzerland)
+1 800 227 8437 (United States)
+44 203 147 4850 (United Kingdom & Ireland)
+64 800 880 197 (New Zealand)
+32 24 002 600 (Belgium)
+359 29 893 313 (Bulgaria)
+420 800 144 269 (Czech Republic)
+31 207 192 455 (Netherlands)
+351 213 302 420 (Portugal)
+852 81 055 008 (Hong Kong)
+60 323 035 088 (Malaysia)
+65 67 320 181 (Singapore)
+27 116 662 800 (South Africa)
+82 15 667 277 (South Korea)
+971 44 253 001 (UAE, Middle East & India)
+84 12 065 286 (Vietnam)
Rue André-De-Garrini 3
Meyrin, New York
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United States
645 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10022

United Kingdom
15 Hill Street, London W1J 5QT, United Kingdom

PO Box 4780, Sydney NSW 2001

13 Rue de la Paix - 75002 Paris, France

Landsberger Str. 302-306, 80687 München, Germany
PO Box 2967, NL-1000 CZ Amsterdam

Room 801-808, Building 3, Kerry Center, 1288 Yan'an Middle Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, 200041

Hong Kong
6/F Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Hanzomon First Building 1-4 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Tokyo

501 Orchard Road, #12-01 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880 

South Africa
PO Box 782 192, Sandton 2146, Gauteng, South Africa

UAE, Middle East & India
Emirates Towers Offices, Level 36, PO Box 33269 Dubai

Latin America & Caribbean
550 Biltmore Way - PH1, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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CartierCustomer service

I have an 18 carat 10 diamond love bracelet my husband bought me a few years ago both the screws have broken I have taken back to Cartier in London and have been told that it cannot be repaired I have the receipts and the paperwork they have told me that it's only worth scrap value now and will not consider repairing it?? Customer service is disgusting for a large company Cartier jewellery is very expensive and you have no guarantee

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    CartierTrouble with Love bracelet.

    I'm writing a complaint about the love bracelet that I own, due to a screw that keeps coming loose. I've sent it in 4 times for service since February and no one has been able to resolve the issue for me. The only thing that the boutique can come up with is to use jewelry glue?! Seriously?! On fine jewelry like this?! From Cartier?! The well known designer's high end jewelry house, I am very disappointed in both Product and customer service.

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      Sep 18, 2020

      Cartier — Watch repair

      I went to Cartier to have my Cartier tank watch repaired which had a lifetime warranty. This watch is about...


      I have 3 Cartier eyeglasses and in the last 6 months have had one frame broken twice and today one more frame broke. How can you make your frames so flimsy. The one that broke twice was the limited edition spotted panther rimless frame, once the left temple and then the right, I got the temples replaced and paid Rs 20000/- to get them replaced. Today, a shell frame that I recently bought in Singapore just broke. I'm attaching pics of both the frames and hope you're able to give a remedy.

      Manohar Pincha


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        Cartierbracelet reformation

        Dear Cartier Management Team,

        I am writing to complain about the love bracelet I sent in for repair since it was dented. The employee said that they would get it back to it's original shape and when I came in to claim it, the shape of the bracelet was more circular and you can tell the difference on one side of the bracelet, and even compared to other cartier bracelets. I live all the way in the Philippines and I had it serviced in Singapore because this was where I bought the piece. To find that it is not up to my standards with the expensive fee that I am paying for it, I feel like I have been cheated. It stated in the service order that it would be aligned and back to it's original shape, but it is not. You can clearly tell that it is out of shape still.

        bracelet reformation

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          Mar 03, 2020

          Cartier — wedding ring condition

          Dear Cartier Management Team, I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your...


          I went to harrods Cartier now to buy a ring that we had already seen before. The sales person said he would reserve it for us to come and pick up in Wednesday . I had work so had very little time on the Wednesday.

          1. Nothing has been saved for me so they had to go. Around searching for it

          2. They found one And they did 20 minutes worth of paperwork- and told me- if I rush them- they would do it wrong. I didnt t need to be there while they were doing my harrods points

          3. I also said I wanted a ring for me. We had looked which one we wanted a few days back. It was just to confirming sizing. The salesman said he would t show me till he finished his paperwork. I said its ok- I would go. He then took out the ring and sized me - it took 10
          Seconds and he could do it

          The customer service is shocking.
          Why would I pay for a brand name with patronising, rude, entitled, inflexible behaviour

          My fiancé will not be getting my wedding band from Cartier after this

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            Dec 29, 2019

            Cartier — love rope bracelet

            My husband bought me the love rope bracelet as a gift, not knowing that I already have this bracelet. When we...

            Cartiercomplaint on faye fan, customer relations officer

            I would like to lodge a complaint against Faye Fan, customer relations officer of Cartier Relations Center, Singapore.

