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return policy

I attended the store located at Yorkdale Mall on December 30th to return an item purchased within the time frame, adhering to the company policy. Because the item was paid in cash was advised that I would not receive a full refund - the first $200 would be returned and the rest placed on a gift card.

This detail is not documented anywhere in Kate Spades return policy. After significant push back the cashier begrudgingly honoured the return in full.

Wondering if this is legal? If this is the company policy should it not be in writing so as to be transparent to the consumer?

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    No need to be rude. I had to ESCALATE and raise a major stink. She lied, her actions were incongruous to the written policy. I am posting this to advise others of the sales associates illegal behaviour. I will never shop there again.

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    Kate Spade is god awful. The quality has deteriorated markedly. Not a high quality brand.

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    Weirdo troll

customer service

I ordered two purses as gifts for my mother an my aunt. Only one arrived. Online it says both were shipped and gave a single tracking number. That package contains only one bag, the Janine. I called customer service this evening and spoke to a representative who said she "couldn't see what I was seeing" (when I referenced the kate spade website and status/tracking, but that the second bag hadn't shipped yet but would. When I pressed for a date, she said it was scheduled to ship Monday or Tuesday. She did not provide any confirmation numbers, but said I would receive confirmation when it shipped in my "SPAM" folder to which i said i will receive in my normal folder because i have kate spade emails as safe, to which she laughed!

She was quite unhelpful, and borderline rude on the phone. She was clearly annoyed that i had called. told me details would be in my spam folder (they won't, I've shopped quite a bit with Kate Spade and have added the company to my safe senders list) and didn't provide details including shipping details until I specifically requested them.
She said she didn't know anything else and didn't know what i was referencing she can only see on her side it says item will be "SHIPPED" on Monday or Tuesday. I was still nice and told her thanks for help. She just hung up.
Since she wasn't much help: didn't provide any confirmation numbers, so when she hung up, I signed into the chat on the Kate Spade website. The chat agent i spoke with told me the order had "just" been canceled due to being backordred. There was a difference of 5 minutes, one associate said it would ship monday, As soon as I hung up with her, the order was apparently canceled.

What type of customer service is this? The chat agent even hung up on me, didn't wait for me to type a response etc. Look at this saved transcript:
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:50:39 PM): Hi! I'm Shaeyla. What can I help you with today?
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:50:46 PM): Hello
Me (12/8/2019, 4:51:13 PM): HI, on order # 138**** it shows both items were shipped hoever i have only received one item
Me (12/8/2019, 4:51:35 PM): bixby place medium satchel, chocolate cherry, medium bixby place medium satchel style #: WKRU6158 Size: - color: - Status Shipped Tracking Number 1Z**********07 1 $**.00
Me (12/8/2019, 4:51:43 PM): janie medium tote, nchtcp/rnd, medium janie medium tote style #: WKRU6264 Size: ONE SIZE color: nchtcp/rnd Status Shipped Tracking Number 1Z**********07 1 $**.00
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:51:43 PM): For security purposes, may I please have you verify the full billing name and address on the order?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:51:49 PM): *** *****
Me (12/8/2019, 4:51:59 PM): ********************
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:52:23 PM): Thank you. We have matched your complete billing name and address to the information on file.
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:54:21 PM): Okay, It looks like the Bixby Place Medium Satchel was cancelled.
Me (12/8/2019, 4:54:32 PM): why would it be cancelled?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:54:37 PM): i didn't cancel it
Me (12/8/2019, 4:54:44 PM): i called and i was told it will be shipped on monday or tuesday
Me (12/8/2019, 4:54:50 PM): monday or tuesday
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:54:51 PM): Due, to being back-ordered.
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:54:59 PM): Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:55:01 PM): when? I was not communicated about this?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:55:09 PM): no thats a problem
Me (12/8/2019, 4:55:16 PM): what type of cusrotmer service is this?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:56:00 PM): you haven't assisted me at all? if something was cancelled shouln't I have been notified and also when i called today I was told it will be shipped on monday or tuesday by one of your agents like less than 10 minutes ago
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:56:09 PM): I do apologize, however I do notice this item was cancelled as of now due, to being back-ordered.
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:56:16 PM): Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:57:09 PM): did you read my message? I just talked to some one form kate spade on the phone 10 mins ago and she said it was being shipped it it has been cancelled give me a cancallation number
Me (12/8/2019, 4:57:22 PM): i would like a confirmaiton that it was cacnelled and my money is being refunded
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:57:26 PM): Yes
Me (12/8/2019, 4:57:31 PM): this is really aweful customer service
Me (12/8/2019, 4:57:34 PM): aweful
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:58:27 PM): Yes, you should be seeing your money back on the same form of payment you use for the order within 3-5 business days.
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:58:33 PM): Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Me (12/8/2019, 4:58:44 PM): you didn't really answer my question about confirmation.
Shaeyla (12/8/2019, 4:58:50 PM): Thanks for chatting with us here at kate spade new york! Have a great day!

