Camping WorldI will never visit camping world for servicing or installation again

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My vacation was scheduled for july 1.2006. I initiated the replacement of my broken down refrigerator one month in advance to ensure it would be completed in time. I contacted camping world to purchase the new refrigerator and schedule the installation. I purchased the new refrigerator and was informed that there was a three week wait for the scheduled replacement and that my date was june 24. 2006.

I brought my camper in and dropped it off on june 21st, we discussed in detail the mechanics of replacing the refrigerator. The fact that the size of the unit 24' wide and the size of the door 22' wide required the removal of the door frame to get the job done and an installation charge of up to $300.00 may apply. I agreed and instructed them to get the job done regardless of cost.

I received a message on june 24.2006 at 10:00 am that after 2.0 hours of working on it that it was physically impossible to replace the unit due to size incompatibilities. I contacted the camper manufacturers and asked them what was the necessary steps to getting the unit replaced.

I called camping world monday morning and discussed the installation with the service department. I told them what lance had said about getting the unit installed. It was agreed on that camping world would initiate and complete the install by thursday the 28th and that they would keep me updated on any problems.

I called them the morning of the 28th to see if the job was complete only to find out they never started the job and that they were informing me that they would not be able to help me. I am now leaving on my two week vacation with no refrigerator in my camper.

This is my second experience with camping worlds service department. My first experience was no better than this one. I will never visit camping world for servicing or installation again.


  • Ma
    Mark Zink Feb 17, 2008

    I purchased a 2007 Winnebago Journey 36 SG from CampingWorld (>$130k purchase). Horrible customer service at service area. Only had possession of the unit 2 of the 9 months since purchase. Have contacted an attorney

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  • Si
    siprasoeut May 29, 2009

    I called Camping World Monday morning and discussed the installation with the service department. I told them what Lance had said about getting the unit installed. It was agreed on that Camping World would initiate and complete the install by Thursday the 28th and that they would keep me updated on any problems


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  • Wa
    Warrenswhite Aug 16, 2018

    I had my RV worked on last week and when I got my RV back only to find tools still inside and the seat cushion for the table we're tossed to the site and for what ever reason the tv on the other side of the table, when I asked why it was like that the tec told me that he was in a hurry.

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  • Sh
    shuthrbug Aug 21, 2018

    The worst service there is, after 2.5 months of waiting for warranty / recall work I receive email my rv will be ready 4/16/18 an I cannot talk to anyone that knows anything about it. Concord & Myrtle Beach locations are the worst. New management or owners needed real bad...

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  • To
    Tom moffa Sep 01, 2018

    Marcus Lemonis just posted on face if you are a supporter of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES don't stop at camping world .
    That is how You do business with the American public. My wife and are looking for a new fifth wheel and will drive right by your place and give our $40 to an AMERICAN supported business

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  • Sa
    Saddened RV owner Sep 05, 2018

    Made several attempts via email and phone about TV having a blacked out spot in the screen. Still waiting for the replacement.

    Took RV in for an awning repair and they damaged my new RV. Although I waited 6 hours for the repair, I was left with a hole "hacked" into the wall of my " brand new" RV.

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  • Jm
    Jmlm Sep 06, 2018

    Called to see if they had a certain portable toilet. They did. We went to pick it up only to find out they were trying to pass off a disgusting used toilet as a new one. Yeah, i won't be back.

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  • Do
    Donna Hardin Sep 10, 2018

    4 WEEKS to repair 3 simple problems and charged $375. Also destroyed my satelite system while in shop and said in said condition when received. A lie and their service writer did not note any damage upon arrival. LIARS AND CROOKS. Do not go to C.W. Calera Alabama.

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  • Do
    Doug Gran Sep 11, 2018

    Visit to Burlington wa location on Friday overheard a manager tell an employee she could not wear an American flag shirt as all the others wore seahawks jersey. She obviously did not want to support the NFL with the known issues and she left in tears and was forced to change

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  • Da
    Dawn Mayor Sep 17, 2018

    Ft. Myers Camping World the worst. in the 9 months we have owner the unit that we bought brand new, we have only been able to use 1 time, which turned out to be a nightmare trip and it was sitting in service a total of 4 months. Gabriela in service out right lied about repairs and had us pick up unit when repairs still were not done after 3 months. Terrible. Do not buy from Camping World, our biggest mistake ever. Sad part is we are hearing nightmares from so many other disappointed customers. Wish we would have known prior to our purchase!