            I have earlier enquired about whether can I choose not to have the Cartier logo printed on the lens as it will hinder my view, before I choose a Cartier prescribed glasses at a physical store. However, after two email replies, Faye was still reluctant to answer my question and kept beating about the bush. Why is it so hard for her to answer a simple question like this? I'm appalled at Cartier's rigid way of managing customer's queries.

            Can Cartier please educate your customer relations officer on answering customer's questions in the most direct and effective way? Stop wasting the customer's time!


            LIM Wee Leong

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              Oct 20, 2019

              Cartier — juste un clou bracelet

              I was sold a bracelet on the 14th of september 2019 that had a deep scratch on it. I noticed it after the...

              Cartierorder not received

              I placed order on September 17 and got bank approval message at the same time. My Cartier online account showed the status CONFIRMED but there is no way to check shipping status. In the meantime, I have never received any email / phone calls or whatsapp about unprocessed payment until I checked my shipment with them. I am not sure if it is the way Cartier doing business.

              This is the first time I ordered online but shopping experience is extremely bad!!! I would like to give my wife a surprise as I am out of town for few months. They ruined my wife's birthday. I cannot believe the service is extremely bad and no follow up at all.

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                Cartierwatch cartier roadster lm steel automatic mvt

                Dear Sirs,

                I send my watch three times for repairs at Service center in Fort Worth, TX, last time in December 10th, 2018, reference #[protected] and still the watch isn't repair right I have the same problem : is running fast.
                I want my watch to be repair right and the refund of $627.02 for repairs paid and if still the watch isn't repair right this time, I want full refund on the watch because is a "lemon product".


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                  Cartierextremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold

                  Dear Cartier Customer Service Heads,

                  I am a buyer of a Trinity Ring 3 golds in March 23rd 2019 and happen to which i am really disappointed with my displeasure of choosing it.

                  I bought it for my girlfriend to propose her and i made decision by choosing your company by thinking a lot. After the buy the shine of the ring went off all of a sudden. Happen to which when my Fiance arrived to see me in April 22nd 2019 i went back to the boutique again to shine the ring - (Imagine 1 month after the buy).

                  Now happen to which it was precisely 1 month and i used cleaning service. Rest assured my fiance always used to keep her ring aside while taking shower or washing dishes. And her job also is nowhere related to Water. And i kept monitoring it and i saw it every time she used too remove the ring. If she would have done that i would have least bothered to send this message, cause i believe its all about the Honestly.

                  Now again the ring has the shine off. And i am pretty disappointed with that case cause its just 5 months from the date i bought the ring.

                  Imagine that we already had decided which ring we will buy for our wedding next year but now regret to inform you that the confidence is not there anymore to buy another purchase.

                  I really require your solution on the matter cause i am actually really disappointed as we will be travelling in October to Portugal to see her family and i don't need them to see the ring in that way. I really do not require cleaning service again as i saw the result.

                  I truly hope you understand the situation i am in and the disappointment i have with your company.

                  Hope you get my message well. And i truly expect a solution from your end.

                  1. Receipt of Cartier - Date of buy
                  2. Ring on the date of Buying
                  3. (3 photos of Shine lost again)
                  4. (Unfortunately i do not have the photo of shine lost after one month but as a proof i am attaching the Line message which i sent)

                  Best Regards
                  Kiran Ghanekar

                  extremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold
                  extremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold
                  extremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold
                  extremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold
                  extremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold
                  extremely disappointed with my buy of trinity ring 3 gold

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                    Cartierdefected expensive watch product and still unwilling to exchange for a new one

                    We bought a brand new Cartier watch on early July 2019 from their Harrods shop, however, after we come back to Hong Kong and found that the watch doesnt work properly as it run less than it promised hours and stop working. We tried to email our problem with Cartier, and asking to exchange a new one, however, they rejected such standard requirment.

                    Given Cartier's brand, the expensive product with a brand new one the watch and cost more than $18000 pond, we believe that we should get a better after-sales service. However, we didn't get so far, this is not consistent with such brand.

                    We would like to seek for the help on this issue. Many thanks!

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                      Aug 11, 2019

                      Cartier — love ring

                      I am very unsatisfied with the service I'm receiving from your brand. My fiancée and I bought your love ring...

                      Jul 11, 2019

                      Cartier Puerto Rico — chronoscaph service

                      Drop my Chonoscaph for repairs Demetrios the clerk insist that if I don't buy a new band for my piece...