Kate Spade Outlet — sales staff

I asked the price on something that was on sale 70% plus an extra 20%. The sales lady told's 70% plus and extra 20%. I said..I know. I'd like to know the final...

shame on kate spade - excuse to escape from all responsibilities

Feeling super disappointed for Kate Spade customer services.
I bought total 5 items from their New York official website last month (2019/Jun), they split the items by 2 parcel (3+2). When i received the completed parcel (means it is never opened with original packages from KS) from forwarding services, there are only 4 items ( 2/3 + 2/2), a smaller coin bag missing from the parcel 2/3 (value $22.5 only) .

I am trying to compare the weight of package from UPS (KS's ship) and Forwarding Services (BuyandShip), it is the same as 3.3lbs. Means, there are 1 reason happen -"KS have not shipped out with the third item". So i am trying to ask KS to refund $22.5 or re-ship the item to me.

From my first 2 email to KS customer services, they keep using the same template to reply my enquirers, they claims that they have no responsibility to any 3rd party address and also ask me refer to shipping policy. I am feeling bit angry for their reply, it is because "Buy and Ship" is very famous forwarding services, it must not be their first time to ship out items to their address ( if you know Cantonese, you can refer to the forum as KS is not the first time to Escape from their responsibilities
So if they reject to ship item to 3rd party, why they keep shipping and accept my orders? why they have not update their online ship system with address filtering function or tnc click box to reminder forwarding address is not allowed?

it Hence, i ask them to follow my request as below
1. Provide the proof that they have shipping out with full orders, if not I believe series problem that KS's Staff keep stealing customer orders from warehouse, and the warehouse manager connive his team and have not report to management; report to police for investigation is recommended.
2. Escalate this case to their senior manager review if they do not refund / re-ship the items
3. Review their shipping policy if it is 3party address, on system enhancement to block or filtering the address

After 1 day, their senior manager (i can said it is really BuxxSxxT) reply the same things that no meaning and keep find a lot of excuse to escape from all responsibilities even they dun have any proof.

It is not the first case they have not ship out items, and i believe they have not review which warehouse having related compliant and it is not coincidence. it is a offense in always, they never follow up their customer voices and connive their staff.

Really shame on you, i will never buy Kate Spade again and going to boycott of Kate Spade from my countries.

Kate Spade - The worse customer services in the world.

shame on kate spade - excuse to escape from all responsibilities
shame on kate spade - excuse to escape from all responsibilities

customer service over a surprise sale! purchase

Awful Customer Service! Posting this once more since my review was so kindly removed. "I actually liked the bag. Or so I would have, if Kate Spade had honored the transaction...

7 months later and still no refund for a returned bag - case id #593

Case ID #593
I bought a bag from Kate Spade UK that fell apart so badly within 6 months that they couldn't fix it. I agreed to a replacement in May 2018. After 4 weeks of horrendous customer service and still no bag, I didn't want to deal with this company anymore so asked for a full refund in June 2018.
The cheque apparently comes from New York so a refund would take 12 weeks. I repeatedly checked up on the progress of this during the 12 weeks, being assured at every stage that it was being processed. 12 weeks went by and still no cheque. Eventually it was confirmed there were some 'system changes' and I would need to wait to wait another 12 weeks for my cheque. Guess what? Still no cheque by the promised date again.
I have no bag and they have kept my money. Is this not illegal?

