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Repair watch

After greeting and appreciation,
On 23 December 2016, I bought a SWATCH watch reference NO (YOS414GE) from head office Swatch in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.
Note that the watch is water resistant up to (30) meters, but I was surprised after a period of heavy fog inside the watch (As shown in the attached pictures), and When I went to maintenance center in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, I was informed that the cost of opening the watch only without full repair costs (450) SR !!! And the price of the same new watch is about (700) SR!!!
Therefore, I hope that your Excellency repair my watch because the defect is a manufacturing defect and not a defect of use.

Repair watch
Repair watch
Repair watch
Repair watch
Repair watch


Dear sir,
I requested to fix my swatch watch inside your swatch store in qasr mall in riyadh city and they told me that maximum it shall take 1 month to fix however it consumes almost 3 months without any response from them.
I did visit them to ask for the watch they shouted to me and say that I have no right to come and a representative called nadia ali and her number id is 10975 who treated me very rude and ask me to leave the store because she has no time to loose with me and when the watch finishes they will call me which is unacceptable and unprofessional behavior
I insist to meet the manager and he surprised me that the watch is already present in the store.
I want to make complain for such horrible experience which I did face in this branch which affects your professional reputation and my email is [protected]
I really appreciate your kind response



Good day,

I recently handed in my swatch watch at the Gateway branch on the 15/12/2019 and did not receive any feedback regarding the watch and what was wrong. I called on the 16/01/2020 only to be informed that my watch is still at the repair center to be evaluated and can only be expected to arrive at the store with reasons as to why it has stopped working at the end of January. This is really unacceptable for a brand of such reputation . I undergone that ot was the festive period but the branch manager should have followed up and informed myself of the progress.

[protected], swatch irony

i brought a swatch wristwatch on the 21st April 2019 at a Swatch store Al Ghurair in Dubai during my last vacation, By November, 2019 it stopped working. the reference number i...

watch cannot be repaired or replaced after 2 years & needs to be thrown away.

162297 To, The manager Swatch Watches Switzerland. Dear Sir/ madam, I, Gale C Roberts, am writing from India, to inform you about my BAD experience with Swatch watches India. I...

swatch watch

I have purchased a watch 3 year back but now it is not working. I have complained in Saket, New Delhi, India. They have given the the replacement option and giving 35% discount on new watch. But 30% discount is available in authorised Swatch retailer on delhi. If Swatch watch durability is only 3 year why i will buy new watch. I am very dissatisfied with Swatch quality and service given by Swatch. Kindly do needful.


162297 Hello, I have bought a Swatch watch in May 2019 in Voronezh (Russia). On the 26th of August a part of the watsh's lock was brocken. I went to the Swatch watch shop that day in...

product (men’s wrist watch) and service

I am a swatch fan and bought 7 swatches so far for me and my family. Majority were bought from Kualalampur, and the rest from Bangkok and Dubai. The arm for second in my son's wristwatch dropped inside the casing by itself. We got it replaced from singapore and was very happy with the support. His 2nd wristwatch faced the same problem again. But this time when it was taken to a swatch shop in singapore, they said it is out of warranty period (beyond 2 years). But, when I asked how can I get it fixed; they said it is impossible. I was surprised! For an international problem of the watch; I cannot be given a solution even. What if my other watches also face the same thing. In fact, my friend also was with me to fix a broken glass of his daughter's watch. And he also couldn't get that fixed. I love swatch watches. But from now on, I will definitely keep this in mind that in case if anything happens to the watch after 2 years it becomes a piece of junk. In fact, I ended up buying a Casio for my son; even after I had so many swatches I eyed for him.

product (men’s wrist watch) and service

staff service that wrongly claimed for function of watch

162297 Hi, i want to complain on new watch i buy at one utama petaling jaya. I choose the dark color watch..and i ask the staff if the watch will become glow in the dark since the...

lousy service ever

I was advised that, to change a new leather string includes the string itself, accesories and labour cost. Total $86. The officer told me to wait a maximum of 1 hour. I waited for...

customer service canceled my order.

