Canada Post Corporationunethical behaviour

J Sep 14, 2018

I called with a simple question regarding the prepaid credit cards you carry, and the lady who answered my call said she was too busy and having a bad day to help answer my question. she then continued to snap at me and raise her voice with me and never answered my original question. so I would like her to be fired from her job. she does not deserve to deal with the public EVER!!! with an attitude like she has. I wish I had her name to give. BUT I DO KNOW SHE WORKS FOR THE WINDSOR ONTARIO DIVISION. So I hope she gets punished for 1.ruining my day 2. for yelling at me and disrespecting me. 3. for never answering my question which is her only job to do. 4 for making me waste my time looking for a way to report her actions . and I still don't know when the cards will even be available again...

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