black and tan leather purse

212786 I bought a black and tan leather purse and wallet from your Kate Spade site. I just started using it two months ago and the strap broke off of the purse. I want it replaced with a...

iphone xs max case & un-stability ring

I bought a clear and rose gold glitter case that came with the universal stability ring which is anything but. It quickly started flopping around and being unstable. It cannot he...

terrible customer service and mailing system

Contact the customer service this morning because I want to know when I will receive the order I placed last night since I am going away for a month right after Christmas, and come to realize there is no way the shipment will arrive before I leave for my trip, I request to either let me pay for extra to get expediate shipping or cancel the order, the customer service told me I can't change my shipping method even if I am willing to pay for it while my order is still being processed and they can try to cancel the order but there is no guarantees be I won't know for 1-2 days what's gonna happen to my purchase!
I received wrong items from them last week, and had to deal with them and I made the complaint, the customer service dude or lady started a lecture of how I should contact them if so on so on and when I asked would she/he be comfortable with her/his parcel being left out at the door and won't be home for a month to pick it up, the answer was "that's most of online shopping companies tho!" I mean seriously? I told her this is kate spade we are talking about not some wal mart brand thingy. I ask her/him if she/he was hired here to argue with me or actually doing customer service thing, I still get the same repeating answers, and when I address my frustration and made a formal complaint that I won't be doing business with them until they have better shipping system and management system, she/ he really don't give a damn! Hey Kate spade, please start to hire ppl who actually have some customer service skill and actually like your brand and give a damn about you! Why spend money hiring ppl who would cost you lose your business and your reputation?

terrible customer service and mailing system
terrible customer service and mailing system

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    MDMom1968 Jun 11, 2019

    I seriously wonder if being daft and unnecessarily rude is a requirement for a job position in their customer service department.

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monogrammed handbag

I purchased a handbag on the Kate Spade site and had it monogrammed. When it arrived, they had forgotten to include the strap. I immediately contacted customer service and was told they had no replacement straps. They said I could return the bag and get a full refund, or get a 15% credit. I suggested that they could provide the $40 'chain strap' instead, which would make more financial sense to them since even the retail price of $40 would be much less than the full refund of a monogrammed purse that they could not resell. I demanded that someone higher up give me a call. I received a call from 'a supervisor' who ended up giving me a 25% credit. Pathetic!

After buying more than a dozen Kate Spade handbags, I am shocked by the inflexibility of the customer service. It pains me since I love the style so much, but I will never buy from Kate Spade again.


I bought my knapsack from winners in ontario and when I went to use it the snap broke off the bag. Called and was told to take it to a store, so we did that wasted my time took it to vaugham mills store... Only to be told that they can't help me... Then I called and was told that they could not fix or replace my bag because winners is not one of there dealers...!!! Wow so how come I see your brand in winners all the time. I and so upset of this non service to at least fix my bag... I am not even looking to get it replaced. This is a expensive bag for [censor] service. I will never buy anything from this brand again...

ridgefield street denim katarina

I attached two photos: one showing the bag that I wanted and one showing the bag that I received. I bought it as a Christmas gift to treat myself. I was so excited, waiting to receive my bag. When the delivery arrived I couldn't wait to open the box. However, when I opened the box and saw the bag I was incredibly disappointed and taken back by the sight of the bag. There was a huge contrast between the bag on the website and the bag that I had received. Also, the bag hadn't been packaged properly. For example, the handle was not wrapped to protect it and there was nothing to cover the zips. I have bought from this website before so I was aware of how the bags are usually packaged. This made it clear that it had previously been returned and was not a brand new product. No one pays for an item and expects to receive a returned one. I was unhappy with the product and decided to return the bag on the 23rd of December but haven't yet received a refund. I understand that during the Christmas holidays it can get quite busy but even one bad review can easily ruin your brand image. This is my personal opinion. I hope you can improve your service in the future. I would like to receive my refund as soon as possible. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

ridgefield street denim katarina
ridgefield street denim katarina


I purchased a red bag from them several days ago. A little bit later I realized I didn't need it and decided to return (they return policies allow to do it). I never used thi...

customer service/shipping

212786 I ordered products off of the Kate website. I then followed up with customer service three days later as I hadn't been notified of the status. It took a customer service...