This is unfair at all because I win a chance to get my watch and then I paid for it. And I gave my address at Kuwait and you didn't want to send it. And now you said you will cancel my order and the money didn't return to my bank until now. Why you keep my order with you more than 4 days and my money also. You can't cancel my order if you keep the money with you. The process for my order being more than one week. What's that treatment from swatch company and I always wear swatch and I bought from them when I was child. I am cutting to wear swatch forever because this thing is racist because I am not in USA, you canceled my order without returning my money back. I didn't get my swatch which I wish to have bape swatch. This is shame for swatch company at USA and soon I will close this company, I swear that.

customer service canceled my order.
customer service canceled my order.
customer service canceled my order.

refused to replace

162297 I bought yesterday watch from Riyadh renal moal Today I went to replace and they refused Yesterday when I buy it was big and your staff said will adjust it to me by her self and...

automatic watch

162297 I have attached a picture of the watch of which i am complaining about. The second picture is of all my automatic swatches which I owe since the eighties 10 of them. They all...

product - broken strap

I purchased a swatch watch at the sri lankan duty free last 15th november 2018, ref. no. lb1856 to take to maldives and the strap is broke last week (31st may 2019 ) while i was putting it on, i am working maldives now and i took it to the service agent in here and they said that they dont have the same strap to replace it with and suggested to send a photo of the watch and an email here.

i would like to have a strap replacement for it or a replacement of a similar model just in case the strap is not available. hoping for a fast response regarding the matter.

Please find attach pictures for your reference and more information, thanks.

carla mae bernardino

product - broken strap

i’m complaining about swatch

I did order A watch from swatch and now the people that works thereare saying that I didn't buy it from you, but from China???
You and I got a bill from DHL that I have to pay.

Det påløper ingen ekstra tollavgifter. Gratis levering ved kjøp over 399 kr
Can someone tell me what's happening here?
I see that you have 60 complaints and never have replied to them.
Does swatch exist anymore or you you went bankrupt?
If you see the link it doesn't look a Chinese page to me!

swatch watches

Dear Swatch i have bought two swatch watches on [protected] and a few days ago i notice that there is a rust inside the watches and on the one the chrono button is stuck and does not work and on the other watch the hand that shows the minutes on the chrono timer is stuck! From the official dealership in Cyprus which is the M.P.M imports they told me that they can't do nothing because my watches is out of warranty! where can i fix my watches???

swatch watches
swatch watches
swatch watches

model no. r30939703

I have bought your watch in April 2012 on my Marriage for Rs 80K Approx. I have hardly wore that watch 5 to 6 times during 7 years. But, 1 day your Sapphire Crystal fallen down...

M/s rivoli charging double price for their regular service for swatch/tissot watch

162297 Dear All, My name is Sameh, I am fond of watches and truly loyal customer of Swatch/Tissot. I bought 4 Tissot, 1 Longines & 1 TagHeuer all belong to Swatch. my complaint i...

Swatch Group — m/s rivoli charging double price for their regular service for longines & tagheuer watch

18572 Dear All, My name is Sameh, I am fond of watches and truly loyal customer of Swatch watches. I bought 4 Tissot, 1 Longines, 1 TagHeuer, all belong to Swatch my complaint i...

mist on the dial of the watch

Dear Swatch Team,

Im am writing to inform that a swatch watch bought at the Doha duty free airport services was sold with a defect. The local authorized service group mentioned that there could have been a possible damage at the back of the watch allowing mist to coming into the watch. I was very disappointed mainly because this watch was gift given to me on the 21st of January to be worn at my Wedding on the 24th of January. As you can see in the attached photograph I could not wear the watch since I had to give to the local authorized agent to be sent to you on the 23rd of January.
I have attached pictures of the watch (showing the mist) the possible damage at the back of the watch, the international warranty and the sales receipt given at the Doha airport duty free shop.
Even though the local agents informed me that I would not receive my watch till early March, I do sincerely hope it can be sent to me as soon as possible as I am eagerly awaiting to wear it.
Thanking you in advance.

Kind regards,

Nimesh Dharshana Kelegama
No, 70 Pushpadhana Mawatha,
Sri Lanka

poor quality of recent purchase

No response to email sent to '[protected]' on 6 December 2018 11.24 Dear Swatch group customer service rep I have always been a fan of your brand and have...

power problem

Hello I would like to inform you that during last month (October 2018), I visited "Roltime group", an official Swatch laboratory in Israel to replace the battery of my digital...

time square, 1535 broadway shop

I bought a watch one weeks ago, wore it only once in store then once I reach home, I show it to hubby and hubby didn't like It. Today I came to return it and store assistant...

complaint against service of swatch employees

Good Evening, I would like to file a complaint against one of your employees in the Melaka Swatch Store at JUSCO Aeon Bandaraya Melaka named Ms. Karen Tay. The incident happened...

swatch watch suob133

162297 Watch was bough Nov 2016 for my daughter. On 19 Apr 2018, the minute needle fell off (ref pic attached) We called the retailer at malaysia but no was told that this is not...


