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customer service, timely repairs.

I have taken the last three trailers we have purchased from Camping World for various repairs. All warranty...

repair service, do any of the o's from camping world read, or act on these complaints?

This site discusses the growth of Camper World. They are growing, however, they are not growing their support Staff.

I dropped a Freedom Elite off on July the 4th. The comment was thank you, check back next week. I did, check back next week and I just visited today going on the 3rd week and was told to check back next week. The personnel who work there are great!

Johnathan is my contact at the service desk. He even called me at 7:45 PM to apologize for the service not being done yet. I talked to the service manager, I stressed my frustration over a company that serves the community and does not have a support staff to serve the business. In his defense, I blame it totally on the people who can hire.

Profits be darned, hire the people you need to support your business. If there was another maintenance facility that could provide the service I would be gone from them. I am a Good Sam member and if the representatives from Good Sam HQ are reading this then this facility needs to be reevaluated as a vendor. I know that I am not the only one frustrated with the poor service; they said they have more than 500 units waiting to be serviced...

Every time I go there out of frustration because no one answers the phone I see irate people at the service desk because no staff is available to provide the service.

If you are one of the frustrated people who purchased from Fayetteville Camper world and was told what a great support staff they had only to find out when you needed support it was non-existent please sound off. They will not change until they see that the customers want the service they thought they were getting when the salesperson sold them the unit.

customer service is poor!!!

The Rapid City Camping World needs customer service training for their service desk personnel. Three time...

lousy customer service

we purchased a coleman lantern model 274bhs from your dealer in kingston ny. love the camper but we told wrong information about the model from the dealer . we were told the camper had and electric as well as gas hot water heater not the case. upon pick up the camper hooked up by the dealer for transport and the hook up was done wrong so it spliced the electric wire from the rig to our truck they were gonna let it go with splicing the wire and then putting electrical tape on it and letting us go we protested and they kept the rig and got us a new wire installed the person that did out finance paperwork was only interested in selling us more services we did not want or need took forever. we get the camper to our seasonal site and proceeded to take our first showers in the rig and two to three inches of water was pouring out all over the floor of the rig come to find out the drain pipe was totally separated from the drain of the tub went to the dealer with a complaint and asked if they please could go to the campground where it was located to fix the camper because it was difficult for us to get it back down to them was told they could not do the repair in the field so we brought it back down called this morning to make sure all was okay was told we locked the dead bolt when in fact we did not they had the wrong key the receptionist was rude and would not let me hold until our service advisor was off the phone and just threw me into voicemail my son and I have never heard such rude employees at this location in your parts department and all over your location I can see why I have heard so many complaints about this dealership I have zero faith that my camper will be fixed correctly

Thank you

Julie Boyd

roanoke location:

I recently made a purchase for a base plate and Braking system to be added to a new vehicle to tow behind my...

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new rv sold with non working refrigerator and it has been 4 weeks and still not fixed