I ordered two bags on November 24th. They were COLOR: BLACK STYLE #: WKRU4812 and COLOR: OYSTER BLUE STYLE #: WKRU4038-1. They e mailed me today (November 28th) just to say "we...


This dress retails for $449 and this is how I received it. No hanger. Ridiculous packaging. The box is 18x24x13. Dress slid all over the gigantic box and much of the tape was no longer affixed to the box. This company has taken a nose dive! Called customer service. They really didn't care because it "was just the packaging". Who packaged it? This is no longer a "designer" company. I am appalled


my item is on backorder for no reason

I bought toast of the town rose studs that are expensive like hell. ($228 if you're interested). Almost right after I placed the order I got an email with a confirmation info and...

over the shoulder purse

I purchased a Kate Spade shoulder bag almost a year ago at the Charlotte premium outlet mall 1874, and paid $78.59. It is cream colored, but the back of the bag has since changed...

price of purse purchased for my wife

Recently on a trip with my wife for our anniversary. We went to a Kate Spade outlet mall in the Niagara region of Ontario.We regularly purchase at Kate Spade.I went in to buy her another purse and had the store assistant help me find one. Once we found it I asked her how much it was and she replied $80.00 with the 50% off. I decided to buy it and went to the counter to purchase it.Once at the counter the clerk told me that it was $89.00 plus taxes. I pointed out the lady on the floor that assisted me and we asked her how much it was supposed to be. She again said $80.00.We eventually found out she had made a mistake and I said OK. The problem arose when I tried to use a coupon I had that said an additional 20% off of my total purchase.She would not honor it even though it had no exclusions.It was frustrating to say the least.My wife presently has 4 Kate Spade purses and a lot of other items from there.I purchased the purse today but will not return. Service was not satisfactory

discount of 15 percent is bogus!

October 2, 2017. I wanted to buy a pair of rose earrings at $228.00, so I signed up for emails that say at the bottom of the page that a customer can receive this discount. They...


I bought a Kate Spade purse 12/4/16 for a Christmas for my sister who had helped me after I was in an accident. The purse was black with a faux leopard front flap. The faux fur wore off in spots and the purse no longer looks like a high end purse. She loves the purse and only carried it for a few months and did not abuse it. Is there any way it can be repaired or replaced? She loves having a Kate Spade purse.


I ordered merchandise online and typed in the wrong shipping address. I immediately contacted them to change it, and they said they did but that it's not guaranteed. Ok, so I asked if I could cancel (this was immediately after it was placed) and they said 'no.' WTF? What retail store doesn't let you cancel an order you just made? So I rely on the customer rep's word that the address was changed and the next day I get a shipping confirmation with the old address. So I contact them again and they have no record of me making this request. SO FRUSTRATING. The best I could do is have them reroute to the distribution center and refund. They won't let me contact the distribution center to confirm. If that even works. If not, I'm SOL.

broken bag

212786 This is my first bag from Kate Spade and will be the last one. The bag in least the 2 months got broken on the handled . Customer services was the worst I'm never seen and at the...

kate spade bag

I have been buying Kate Spade bags for few years and get it shipped to address in America as I am living overseas. About yer ago they just decided they don't want to ship to 3rd parties even I authorised to ship items that Ive bought to 3rd party. My orders just being cancelled without any explanations and every time I am trying to contact them I getting like automated robot responses where they they just send prepared email template that doesnt even answer my questions, sometimes dont even bother to reply! The worst customer service i ever had, never buying from them again.

they cancelled my order

I bought a bag from this store as a present for a friend and I was super excited about this purchase but Kate Spade cancelled my order!! The worst part was that they did not tell...

will never buy from them again!

I have ordered a handbag from and they charged me twice for one and the same order. I contacted them right away and explained what happened. Their support...

kate spade purse

212786 My new Kate Spade sat two months in storage in a plastic purse hanger behind my closet door. The red colour on the edge of the handle on both sides bled into the face of the...


I have ordered some clothing from Kate Spade website and when I made my order I applied 15% discount coupon. I received is as a first time customer and was really happy about...


