Canada Post Service (Kensington Store)horrible and inconsistent customer counter service


I have been to this canada post office a number of times in the past, and everytime received consistent service. One particular occasion I had a very large box un-closed to deliver to telus and the lady there readily assisted with taping the box. Today was a different story, I purchased a box prepared it for delivery and the lady asked me to purchase the tape required, I looked at the tape available for purchase which comes only in a four pack!!! I looked at her and said "can't you supply some, all I need is about a foot", she refused and said I had to buy the tape...
Okay, I get that maybe i've been lucky in the past (I am not sure what the policy is on supplying tape) , but seriously a foot of tape and I had to purchase a four pack??? I refused and walked out of the store, went home taped the box and made my way to another canada post! I will never return to that particular canada post, and that includes the shoppers drug mart it was stationed in.In fact, if there was an alternate post office, I would gladly say goodbye to canada post!!!

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