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Canada Post reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 18, 2006. The latest review Delivery was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint outgoing mail was resolved on May 16, 2019. Canada Post has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 781 reviews. Canada Post has resolved 65 complaints.

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Canada Post Complaints & Reviews

Canada Post Corporationdelivery of ordered products

I ordered two hoodies a few weeks ago.

I had tracked them until they hit Canada, where I could not find a tracking number for them.

These two hoodies where ordered together, shipped out together, received in Canada together, and then I only had 1 hoodie delivered at my place of employment on December 17th.

I tried to talk to someone via the chat- and she was alittle ignorant. She also kept asking me what the tracking number was, and I told her I didn't have one. A little clueless I would think, as I repeated myself at least 3 times.

All I have, is the information that was on the sticker of the hoodie I did receive. Will that help? As I tried to reach the shipper, but as they are in China- they have not responded yet. As we had items go missing from our home post office boxes, I had my gifts sent to my work. Where is the second gift I ordered?

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    • Ro
      RodneyH Jan 04, 2019
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Is Canada post going to Reimburse me for my packages which have not been delivered since October 2018. my email: [email protected]

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    Canada Post Corporationparcel returned to sender by mistake

    I had been having issues with this one package from the get go but Canada Post made the problem 10 times worse. First, it took forever to be shipped from Amazon (which is a whole other issue in itself), and when it finally was, there were all the Canada Post delays causing it to miss the delivery date by two weeks (at this point it had been almost a month since I had placed the order). I had been tracking it every day and finally saw that it was getting close. On Sunday, December 16th I received an email saying it had arrived at the post office ( I didn't want it to be delivered to my home as its a Christmas gift and didn't want it to be seen). On Monday the 17th I go to the post office after work to retrieve it only to be told that it was returned to sender because I "hadn't picked it up in time". I showed them the email that I had received only the day prior, which also specified that I had until the 30th to pick it up. They refused to listen to me or to look at my email saying that no I was wrong it had been there since November 29th, which was impossible since I had called Amazon around that time to ask them what was happening with the package as it hadn't been shipped yet. When I asked the employees whether it had been returned to sender after only one day by accident, one of them aggressively responded with "If you have a problem you can come speak with the manager tomorrow during the day but you didn't pick it up time so there's nothing we can do. Bye", which was shocking. I called Canada Post once I got home and the employee I spoke with was way way way more helpful. He said that it had in fact been sent back by an employee of that post office by mistake (so I was correct) and would file a complaint for me, apologized about it, and said he would try to stop it from going back to the sender (at this point it was already back at the nearest facility as it had been sent back to sender from the post office that morning at 1030, . Less than 24 hours after it had arrived). I contacted Canada Post today as I saw that if was still at this same facility two days later and they said "there's nothing we can do" even after I mentioned it had been their mistake. Called Amazon and they're sending a replacement ...just hoping Canada Post doesn't mess up again. This is the craziest thing I've ever gone through, delivery-wise and the fact that they were rude, unhelpful and aggressive at the post office is even crazier. Still trying to understand how this mistake was made and how the package was accidentally returned literally a few hours after it had arrived.

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      Canada Post Corporationcanada post needs to go

      I think the government should fire everyone at Canada post and let them go get a job with their non-existent skill set in the private sector and see if they'll even find a job.
      These people have had it too good for too long. It has to stop.
      What kind of a scumbag would think doing this to people during the busiest time of the year was a good idea?
      I for one am willing to do without mail service for as long as it takes to get rid of this insane service and put in place a service like U.S. Postal service. They even have Saturday deliveries!

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        • Tr
          Trudy Pinheiro Jan 25, 2019
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Canada post is the worst company ever all they do is make fake promises, dont deliver packages but do give out lots of delivery cards stating they attempted, even had one guy come with package and when we answered he said oh I forgot something went back to his truck then left with my package. Customer service just lies and hangs up on you after making useless promises so who can help with this corporation as they seem to do whatever they want or dont want.

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        Canada Post Corporation — retail locations

        We are forced as business customers to use a Canada Post location at Canadian Tire confederation mall in...


        Canada Post Corporationbacked up service

        I have been waiting for my DHL package for some time now. I have been told due to the strike everything is packed up.
        Get with it Canada Post and deliver packages that people need this time of year!! All your strikes do is put the public against you. Unions are OUTDATED anyway. The days of Norma Rae and employees being treated unfairly are over at Canada Post and many other unionized companies.

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          Canada Post Corporationxpresspost

          that means get the [censored] back to work. Xpresspost delivery the app puts it 2 weeks out and day by day the delivery date just gets further away.. you guys are a [censored]ing joke.. obviously no pride in the work, just we want this we want that lets strike.
          Heres an idea [censored]ing suck it up and do your [censored]ing job.
          This is an obviously UNsatisfied client from Gaspé, Québec.

