Carrefourduty manager attitude and taking away my trolley after leaving it for 20 seconds only

A Aug 02, 2018

Good day Carrefour customer service,

Hope you are doing greative always been a loyal customer to carrefour worldwide in several countries and different continents. I went yesterday to Carrefour at Cairo festival city mall in Egypt. Started my shopping and filled my trolley with different stuff. Last thing was going to the cheese fridge where I left the trolley for less than 20 seconds beside the cheese fridge, and went to collect a number to stand in the queue. My number was 14 and the monitor had the number 98. I went back after almost 15 seconds to get my trolley and continue shopping and to come in a while back to the cheese fridge. But unfotunately I didn't find my trolley with all the stuff that I've been putting for hours.

I quickly approached the nearest merchandiser asking him about the trolley. He mentioned he had no idea. I told him pls take me quickly to your manager. He reffed me to a gentleman who introduced himself as Abdlerahman Ali carrefour manager (who said later that he's the duty manager and the cold section manager) and when I asked to talk to his boss, he said am the only boss here.

When I asked about the trolley, he acted defensively that it's not their fault and that I shouldn't leave t( trolley for. Single second. Otherwise, it'll be taken as these are the instructions of carrefour. And it's normal for me in all carrefour branches around the world that I can leave the trolley for a few seconds or even minutes to go get something from a different aisle especially when it's crowded.

I asked him to check the cameras to know where the trolly has gone since it just happened only a few minutes before our talk. He told me there are no cameras covering that area.

He instead went to ask other customers nearby if this was their trolley and the people stared At him in a weird way, he was acting as if they stole it, and it was awkward tht 8 had to apologize to those other customers. (Later when other managers came he denied that)

He refused to handle the situation in a professional way and instead kept blaming me and my wife in a loud voice and a very rude way and holdin us responsible for leaving the trolley for 20 seconds and refused to look for it.

He told me your number should be 14 and it's now 98 and that I was too late. He wasn't smart enough to figure out that 14 will come after 16 customers.

Another gentleman who was the head of security department Approached us when he saw the problem and offered to help.

He tried monitoring the cameras and finally we found out that the trolley was taken by someone from carrefour to place the items as returns. I found some of my items there, which I took. But lost most others.

I'd like to thank the security head for acting professionally. And to complain against the duty manager Abdlerahman Ali who's affecting the whole image of carrefour and making them lose customers because of his attitude.

He refused to apologize for any inconvenience, and shouted at us using his hands, and lied to the other manager about asking customers if these were their trolleys.

Moreover, I found my stuff together with other stuff in two trolleys submerged under piles of other stuff. I see the whole picture as so unprofessional in handling the items which will be returned to the shelf. They were putting shampoo over foodstuff over frozen food, everything was so staked.
I need to know if these were really carrefours instructions worldwide to take trolleys after 20 seconds of being non attended.
Is this the way carrefour employees are trained to handle situations professionally with customers.

Looking forward to your reply after you investigate the incident. I trust in carrefours integrity and i always wish to remain a loyal customer to the brand I've always admired.

Kind Regards,
Amr Abdelsalam


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