We picked out the new 2018 travel trailer at Camping World of Sherman on 6/15 and were told to come pick it up at 3:00 on 6/16/2018. This was so they could get it ready and make sure everything was in working order! We arrive at 230. Around 430 after being told they are really busy, other people were late to appts, etc we are finally told it's our turn to sign the papers and take our camper home. Great! We look over the camper and find the chair has a worn spot that is almost a hole. They say they can't replace it but can have someone fix it. OK, whatever. We sign the papers, buy the extended warranty and go to take it home. They were already closed at this point. We get down the road and realize they did not put a paper tag on the camper but luckily we made it home without it. Then the fun begins!! We get it home, leveled, electricity and water hooked up and are so excited...only to find out the refrigerator does not cool. We let it run over 48 hours. The freezer worked great but not the refrigerator. I called the service dept and they said bring it in. We pull up to the service area on 6/21/2018 and start backing it in only to have a long haired, crackhead looking guy run out and yell at us as if we are doing something wrong. He told us to go park it in the no parking zone across the street. We pull up there and Shawn comes out. We explain what's going on and he said to leave the camper where it is so they can move it later and check it out. We were offered nothing in writing acknowledging we were leaving it. All we could do was take a picture of the paper he was writing up. Once they checked it, they said it needed a part ordered through the Forest River warranty and they would order it and have it expedited. We had a vacation scheduled with the camper for the upcoming weekend. We were told that it would take a week or two to get the camper fixed. If we wanted to use our brand new camper we could come pick it up and use it and just take a cooler since the refrigerator is broken. We live over an hour away and my husband works and can't just keep driving back and forth taking it and picking it up. This is not an option. The camper stays there. They say the part is on the way. There's almost no communication on their part. I receive a call from Shawn saying it will be ready to pick up on 7/9/2018. I hear nothing. On 7/11/2018 I call him. He says he has no idea why anyone would have said that because they don't even have the part yet. It's due in on 7/13. He will call me whether it's in or not. Again, no call. I call him. The part did not come in but is now supposed to be in on 7/17/2018. I call the evening of 7/17 after no call from Shawn only to find out he's not there and the part is not in. Dale will email Shawn and have him call me today. I get a call saying the Dometic factory was shut down for 2 weeks and that's why the part wasn't ordered. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Shawn has his service Mgr, JT call me to basically the me the same thing and that the part is now ordered and he will call when they have shipping confirmation. This is where we currently stand. We bought a brand new travel trailer, have not gotten to use it, our vacation time has passed and the 1st payment is due. STEER CLEAR OF CAMPING WORLD AT ALL COSTS! We have been lied to over and over. The next step is to stand right outside their property on the highway service road with signs warning people to stay away! They need to make this right immediately or buy the camper back plus cover all the time spent back and forth and having to deal with this!

service center

We took our 2016 Aerolite 174 to Camping World in Alcoa Hwy in TN. on June 7th. (we wanted to bring it in...


Got treated horribly. Was given prices that was written down on one of their pamphlets. When we went to start payment process we were told a completely different price. Salesman said he made a mistake. Then they had the nerve to say the price they gave us wad on another trailor that had some mild hail damage. They had us come back to look at the trailor with hail damage and it was so bad even the 2nd salesman that was also involved with the 1st salesman was afraid for us to see and saidit was really bad. They tried to sell us a totaled trailor for only $2k less. They have lousy their minds. The 2nd salesman felt so bad and embarrassed that he found us another trailor for around the same price we were looking but fiberglass for less hail damage concerns. When they got it in they failed to call us to come and look at it once it got there due to thefact that the 1st sleezy salesman sold it from up under us knowing it was brought there from their storage. I called and spoke with a manager named Gary who treated me horribly. He didn't want to talk to me or bother with me till I told him I was going to file a complaint and contact corporate. Worse than car salesman. The other Sales reps even messed with the salesman that sold the trailor we were supposed to get by calling himJake the Snake all day. Even undercut the 2nd sales guy. Guess that's why, because he didn't want to have to split the sales costs even though he didn't do anything for us but lie, cheat and steal. Filthy and worse experience I've every gone through.

warranty work

Camping World Headquarters July 10, 2018 Good morning. Our 2017 Trailer has been at the Vacaville, CA...

2018 hideout fifth wheel

We bought our camper in June of 2018 and we have had nothing but problems. For one the battery will not stay charged. It has power hooked up to it don't understand. I have called Byron office to get this fixed. But they don't seem to care after you make the purchase. We didn't finance anything we paid them with a cashier's check. When we got it they couldn't find the keys the vacuum wasn't in it. The remotes weren't in there. I had to go buy remotes to use tv and radio. Not real happy with camping world right now. I am gonna give them til the end of Wednesday to let me know what they gonna do about it if not herd anything by then I will be getting my lawyer involved. It's crazy that you pay 35, 454 dollars and can't even go camping cause your camper isn't right. Thanks for listening and maybe something will get done without having to take action. We just don't give our money away freely.

2018 heartland pioneer fifth wheel pl 3 vin 5sfrg3722je378480 (no access to rv)

To Whom It May Concern, I Purchased a 5th Wheel June 11th 2018 from Camping World, Las Vegas Nv. The 5th...