                      Cartierladies 18k and stainless steel cartier watch tank francaise movement failure

                      I purchased my watch on 11/21/15 (pictures of appraisal and box tag included) from the Cincinnati Cartier dealer: Stafford Jewelers. About a year later in 2016, my watch would lose time - it would still run, but be hours/minutes slow. I took it back to Stafford and they replaced my battery for free as it had been so soon after my purchase of the watch (apologies - they did not give me any type of receipt for proof). A year later in 2017, my watch was doing the same thing. Again, I took it back to Stafford Jewelers inquiring why this is occurring. I do not have a receipt/proof as Stafford replaced my battery for free again. A year later in 2018 (7/2/18), the same thing happened. I talked to Stafford stating that I think something is wrong as I should not have a battery replaced every year. They replaced the battery (receipt included) but said that if it happens again, then we need to send it for repair. So, on 5/3/19 the same issue occurred so I took it back to Stafford. The claim check is attached for the order to send it away to make repairs. I received my watch back on 7/3/19 (receipt, Cartier work order, and pictures of watch sealed after the repair attached). I am upset as I had to pay $529.65 for an issue that was occurring from the time I purchased the watch. I knew something was wrong after replacing the battery so soon in 2016 and 2017. Someone should have said something as the watch would have still been under warranty at that time. I am also upset as I paid $7, 250 for a watch that worked correctly less than one year. That is a lot of money for a watch and too much money for something not to work. I think that I should be reimbursed at least half of the $529.65 if not all of the costs to make this right. As of now, I haven't even taken the watch out of sealed packaging as it makes me upset every time I look at it. I am hoping Cartier can make things right so I can love the beautiful watch again.
                      [name removed]

                      ladies 18k and stainless steel cartier watch tank francaise movement failure
                      ladies 18k and stainless steel cartier watch tank francaise movement failure
                      ladies 18k and stainless steel cartier watch tank francaise movement failure

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                        Cartiercustomer service

                        I brought a pair of glasses for 1700$ but didn't like them so I returned them. I just closed out a bank account and made a new one with another bank I told them so if they can send out a check or send it to my new bank account and they said they were not able to and had to send it back to the original account.I continued to say that my bank won't proces it and it will not go through and they said well then you will have to take that up with your bank.I said ok so I went to the bank the next week and they said there has not been any transactions since your account closed some iTunes things came through but that's all so I call them up with my bank manager there and my bank manager continues to tell them that nothing will go through after the account has been closed and they said on there end the "management team" said the payment has went through and my bank manager continues to say there's no record of it going through and there wouldn't because the account is closed and asked to provide the account number they used and she said I can't disclose that I ask why it's a closed bank account and your talking to my bank manager!? She said the same thing so my branch manager says well it's not here and they can't do anything to try to fix this problem I would call an aterny and then she said hold up let me call up the "management team" after he said get an aterny then she says they are going to look into it and get back to me.A couple days later I call them back up and they said the same thing the "management team" says it went through so at this point they are either just to lazy to actually get me my money or even help me try to figure out we're the money even is if they sent it to an account it should show up you would think they would want to figure this out Incase it happened down the road but no I get the same bs every time I call "there is nothing we can do take it up with the bank" there looking into the matter but won't actually even look into it just say it says here that the payment went through and now it has been 3 weeks and I ask to speak to a person of the "management team" and I say management team like that because it's not a team it's just a lazy person who doesn't care about the customers money is what I have come to realized at this point if they did they would have called up my bank manager AFTER I GAVE THEM HIS NUMBER A WEEK AGO!so I get a call from this lady and I continue to tell her about my account and she says "it says on our end the payment went through" I'm like I've gotten the same answer every single time I call you guys so I say are you and the rest of your management team trying to figure this out or you still trying to push it off on the bank after I told your associates after the bank account is closed it won't go through with the bank and she says when did it close I said a week before you sent the money and she says well ushually you can get it from your bank after the account has been closedAt this point I'm fed up I say lady I just said to you and all of your representatives that it will not go through even my bank manager told one of your representatives.so I say sense I can't do anything at this point why don't you call up my bank manager and you can try to see where the money went and then she says we can't talk to a 3rd party.then I say well then what are you guys doing to try to fix this problem and she said we are doing all we can and I said no your not because if you were you would have figured this out weeks ago and been on top of it instead of pretty much saying it's not our problem in 2 different ways.If they actually were doing all they could they would have bent there rules and called up my bank manager to figure out we're 1700$ went because I don't have it and my bank doesn't have it and apparently they don't so it looks like I won't be getting that back so all that being say CARTIER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTE TRASH!
                        I would give them no stars if I could.

                        Appolagies about my bad gramer

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                          Jun 12, 2019

                          Conte Cartier Ring — cartier ring 18 carat 750

                          I bought a Cartier ring well what I thought was a Cartier ring my receipt says it's 18 carat 750 which it i...


                          Disappointing customer experience received from a high end boutique store. Staff are not trained adequately. Ordered earrings and sales assistant got my last name, mobile number and jewellery piece all incorrect. I followed up numerous times as no one was getting back to me. Unapologetic.will certainly not return or recommend Cartier. Highly frustrating experience never to be forgotten.total waste of time and energy.

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