I received a Kate Spade apron as a gift and noticed the removable strap was missing. I thought I would contact Kate Spade directly for a strap since it appears that most their aprons are similarly designed. The response I received said they don't carry replacement parts. So they were unable to help.

I responded to the email and let them know what I thought of their response. I told them I would spread the word about my experience with Kate Spade, Several days later another reply came and now they might be able to locate a strap. By this time, I had already returned the apron(without a receipt) for a small amount of money. I let them know what happened with the apron.

Several days later and all they could say was sorry. That this was not the typical Kate Spade response. Too bad I didn't get the second response in time. Of course, I assumed that the first response was accurate. I guess they had a few aprons laying around to take a strap from after reading my response. Such a small item. It shouldn't have been that big of a deal to send in the first place.

fraudulent delivery guarantee

The Kate Spade website claimed in bold very clear terminology overnight delivery to all 50 states if the order is placed no later than 2pm on 12/23/14. I placed my order at 8pm on...

Kate Spade Saturday — horrible customer service

Kate Spade Saturday has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Not only do they not exchange products they do not honor the price you paid for the product nor the...

katespade.comcharged me but didnt process order

Charged my credit card and did not process my order! Said Citibank didnt authorize it. I called Citibank and they said it was definitely approved. Kate Spade refused to do anything. Now i have a $282.50 charge on my card and nothing to show for it but theifs. The girl on the phone at Kate SPade admitted they were having a website problem too!

katespade.comI will never order from kate spade again

I will never order from Kate Spade again. I ordered the bond sawyer purse during their surprise 75% off sale. I received order confirmation, then I waited...and waited for shipping information. It's been almost a week, and today I received a cancellation notice for the order. When I called to inquire, they told me that they had no way to provide an "out of stock" message. So, they basically oversell their items. Thanks, but no thanks!

poor customer service and quality for the money

I have bought 2 Kate Spade Purses and have had trouble with both, they will only give you back less than 1/2 of what you paid (what a good deal for them). I don't use them on a daily basis and I have had purses from TG Max, and Target last longer and are better than theres for less than 1/4 of the price. There customer service stinks, they find excuses instead of taking care of there customer. I will never buy anything else made by them and I will let everyone I know of the problems I have experienced.

  • Do
    DownwithKateSpade Dec 29, 2013

    I agree with you about the horrible customer service. As far as I'm concerned, this company is only interested in making a profit; not at all interested in promoting long term customer loyalty, which I imagine will one day affect their bottom line. I have never experienced such a blatant lack of integrity in dealing with their customers. Will never purchase their products again.

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  • Se
    ServiceCustomer May 27, 2014

    Worse customer service by in-store staff, securities, n customer service on the phone. Will never buy such product again. Kate Spade thinks highly of herself. Snobby n rude services overall! Horrible quality too. I'd rather buy a bag from somewhere else like coach who's customer service is above n beyond n way better quality too!

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  • Da
    DawnChan Oct 20, 2015

    Totally agreed on the inflexibility of Kate Spade policy. Why bother to have a sale and was restricted to only two per items? The best solution they can offered is to please come back the next day to make the further purchase! Really? Kate Spade?

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worst customer service I have ever experienced

My husband bought me a Kate Spade tote and wallet in late October 2010 as a Christmas gift for me. He was leaving for a 12 month tour in Afghanistan in early November and wanted...

katespade.comnot able to return a duplicated order

I placed an order from on 12/21 which is the last day to order for me to receive the item before Christmas. I received an email shortly after I placed the order from katespade telling me that they are having difficulty obtaining authorization on my credit card and to call customer service to update information. I tried calling the phone # provided but did not managed to talk to a rep. after waiting for a long time. I went to review my online order and notice I have provided a wrong CID # for my credit card. Since I can't talk to the customer service to update my the CID# for this order, I would only imagine this order will not go through with a wrong CID#. So I place another order to save my time of trying to contact customer service and to receive my purchase before Christmas. I did received my second order on 12/24 but I receive the same bag again on 12/30! Apparently katespade was able to process my first order with the wrong CID#. And after checking my email, the order went through 12/22.
I am still ok at this point thinking - well its just a double order, I can return one of them. To my surprise, I was not able to return the bag at the retail store at Standford shopping on 1/8. The store person told me the sales are final and I need to call to tell them my situation.