162297 to whom it may concern; This is Arzu from Turkey. I bought a watch who is called SVUB102 From Dubai International Airport freeshop on 18 Jan 2018. When I used this watch maximum...

guarantee denied

Watch stops working after taking a shower. It fails the waterproof test. Store refuses to replace it. Swatch store manager just put new battery and keep watch a couple of days and...


162297 I have been trying to reach the customer support at New Delhi India and have not been getting any response. Even on a personal visit the support team was not interested to help...

flik flak - code product zfen000

162297 Good afternoon, please see complaint on purchase of your product as follow: I bought 2 hand watch (as a present to my kids) 2. Flik flak - code product ZFEN000 3...

hand watch

162297 Dear Sir, I purchase a Hand watch from Swatch in Alkhobar City in KSA (Amowag Mall ) on 13 May 2017 after 2 months my watch was stop and I return back to warranty and I recieved...

watch paint starts to get removed

My new swatch watch didn't pass few months and the blue paints starts to get removed.

I passed by mall of emirates store which i got the watch from and they told me it is normal and not covered by warranty.

This made my new watch looks old and out of quality

I need your support as a main watches provider in solving this problem

Now i returned back to Egypt

watch paint starts to get removed

unethical behavior/ insurance warranty unfulfilled/ bad quality of product

162297 To Whom it may concern I purchased a Swatch watch for my daughter from England Westfield Mall in June 2017 and after two months (my daughter went back home)the watchband cut...

swatch watch

I am extremely disappointed with my long awaited swatch watch as it appears broken as I and others are unable to set the date.
I was also caught unaware when purchasing the watch in noisy busy Heathrow as to how loud the watch is. I find it annoying and off putting when in client meetings so hence I am unable to wear the watch.
To fix the date, I have googled every instruction but the rotation on the side does not pull out twice, it only pulls out once to set the time. I refuse to pay someone to look at this watch as I am so unhappy with it.
I would like to send it back to the manufacturer.


Hi... on April I bought 1 watch from ur shop
in tripoli, after 2 months all of sudden stopped working, I took it the shop for repairing since it’s under warranty, after few days they called me back to collect it, one week later stopped working again, took it again to the shop and I waited 3 weeks no call so I passed by them to check they told me that they will replace it and they will call me once it’s received by them.. two weeks later they called me and when I went there they show me another one, however I liked the watch but wanted to change the metal to another one.. three weeks has been passed and no call so far. This service is not acceptable.
Please advice

swatch watch bought, ref. number: yas1129 or yds1129 (not sure which, bad handwriting)

Dear Sir, we visited the shop on 11 January this year in 40, Rue de Marche, Geneve. I bought a Swatch watch for my husband as a present. We however live in South Africa...

[Resolved] corporate office customer srv in miami usa

Hello I have always been a huge Swatch fan, having about 6 swatch watches. I have a problem ...the 1st week of Sep i contacted swatch in miami and spoke to Brittney Moore . My...

back of watch has melted

My wife and I each bought a swatch watch at Edinburgh airport on 9th September 2016. This is my second swatch and the first watch is still in good condition. Whilst my wife ha...

service centre in saket delhi

The customer care agent who sits in the front office is very rude. She didn't tell me that changing the battery at the servicevice centre costs. I was under the impression that it is free of cost. She told me it is free only at the store not in the service centre. Her name is shilpita.
Her behaviour towards the customer is not good. She treats as if we are not worthy to be provided the service.
India, Saket


Dear Sir,

I was gifted this watch by friend on the Occasion of her 50th Birthday ( 30 Jan 2016) which was bought in Dubai Airport on 29 Jan 2016 late night.
No it is not working . I do not have the copy of the bill or any evidence for it.

Kindly do the needful.

Thanks and with Regards,
K.Karkuzhali( India)
91 [protected]

swatch band broke on first wear - cheap quality and swatch didn't care

I bought my wife a Swatch Blue Quartz GM415 Watch as a gift. Once I gave it to her a few weeks after I purchased it, the strap broke on the first time my wife wore her watch. I...