Camping World

pull behind camper

We went to look at a camper 3 weeks ago at camping world in Oxford Alabama. We didn't intend on buying. We...

ordering rv furniture

I spoke with Camping World regarding the purchase of a sofa for our motor home. They referred me to the manufacturer, Lippert, and I did so. I was very happy with Lippert as they gave me details on the sofa that Camping World could not and because I wanted the sofa delivered at a later date they said to advise Camping World and they will pass that information to them because the sofa is drop shipped right from the factory.
I did so. After making the purchase, I emailed and called Camping World. When I spoke to their associate I was shocked with her attitude...You cannot do that, she exclaimed. When I told her what Lippert said, she exclaimed that I should not have spoken to Lippert. I explained that a Camping World associate told me to call Lippert. She then spoke to a manager and then said that she was cancelling the order. OK, this is the road Camping World wants to travel, so be it. But the next day I received a confirmation from Camping World that the order had gone through. I called the number provided (different from original number) and followed the menu to existing orders and their phone just hung up.
If this is Camping World's new way of doing business, they better wise up. The competition is great and Amazon as just one example does a much better job with customer relations and customer service. I was never yelled at by an Amazon associate. Amazon now handles Lippert Sofa's so they will get my business and Camping World will lose it and much more business as the word gets out.

jayco jayflight slx

We purchased a new Jayco Jayflight SLX from the Greenwood, IN location. We pulled it home and while we were...

Camping World

traveling trailer

I bought a brand new traveling trailer about 3 months ago at camper world Berkley Ma .the funny thing is that...

replacement window didn't fit/cost to return item

I ordered the window May 11 of 2018. The window in question here is item # 108969. The Slim Shade Unit. The replacement window offers a clear tinted glass with a folding shade inside to provide privacy and bloke light. The replacement window is supposed to replace the window that comes stock on most RV doors. The replacement window specifications on the company's website and in the catalog did not indicate a thickness measurement or tolerance required for the door. I tried to order online and was notified that I needed to call the order in. The representative stated that the item was backordered and would be sent as soon as it became available. All specifications that where offered on the website and catalog indicated the width and height of the window cut out. No thickness measurement was offered. After receiving the window, we tried to install it but quickly found that it does not fit the thickness of this door. Okay, so I'll just return it. The item was repackaged in the original box and prepared for shipping. I called the customer service number and was told that I would have to pay for return shipping even though the problem was no fault of ours. The shipping cost me almost half of the cost of the window. My husband is a professional carpenter and would have made sure the window would have fit if the proper dimensions had been given. I have mentioned this incident to a few other RVers and have heard the same complaint from each of them. I believe the return shipping should be covered by the company especially if the information is not advertised in full or if it is no fault of the customer. My order number was 1773977.

2017 keystone cougar camper

I am really discourage about this camper and the service we have been getting. We spent so much money on this camper things are not being fixed or being fixed half assed and we keep having to take to camping world to get things fixed. Our warranty runs out next month and we still are dealing with stuff that was said to be fixed or was fixed but not fixed right. We took our camper in last October to have a bunch of warranty issues fixed. We had many calls from camping world parts are in when can you bring camper up. We told them three times they had our camper ok well I will go look again but couldn't find the camper. This is [censored]. Then it was getting cold out so we wanted to know if they were done nope hadn't even started so they said they were going to winterized because they had not even started and some parts were ordered wrong. We finally got our camper back in Jan February time frame. We had to take back up because the sink in bathroom was still leaking so my husband took a pic to show them we finally got it back again they fixed the leak but underneath the cabinet the wood is water stained and warped. Then we told them about the couch not shutting properly well nothing has been done about that then we also told them about the trim around the wheel well my husband had to put screws in it because they never fixed that and it almost blew off. Memorial weekend we used camper and the shower started leaking everywhere found out the shower area was not winterized so we finally got them to come out and fix them the next week we went out the turn on valves started leaking everywhere and then 2 weeks ago we went camping again and found out the lines under camper that lead to the shower are leaking everywhere. I have called yesterday and today and no one has called me back. We also told them about the stove burner but they said nothing wrong. There is something wrong because it starts a fire underneath the plate of the stove. They were supposibly fixed the toy hauler door and ordered parts but now we have to slam because it runs and won't shut right. We spent all this money and all we have had was problems with this camper and people fixing things half assed. Our warranty is about to expire but no one cares. I am very disappointed with camping world and right now will never ever buy or recommend this company. I am tired of nobody returning my call or fixing issues. Please contact me by [protected] to help resolve these issues. I am done. Someone needs to call me to make this right before I call people up line or better business bureau. I am tired of being screwed around.

