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[Resolved] The Brickunethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution

I submitted a warranty claim for my love seat and sofa back in January 2019, by the time it was finalized, I went to the store reselected a new sofa and love seat similar to the one I had, there was an extra $1, 200 that my husband financed opening a new the brick credit card . As it was not in stock, although the sales person assured it was not an issue, it took three months for the items to be available . Once the item arrived the nightmare began:


1- Original purchase for the furniture was done online on boxing day and there was a headphone gifted with the purchase that was assigned a price on the invoice as opposed of being $0. As a result when my warranty was processed I received less than what I paid for the sofa and love seat and the customer service told me she could not do anything about it. Could she had given a credit for the amount considering I was going to reselect ?

2 - first delivery attempt the furtunire was broken, it never left the truck. Before unloading the item from the truck the driver said there was something wrong and opened the box to see the leather piece from the recliner was loose. As it is not posible to know that something is wrong before opening a sealed box, my guess is that the driver already knew .

3- attempt # 2: the drivers brought the wrong item, it was manual and I had bought a power reclining sofa and love seat . The drivers did not know that the love seat required assembly and told us it was two chairs plus a console.

4- Attempt # 3: the drivers damaged the new sofa and love seat transporting from the truck to my appartment as they took off all of the protective cover from the furniture claiming that it would not fit otherwise . Drivers from attempt # 2 did not to do this and managed to bring up the furtunite without damaging it - it was just the wrong one- Also ripped the console cover from my love seat when bringing my furniture back.

I am very exhausted to deal with the drivers and customer services .

- the first time I called customer service to inquiry about the delivery, the lady I spoke with told me the items were not in stock as the furniture I bought was not popular and outdated.
- every time drivers will argue with me to keep the furniture and exchange it later as they will not get paid if the delivery is not complete.
- they tell me the new furniture quality is suboptimal and that the leather will peel as the previous one - to go to Ashley furniture - delivery attempt # 1
- customer service does not follow up - they had called on Monday July 22, 2019 saying that a delivery was scheduled for Thursday without acknowledging what happened last time and giving a resolution of how they are in contact with the delivery company/division/third party to ensure there are no delivery issues.

At this point after seeing this furniture ripped, damaged before being unloaded from the truck, arguments with drivers, arguments with customer service - I AM EXHAUSTED-
My superintendent has asked me to pay $150 dollars to put the elevator in service again.
I get a bill in the mail every month to pay for something I am not in possession/enjoying yet.
I feel very negative about this whole experience and wonder how I can get my warranty money to buy a replacement elsewhere for my now completely damaged furniture by your drivers.
I do not have the time or the energy to keep getting damaged deliveries . I have not found a customer service at Ashtonbee store that takes ownership, follows up and gives me a resolution.

What are my options, I am tired to deal with the Ashtonbee store ?


unethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution
unethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution
unethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution
unethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution
unethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution
unethical behaviour/ poor customer service and resolution

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Brick Furniture 24" inch gas stove

To whom it may concern
On November 6. 2018. I went to your store and I purchased 2 gas stoves. and the sales person recommend to buy the extended warranty for $149.99 for 4 years for each stove. And I was asked by her what are these stoves are going. She was told we are buying for the tenants for the apartment building we own. She didn't raise any problem the delivery the stoves to the building. One and half months later, I went to the store to get a price adjustment because they were sold in home Depot for cheaper price. They said it's over 30 days. I said that's fine. Then I was asked they should never sold me extended warranty because this is an apartment building. I have to say one thing. The sales staff and the supervisor you have at that store is worst than any of your stores. We plan to buy furniture for 3 apartment. But I will never shop at your store again. I checked with my lawyer which you will receive a letter soon. And I will wait for your answer. After that I will make sure everybody will know what kind customer service you provide and your extended warranty doesn't mean anything. Everyday. I received lots email regarding your special. Please delete it and do not send me anything. I hope hear from you soon and I will give you benefit of the doubt before going on line to show all your warranty and show to the public and people to be aware before they buy anything at your store.
Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon! My telephone number is: [protected] Joe Nazar Thank you

The Brickfalse advertising

On Thursday Sept 18/2014 I received two different flyers from the Brick (The Brick Clearance Centre) other The Brick Grand re-opening. On Saturday September 20th 2014 I arrived at 20 Ashtonbee rd The Brick location mentioned at 3 am to be in line up. At approx 8:40 first manager arrived.He told us that he is not sure if his location would be drawing the to that he was supposed to be receiving a phone call from head office at 9:30, at 8:50 he came out with other person gave each person ballet and pencil and repeated his speech I asked him why in flayer it states Saturday Only be in line before 9:00 Saturday September 20th and enter to win 1 of 7 50 inch Sam sung T's No purchase required draw at 10:00 must be present to win. He said if you read flayer it says all of Ontario Were in big letters it says All of Ontario is Celebrating The Grand Re-Opening of our seven newly renovated stores in and it lists the seven stores and there addresses there were other draws said one online inst ore which was not it was ballet boxes at 9:30 manager spoke on Speaker saying head office called saying there was no draw for to at this location. I am very upset he gave out ballets prior to 9 am even to two young girls were other person from brick told us you had to be 18 to enter in draw I heard manager tell other person Scarborough location winner was at Brick at Lawrence and Kennedy rd I didn't have other flayer from that location with me I have it in front of me and it has total different sales promotions etc I went there they said they had no draw that was only for the 7 newly renovated stores I filed complaint with better business bureau please email me what is going to be done about this situation
thank you for your help very much appreciated
Betty Crawford

The Bricknot trusting

Last week I went to the Brick which is on the Eglinton and Pharmacy. Let me tell you the address of that place, so it's 20 ashtonbee Rd. Scarborough, ON. I was there on July 6, 2011 to buy Bed set and mattress, so I bought everything on that day and finish it with cash and everything. After 3 days they deliver it to my house. First it was mattress, so what happen it was like this when I receive the Mattress it wasn't the same as I chose it in the store, they brought for me different mattress not the same as I chose in that store The Brick. The mattress I chose it had more flowers on it and the colour around the flowers was blue, but the one they send it to me, the flowers were less that mine mattress and the colour around it was different than mine. The one the brought it it was grey colour around the flowers. I went today to the store to tell them that they send to us the wrong mattress, but they don't believe me and they didn't even do anything to help me. I had my mother with me and my sisters because on the day we bought that mattress they were with us. All of us saw that mattress with our eyes. The manager told us that we are wrong and we are lying to them. We didn't even open the mattress, it's still in those plastic bags. Can you tell me what should I do next? Also, at the end the manager told us that if we wanted to exchange it than we have to give them 250 for the charge. That is not fair because that is not our problem for the mistake that they made it. Today July 8th, 2011 I am very angry at them. Not even agree with them, it's their mistake.

  • Fa
    Fahima Jul 09, 2011

    I am very agreed with your situation because they are just like a thief just like to steal our money and staff.

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  • Vi
    Visun Oct 21, 2011

    Always check your SKU/RFID number(all products have it) and match it with the one on you bill, that way they cant pull that on you. Describing colour is not gonna helpful with some azzholes.

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  • Li
    liketohelp Jun 15, 2012

    next time buy from Sears

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