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Vacuum Cleaners, By Most Complaints | Page 6

Rainbow Vacuum / scammed

Donnaoloresisimo on Oct 3, 2018

Rainbow VacuumTo Whom It may Concern, I am writing this letter to show my complaint and disappointment about this Rainbow Vaccum. What we like about this Vaccum is that we are amazed about the health benefits that it can clean air and it can give to our family especially to my son who used to have an...

Samsung and doing business as J&J International / samsung powerbot sr20h9050 left drive wheel assembly

Steve4566 on Oct 15, 2018

My Samsung Powebot VR20H9050 robot vacuum cleaner was two years old when the left drive wheel assembly failed. I purchased a replacement Samsung left drive wheel assembly, part number DJ97-02188A, from (doing business as J&J International) in Feb 2018. The drive wheel...

Shark / refund

Silkglass on Oct 19, 2018

Hi I ordered the shark cordless with one battery on the 9th of October 2018. It's was supposed to be a monthly payment plan but when I ordered it, it went through as a full payment which they took right away out of my bank. I called them within a minute of placing the order and canceled...

Wish, Home, / black robotic robot vacuum

Shirley Willison on Dec 10, 2018

Ordered this vacuum in November of 2018, it doesn't move on carpet. Trying to return it, Wish/ Home does not have any customer service. They won't call me and every complaint I try to send them comes back with password update. I was not requesting a password update. They keep telling me to...

Think Vacuums / paying for returns while item is still under warranty

michelle welch on Jan 16, 2019

I made a purchase of a champion central vac electric attachment kit in aug 2018. I was talked into spending more money than I wanted (over $500) but that is my bad. Today jan 16, 2019 the power head stopped working. With some trouble shooting we figured out the overload reset protection...

Shark Vacuum / shark uv795 vacuum

Kim Carey on Jan 29, 2019

I purchased a Shark vacuum a year and a half ago. The rollerbar/brushbar bristles have all worn down but Shark does not sell the replacement bar for this particular model. They sell multiple other brushbar replacements for different models, just not this model. Given Costco's generally...

Gohar V. Panajyan, MPH, child-onset schizophrenia, fired from Quality Assurance Division, Ministry of Health of Armenia / schizophrenic gohar v. panajyan

MarinaNoble WatertownMA on Feb 5, 2019

Gohar V. Panajyan, MPH, child-onset schizophrenia, fired from Quality Assurance Division, Ministry of Health of ArmeniaIn October 2018, the Ministry of Health of Armenia was attacked again by the scam emails of Watertown/MA resident Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan, illegally stayed in the USA shoplifter). This time, it did work. Marina Noble achieved her nefarious goal as she did years ago, when she...

R&D Enterprises / rainbow vacuum

Eric mills on Mar 18, 2019

We wanted to cancel our purchase and so we notified the r&d representative within the specified time period. We did not get any feedback so we notified another r&d representative. Still no feedback so I called. He said to call pci. We didn't have their phone number so we...

Lippy & Asoc. Inc. / unlawful entry

Sometime this afternoon (around 2:00pm) while my 18yr old daughter, 15yr old son, and 12 yr old son were home alone, a female representative from the Lippy & Asoc. Inc. assumed her way into my house to "clean the carpet" with a Kirby vacuum. During small talk with my daughter, the rep...

phones 4 u / baisically they wont let me get a refund or change my fone thats 2 weeks old

Im only 14 and im so up set because 2 weeks ago i bought a phone from phones 4 u. Everything was fine until the 5 of june 2009. I don't know how i did it but the screen was broke when i opened it. So on the the 6 of june 2009 me and my mum went into the phones 4 u shop in liverpool...

Kirby Northwest / Pay

Daughter was told she would get paid for her training. She was not. They claim it is in her signed contract, which we had to demand a copy of the day she quit. The contract was signed 3 days after she worked her hours. They are refusing to pay based on that contract. They take advantage of their employees being very vague.

Tri- Star / Complete Fraud

Curt Wages, (if that is really his name), is a con man of the highest degree! He does not pay what he says, he lies every other word, he ditches calls when it is time to pay, he gives costumers used equipment for new. Basically if you run into this company as a sales person, employee, or a...

Pro-Aqua / Pro-Aqua is a reall Good product

Look to all you people who want to down pro-aqua then you need to point the finger at yourself. I work at pro-aqua and have been for a few months and i love it, its hard work but you can make money with it. The system is kinda high, but it can be sold and it is worth the money. What people...

GARRY VACUUM,LLC / Double shipping charge

I purchased a Gary Vaccum 10/26/2009 and a piece broke inside of it so i had to call and get replacement..and the lady that i talked to had told me that it would be a $50.. shipping fee. And i said that was fine, then i ask her if i only had to pay shipping on it one time and she said...

Bissel Pet vacum / terrible

My daughters and I, all bought the Bissel Pet vacum, and all of us hate it. Once you take it a part, to empty the canister, it never works. we fixed it twice, and then the self propell stopped. I'm so mad, I'm ready to throw it out the window.

Garry Vac by Envion / A terrible scam!

Our church purchased a vacuum cleaner from this company and within a few months the motor stopped. After a tedious customer service battle, we were forced to pay shipping and handling on a new replacement and shipping for the broken one (SCAM). We are now faced with yet another replacement...

South Shore Distribution- Kirby Vacuums Rocky Hill CT / Over Priced, high pressure to the elderly, hours spent at your house

kirbyforless on Feb 6, 2011

South Shore Distribution- Kirby Vacuums Rocky Hill CTThe companies who sell Kirby vacuums won't even call themself a name like Kirby of Rocky Hill, CT . WHY. They don't want to know you after they have taken your money. They hide behind dummy company names and open and close them and just move to a different town when they made...

garry vacume cleaners / life time warranty scam

wayne hubbard on Apr 28, 2011

dont belive the life time warranty steam mop is junk the the it isnt covered just vacume as im writing this complaint im looking at the warranty it says life time and being im not dead why do they want 30.00 dollars to replace it s/h is only 5.00 ups free vacume bags for life cost twevle dollars nothing is free

Garry Vacuum / Doesn't pick up.

Shirley Van Harpen on Jul 10, 2011

It's advertised to pick up a bowling ball and it does't even pick up a little piece of dirt. I'd like to know how to clean out the suction. Something must be blocking it.

Oreck Financial / Oreck Vacuum

Linda InFLA on Aug 8, 2011

I ordered a oreck vacuum and when it arrived it did not work. The customer service department told me to return it and when they received it they would ship out a new one, which they did. After they took monthly payments charged to my bank of america visa each month until paid in full. The...