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  • Dk
    Dkekleele Sep 19, 2018

    As a camper and current customer I will no longer be doing business with Camping World. The public has been told by Marcus Lemonis that certain people are not welcome in his establishments. What a stupid business move. I will also be spreading the word as fast as possible to as many people as possible. I have called for a boycott of Camping World.

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  • Hv
    hvacdoc Sep 19, 2018

    I will no longer shop at camping world and have removed my address and name from the comp. the comments the ceo. made is discussing. I am insulted by his remarks. he just lit a fire under himself. all who work for him should be ashamed of who they work for.

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  • Do
    docreese Oct 15, 2018

    took my rv to camping world new braunfels tx 78130 two times in last 3 mo. to have the mattresses fixed 1st the (r) then the (l) rep. said all was ok, when I picked up my RV all was good. but today getting ready to go camping the (l) was flat. will take back to camping world in am 09-27-18 need to work done then.

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  • Bu
    BuyersBeware2 Oct 22, 2018

    •••customer alert•••
    buyers beware!
    avoid this place like the plague
    * rip off
    * very unprofessional
    * incompetent
    * scammers
    need a job? look elsewhere.
    thank you for reading and heeding this and all advanced warning signs given to you. feel free to post/pass this on to all of your family/friends or enemies

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  • La
    lawhraz Oct 22, 2018

    I placed an online order on 6/18 As if 6/26 still pending shipping. When I called stated would be shipped 7/3 and should reccieve by 7/10. 22 days is pathetic. when calling their phone center the person was very non caring and basically said it was too bad because thats the way it is.
    Dont bother their are plenty of better online RV retailers .

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  • Lv
    LValentine Oct 22, 2018

    This company is the worst business I have had to deal with in over 40 years of buying vehicles!! Everyone I had to deal with was incompetent. Will never recommend. Don't buy anything from this company. Everyone I spoke to gave me the run around. The won't even answer the phone or call you back. Customer service is just as bad!!

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  • Mr
    Mr Mc Oct 27, 2018

    Posted complaint and no response. That's about right!

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  • La
    Laurim Nov 01, 2018

    Just check our extended history. Could not even remember at this point all your errors, broken promises and bait and switches. I don't want anything from camping world other than to see them restructure.

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  • Jo
    Joe Fitz Nov 04, 2018

    I was going to complain about camping world bending over backwards to sell you a camper but frustrating you during any warranty repair but heck they are only 1 star rated out of all the comments. I wish I would have seen all the bad reviews before I purchased from them. BEWARE STAY FAR AWAY FROM CAMPING WORLD. Joe Fitzgerald Omaha Nebraska.

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  • Bp
    B.Perry65 Nov 11, 2018

    I bought a 2015 Jayco Pinnacle from Camping World in Tucson, Az. After about 5000 miles on the 5th wheel I noticed that bulging on the side wall on two of the tires. Each time I called Camping World Tucson to find out what I should do, the operator sends me to a voice mail. Each time I leave a message, no one calls back. This is not service.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Betz Nov 14, 2018

    I made an order online and some unscrupulous employee stole my credit card info and charged almost a thousand dollars on my credit card.

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  • Jo
    John O'Hare Nov 19, 2018

    The rv manager is rude and inconsiderate. He also cares very little about his employees and even less about safety of anybody including the customers. I also feel that he is unable to properly lead his team to success. Especially when he bad mouths everybody even his own superiors.

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  • Ma
    Mark Ingram May 11, 2019

    The CEO came out a few days ago and said he didn't want any trump supporters shopping in his store, So i say Good by, I hope more follow.

    He should think before running his mouth, Most Rvs have a little money and most likely
    most are republicans, I will not shop or buy from camping world again.

    mark ingram

    Mark Ingram

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  • Bf
    B Foster1 May 18, 2019

    We took our coaching and had an appointment to have the roof redone on it 11 weeks later it was returned to us it had damage done to the floor from where they drop something and the bed in the master bedroom was ruined from water where they forgot to tighten down the front air conditioner and main room air conditioner wasn't even hooked back up

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