Canada Postnot received package

A Aug 01, 2018

I ordered an item from China tracking # LZ531641630CN this was an electronic projector.

I checked on line for tracking and Canada Post stated that the package was delivered on the 16th of August.

My address is in Vaughan and on your website it states that it was delivered to Scarborough Ontario.

I reported this to Canada Post and they stated they would look into it. I have called 3 times since and they stated that the package was delivered, and if I want to initiate a complaint I need to have the originating company file the complaint.

The company has stated that they sent the item and it was confirmed by Canada post through their tracking therefore they have nothing else to do with the package.

I keep asking Canada post why was it delivered to Scarborough if I live in Vaughan and where is my package and their response is again to have the originating company make the request. I have never experienced more frustration then talking to your office with the same apologetic response.

You have received the package and you have lost it because it was not delivered to the right address.


Thank you

Anthony Saldutto

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