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            Canada Post Corporationhi

            Hi there, I understand that the people who work here feel they are being treated unfairly feel the need to strike again like they do every year, but all this does is screw over the public, not Canada post. I pre ordered a sweater on oct 28th 2018, paid an extra $60 for express shipping and i did not receive my mail until nov 20th, and now have no way of getting my money back for the paid faster shipping, when i checked my tracking you people were holding my mail for weeks in toronto instead of giving me what i paid almost 300 dollars for including the express shipping, i also pre ordered a book half a year ago, it was to be delivered this week and the email i received states that it would here yesterday, then i get a second email that your interruptions will delay my parcel again, im beyond fed up with you people, you are beyond selfish, [censored]ing over the public for things they paid for so you can get an extra buck is asinine, you have no compassion for the fact that people rely on mail and parcels to be delivered, why even [censored]ing stay open if you don't deliver mail and then call yourselves a postal service, because of your inability to perform the simple task of taking something and putting it on a porch or in a box i and other are now out money we didnt need to spend, so how does this work? Because i want my money back, i and a rally of angry windsorites are going public with our frustrations, the news agencies will be contacted in great detail about how i and many other who stand with feel we are the ones being striked against and we did nothing wrong, your strike is [censored], be adults, go to work like the rest of us and do your [censored]ing jobs instead of pandering for an extra dollar every year.

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              Canada Post Corporationlate parcels while still paying for express post

              I'm just writing this today to express how disappointed and dissatisfied I have been for the last month with your services. I understand there's a strike. And things will take a bit longer than usual. I can deal with that. I'm a very understanding person. But when I'm paying for express delivery and non of my packages are arriving until 2 weeks later I start to get upset. Now I'm loosing money and customers are pissed off cause they can't get there product in time to put on there shelves. I ordered supply's that usually take a day to get here. They don't arrive for over a week! Why am I paying for express post? Is that express? I simply don't understand it. 90% of the packages I've sent out are within an hour and a half drive and yet they don't get delivered for 2 weeks and I'm still getting charged for the full pop!? I don't come in and do one or two transactions. I buy my supply's from can post and send out ten to twenty five packages all with tracking and expresspost. Lately I've totally felt like I've been scammed out of money by your company.

              late parcels while still paying for express post

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                Canada Post — non delivery by mailman

                Canada Post customer service claims they do not deliver if you live above the second floor. If your mailman...


                Canada Post Corporation — smartmail marketing campaigns

                September 28, 2018- sent pdf postcard to Gilmore Printing for printing October 16/17, 2018 - Gilmore Printing...


                Canada Post Corporation — canada post strike

                It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting that you would choose to strike just before Christmas, but then...

                Canada Post Corporationcondition of parcel received

                Today, November 26, I received a parcel sent to me by Indigo. Although it appears that the gift inside has not been damaged (I have not opened it because it is a Christmas gift) the parcel box side was torn and two corners on the top of the box were ripped. It also looked like there had been tape added to it to keep it together. I am not expecting any kind of retribution but this kind of service is unacceptable and in the middle of strike action this is particularly disturbing.

                condition of parcel received
                condition of parcel received
                condition of parcel received

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                  Canada Post Corporationparcel service

                  Took 3 weeks to find the limited edition item I'm looking for desperately and finally found a location with one in stock. Item was shipped November 21 and has been delayed 3 times until 25th, then 27th and now delayed again until 29th. This should have been a maximum 4 days in transit. Canada Post can do nothing at this point to resolve this issue other than deliver my parcel. I have decided I will never, ever have anything sent to me by Canada Post again.

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                    Canada Post Corporationrules for lettermail

                    I have sent many mailers in Canada over the past year with regular lettermail postage. They follow your rules defined by your website, they are smaller then 9 x 6 inch and always fit through the slot at the post office. Why are you now returning them too me? Again i have sent hundreds out before that have made it to their destination. What has changed and why are you not accepting them according to your own rules.

                    From a Frustrated customer

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                      Canada Post Corporationpoor delivery times

                      Due to this strike affecting my government issued cheques, canada post now owes me $397.65 in overdue fees assessed against me by epcor and atco corporations. I rely on these funds to be delivered so I may pay the balance of my utility bills via direct debit. I am disabled and unable to be employed. You need to resolve your internal issues in a timely manner so that the real workers of this nation can function without fear or loss. You aren't inconvenienced by strikes or delays but we citizens who worked hard for our lives are. I survive on a meager $2000.00/mth whereas your employees are making 2-3x that.

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                        Canada Post Corporation — strike

                        Hello my name is Lance Westvelt, i am a business owner in Nisku alberta. I am very unhappy about the...

                        Canada Post Corporation — parcel delivered to mail box

                        Please be advised that the postman delivered a parcel to my mail box at the end of my street. Tried to get...


                        Canada Post Corporation — shipping with xpresspost

                        Canada post keeps Changing my package delivery date, it's estimated to arrive in three weeks and I have been...

                        Canada Post Corporation — delivery delays

                        My items have been stuck due to the labor dispute for about an extra 9 business already with another forecast...

                        Canada Post Corporation — I complained regarding my parcel.

                        I called [protected]. I bought a TV from best buy. They shipping it through Canada Post. The driver went...


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