class a rv purchase

I bought a Class A RV from Camping world in August 2017 and have had continuous maintenance issue since the...

class a jayco precept bought from camping world columbia sc

We were told to drive our camper 1 time then bring it in for any issues we found. We drove it to florida and found the refrig not working. Someone had broke the fender when we purchased it. They repaired it but it came back apart before we made it home from the dealership. The steering is messed up and pulls. We gave them a long list of issues and told them we needed it back within 4 weeks because we have a trip planned for the 4th of July. Checked at 1 week and it hadn't even been moved. Checked at 2 weeks and it hadn't been moved. Here we are a week from our trip and I doubt it's been moved as of yet. We have shopped at Camping World in Columbia SC for years but this is the first time we purchased a camper from them. BIG MISTAKE. We have purchased campers from 2 other dealerships in the past with no issues. You'd think if you pay $115, 000 for a camper they would care about their customers.

service department in houston still working on coach for six months.

We bought an Cyclone 4200 an needed warranty work done on a list of things . I dropped of my coach on Jan 31, 2018 and it is still not finished. In February and March I was in contact with the service department and they told me they were short on techs because of the RV show and boat show. The coach was being serviced for a list of things such as led light replacement, door panel replacement, molding and wallpaper panels. I am also connected with the Manufacturer Heartland rvs. In May I asked the service department what was taking so long and they replied that they were being sent the wrong parts. I contacted Heartland and to my disbelief they informed me that the first request for parts was not submitted until mid April. This is over 3 month since I dropped it off. I called again to Camping world an the service department told me that the last part was order so I called to get the tracking number from Heartland. The part arrived on June 12 to Camping World. Our couch was supposed to be ready Mon the 18th. I went today to pick it up and arrived at 3pm and was told it would be 20mins. At 5pm I was told the were cleaning it, then at 6pm they left it on the front lot. My family went out to inspect the coach, it was not clean with greasing hand print all over( took pics) My wife looked in the coach and ceiling panels that were ordered BEFORE the last order were not installed. We walk back into the store and asked for Matt the service manage but he went on a personal erran to to get his personal vehicle. We asked Brittney to call him and she did(nice lady). We explain that this was unacceptable and that something must be done. He replied that we should take it and bring it back. WE live 46 miles away in Crosby Tx. I told him no, you have the parts you need to put them on. He replied that it may not be tommorro and kept stating "what if" they can not finish it tommorro instead of assurring me the work would be done. At this time it is 7pm and I need to get my family home and told him it needs to be resolved by tommorro or I will take further action. On our way out I wa ask to hook my couch to my truch and move it back into the gates because their was no one to do it. I have picture and video of me doing this. My question is why was it not a tech on hand to walk us though the work that was performed before letting everyone go home. Final word, Matt was aware of this the entire week. If someone would please call us tommorro it would be appreciated. clyde [protected] and cynthia [protected]

I have tried to load pics and vid but some will not load I can send the when you contact me. the pic here are just of the exterior conditon when they tried to get me to take it today.

service department in houston still working on coach for six months.
service department in houston still working on coach for six months.
service department in houston still working on coach for six months.

Camping World
  • Ch
    Chuck Borden Jun 23, 2018

    Camping World supplied me with the absolute worst customer service experience of my life. I am sure that Camping World will never lose the number one spot of “worst customer experience of my life”. A half a day warranty repair ended up taking six months and was only completed then because I got the local media involved. Dozens of unreturned calls, empty promises and flat out lies, lies, lies.

    If I was in need of toilet paper, I would drive hundreds of miles and pass by dozens of Camping World locations before spending one more penny with this terrible organization.

    Yes, it was really that bad.

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  • St
    stud muffin Sep 03, 2018

    we too start pickiting ther rv shows

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