Canada Post Corporationpair of winter boots

N Sep 14, 2018

The post office worker put my parcel (a pair of winter boots) into my very small box. Instead of putting it in one of the larger boxes for when you get parcels, he stuffed it into my small mail box with my other mail. It took me some time to get the parcel out. I find this unacceptable as there was no reason not to leave a key in my mailbox for the larger boxes where they usually put parcels. This happened with the Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada post office.

  • Updated by Nicole Saarinen · Sep 14, 2018

    My complaint is as before. As I said a parcel containing winter boots were stuffed into my small mail box where my usual mail is put in it. The post office worker instead of shoving it into my SMALL mail box should have put them in the larger boxes where they leave you a key to open the larger box. I had a lot of difficulty prying them out of the box and although the boots are not really damaged except for a couple of bumps, I find this unacceptable that the worker could not put it in a larger box or deliver it to my home. This happened with the worker from the Sturgeon Falls Post Office in Ontario, Canada.

  • Updated by Nicole Saarinen · Sep 14, 2018

    As already stated.

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