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B Jul 20, 2019

I purchase a 2019 pioneer heartland from you guys in May 18. When I got it home I started to put stuff in it and I notice the outlet under the sink was falling out I pushed it back in and figured I will take it out once make sure everything else was ok before I took it back to get fixed. So I went to go take it out the second weekend in June and found out the rear door dead bolt tumbler was broke called to see if I can get it fixed before I left on my trip. When I called they told me soonest they could get it in was July 16th. I asked since I live close could I bring it by to see if they need to order any parts so when I drop it off the could fix it with out waiting I was told no. So I go July 16 to drop it off and go in and see the service department and the guy came out looked at it said nope can't fix it will be 3 weeks One week to get it cover by warranty and 2 weeks for parts then he will call and I will have to bring it back. So I asked if they could fix the outlet and he said pull up to the shop someone will come out to look at it, hour later it's finally done to find out that they have to order and new outlet and I have to wait for that to come in. Now I was fine with all this but I go in my camper for the first time tonight to find that they didn't ever bother trying to put the outlet back some what it was hanging by the wires, the cover was thrown on the ground and the mechanic never shut the cabinet so all the stuff fell out all over the floor. For being a brand new camper I understand there is problem and I am ok with that but it's bad that I have been waiting over and month to get this stuff fixed and it still isn't and will Probly be another month or 2 before they can get me back in. I should have never bought the trailer from the start and I regret it ever since. Should have know something fish with you guys when I go to look at it at 6 at night and your sales people are there but there is no finance people there to even run your credit or talk numbers with you. I'm a mechanic and know all about warranty and ordering parts and door handle and out let does not take 2 weeks to come in when you have both sitting on the shelf bc I looked at them while I waited I should have just fixed it my self

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