I called and spoke with a couple of associates who at first directed me back to the store telling me I should still be able to return within 14 days upon receiving the bag but when I finally talked with the manager - Mike A. he insisted that the sales are final and I can't return the bag with any reason. Since I am not able to return my bag, then my question is how did my order with the wrong CID# went through? It must be a misuse of my personal information on the part of katespade. Totally disappointed with how katespade treats it customer - even more so when I bought at least 5 bags from them in the past year. Unfortunately will lose me as a customer now. Beware of their online scam!

poor quality

I purchased a $200 organizer from in January. It arrived with a scratch on the back and I called the company who issued a return. However, I really needed a daytimer and decided to keep the item. In the two months that I've had it, the organizer is scratched terribly, from normal daily use, and I don't believe that it's a good quality product for the price. When I called the company today, they told me that there is nothing that they can do since it's past 90 days. Absolutely nothing. So they really don't care that they are selling a poor quality product for $200 and are quite happy to send a customer out there who will NEVER purchase from Kate Spade again! They have no interest in making me happy with my purchase and didn't seem to care that they've lost a customer. So sorry Kate Spade!

  • Me
    memememememe22 Apr 16, 2013

    Nice duplicate complaint. Even nicer duplicate account. :)

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  • We
    Wendytbay Nov 09, 2016

    My new Kate Spade sat two months in storage in a plastic purse hanger behind my closet door. The red colour on the edge of the handle on both sides bled into the face of the purse. I contacted customer service and they told me that it was caused by "normal wear and tear" and was not covered by their warranty. I had never worn the purse and nothing had ever touched it but itself and it was only two months into their one year warranty. . When I looked for the label inside the pocket that they ask you to send I realized that on the back of the Kate Spade made in New York label it actually says made in China. The cheap China dye had leaked on my brand new purse and Kate spade is denying any responsibility for their quite obvious factory defect. I bought 4 Kate purses and this is the last. It was obvious how the dye Mark fits perfectly with the purse handle.

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  • We
    Wendytbay Dec 17, 2016

    Maybe their attitude towards customer service us changing. Although admitting no responsibility fir the dye leak from the handle on to my purse they, and after listing on social media and telling rhem I was using their purse as a model to tell everyone I met not to buy their product and pointing out to them how many customers they lose from one unhappy person. I received a replacement purse. Fair is fair. I will comment on bad customer service and I will comment on good. Thank you Kate spade for eventually honouring your warranty.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Chambers Oct 31, 2018

    I received my wallet today that I paid $188 for. The day I received it it is on sale 75% off. Took the time to call and see if they would credit instead of me driving to the store to return and they will not. Terrible service. Will not buy again.

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  • Gr
    GR2016 Nov 13, 2018

    We ordered a laptop bag, its first and last time to deal with UNKNOWN sellers like this. we have troubles with their horrible customer service.
    Until now we haven't received and can't get our money back. Stay a way to avoid troubles!

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Kate Spade Jane Street Large Debra Organizerpoor quality and they don't care

I purchased a $200 organizer from in January. It arrived with a scratch on the back and I called the company who issued a return. However, I really needed a daytimer and decided to keep the item. In the two months that I've had it, the organizer is scratched terribly, from normal daily use, and I don't believe that it's a good quality product for the price. When I called the company today, they told me that there is nothing that they can do since it's past 90 days. Absolutely nothing. So they really don't care that they are selling a poor quality product for $200 and are quite happy to send a customer out there who will NEVER purchase from Kate Spade again! They have no interest in making me happy with my purchase and didn't seem to care that they've lost a customer. So sorry Kate Spade!

  • Eo
    eolbertz Dec 23, 2010

    1. What color did you purchase? I was thinking about buying the black one, and I didn't know if that might be better than a colored one.
    2. The planner is on sale now from $195 down to $136... Would you still recommend not purchasing this item even after the discount?
    3. Is the rest of the product good quality? Are seams ripping or fraying? How long do you think this product would last functionally? (not so much aesthetically...)

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    memememememe22 Apr 16, 2013

    Nice duplicate review, even nicer duplicate account. :)

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