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I returned a package to a seller from amazon on nov. 7, 2018. The seller credited me. Then when said package did not arrive at the destination they charged me for the items. I then opened a service ticket trying to find the package which I know was in mississauga, ontario on nov.9, 2018. Noone seemed to know where the package was so they advised they would look into it and let me know by jan.31st by email. Of course no email was sent and no contact from canada post. I again phoned and was advised that my service ticket had been closed. With no effort to contact me to explain. The person I talked to said I must contact the seller and have then initiate a querry. What kind of business throws the responsibility away? I asked if the seller refuses to open one would I be out $150.00. The customer servide person said unfortunately yes. Fine business you are in. Take no responsibilty for your mistakes. Yes, it was during the strike and I don't give one hoot (and trust me I am refraining here) that it was during the strike. You take responsibility and at the very least contact me about your weird decision to close my service ticket. I guess you thought it was okay for me to pay 150.00 for nothing!! Your customer service is appalling. Other than the mail you deliver to my house (my mail carrier is excellent) I will do my very best to never use your services again. I am forced to do so on some regular mail but I am not forced to do it on other mail nor packages. Absolutely ridiculou!!
I did contact the seller and they were so very kind to reimburse me for your error.
I don't expect anyone to reply to me because I am sure noone at canada post cares but at least I have put my complaint in words. Awful company.

My name is myrna macdonald
Service ticket number was [protected]
My email.. [protected]

Feb 22, 2019
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      2nd of Mar, 2019

    I have a friend in Canada who I ship stuff to a lot. The first item I ever shipped to him was thru the post, and my friend never got it...and it "mysteriously vanished" from Canada Posts hands!!!

    They claim it had been picked up and signed for, but they couldn't produce ANY evidence or names of anyone who picked up the package or who signed for it!!! This was a handmade item I had created for my friend, that I spent almost a MONTH on...and it just "disappeared" from Canada Posts hands!!! They refused to even acknowledge me after that!!!

    Ever since then, I have been using FedEx. Yes it costs a bit more, but what I send my friend ACTUALLY GETS THERE TO HIM!!! I have never had a problem with FedEx.

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