Canada Post Corporation / unethical behavior from employee


March the 5th 2019 which was yesterday one of your employees was making comments online. I have the conversation she posted giving my daughter new home address online and saying she will be stalking her and my grandchildren all over a stupid rumor that is not true. Now we have the privacy act in place for a reason what gives your employees the right to post information about my family when they havent even move to this place. This person works for the Charlton post office and i would like her fired for doing this. Her name is Laurie Bigras-Damiani and if nothing is done about her behavior, my lawyer will be contacting you. I have had enough she is nothing but trouble and starts rumors about people all the time. You may contact me @[protected] or at [protected] I have the proof if needed as I am sending it to my attorney.Thank you

Mar 6, 2019

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