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Vacuum Cleaners, By Most Complaints | Page 4

euroclean vacuum cleaner / GIFT VOUCHER

FALSE SERVICE on Feb 21, 2012

euroclean vacuum cleaneri have purchased one vacuum cleaner as on 8th December 2011 agent name BAPPA SARKER CODE NO.-9054809 MOBILE NO. [protected] the agent said that a coupon voucher inside the packet and and scratch the coupon. i have scratch the coupon and i saw my gift was REEBOK TRAVEL BAG AND 3DAY/2NIGHT...

Euroclean wet & dry vacuum cleaner / demo

Sudanthira22960 on Apr 17, 2012

Euroclean wet & dry vacuum cleanerI purchased euroclean w & d on 30-08-2011. After that nobody turned up for DEMO, hence it was kept as it is. In this connection I given complaint on 12-04-2012 at 12.30 hrs. and the complaint no, is [protected] one Mr. Sasi attented the complaint and subsquently remainded on 16-04-2012 at...

oil purifier / oil purifier

justinhu on Apr 24, 2012

oil purifierChongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd. which affiliated to Zhongneng Group, is a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China. We have been engaged in developing, producing, selling a series of oil purifiers such as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, engine oil...

Series TY Turbine Oil Purifier / oil purifier

justinhu on Apr 24, 2012

Series TY Turbine Oil PurifierApplication: This machine is designed for treating unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. It can remove water, gas and impurities rapidly and effectively and make the oil regenerated. Features: Fully breaking emulsification by means of polymeric...

Series TYC Lubricating Regeneration Oil Purifier / oil purifier

justinhu on Apr 24, 2012

Series TYC Lubricating Regeneration Oil PurifierApplication: This machine is designed for treating unqualified hydraulic oil, especially for those contain high value of acid. Features: Great ability to break emulsification of H.P.M high molecule polymer materials The combination of coalescing-separation and vacuum duplex 3D...

Series ZYD, ZYD-I Double Stage Vacuum Insulting Oil Regeneration Purifier / oil purifier

justinhu on Apr 24, 2012

Series ZYD, ZYD-I Double Stage Vacuum Insulting Oil Regeneration PurifierApplication: Series ZYD-I has been specially designed for regenerating insulating oils in energized or de-energized transformers even when transformer power above 110KV and altitude over 500 meters, as well as purify mutual inductor oil, switch oil and so on. Features: 1. Duplex 3D...

Series IIJ-II BDV Tester for Insulating Oil / oil tester

justinhu on Apr 24, 2012

Series IIJ-II BDV Tester for Insulating OilIntroduction: IIJ series fully automatic oil tester is applied to test the insulating oil's dielectric strength, which is designed on the requirement of IEC156 Testing Method of Insulation Oil Medium Strength, which via proper programming, has got functions of auto boosting, step down...


agogodaddyo on May 29, 2012

Total Vac or I ordered a part 6 weeks ago. Each time I contacted them I was told that the part was on back order. That was a lie. Today I finally called SEBO, the vacuum manufacturer, and was told that there was no back orders for the part that I needed. The truth was that...

Oreck / Vacuum cleaner scratching Floors

Kat021061 on Jun 21, 2012

I bought an Oreck XL last year and before purchasing the vacuum I ask if the product was safe for hardwood floors and was told very safe. When I got it I used it on my floors, and my house is sort of dark and when we opened the front door and light hit the floors there were scratche...

Comet edge lane Liverpool / False Information

Nadia Mekki on Jul 23, 2012

In december 2011 i purchased goods over 6.500 pounds, i told the salesman that i wanted all my goods with a five year warranty, My hoover stopped working so i took it back with the receipt yesterday, i saw one of the salesmen who served me in december i explained the problem and he...

Garry Vacuum cleaners / Cost to get Replaced

Teresa Bess on Jul 24, 2012

Advertise that if something goes wrong with your vacuum cleaner, they will replace for free. Catch is, it costs you $50.00 to pay for them to ship it to you, and you're also obligated to return (pay yourself as well) the one that is broken. If you do not return the one that is broken...

sentra kirby / demand for payment

11coharris on Aug 6, 2012

I was informed i would be paid for 3 days training after the first week. after insisting payment brandon the team leader laughed at me and said i had stupid written on my face. I feel i am entitled to some sort of compensation for my time and gas.They refused and told me to have fun...

The Vak Shack / Can rolls cost $275?

Benjamin Grubb on Aug 17, 2012

The Vak Shack sold me vacuum cleaner and rolls. I paid $275 and they finally sent me only rolls. I waited for two weeks more and then I send them mail with many questions. They told that they didn’t get my order. I only wonder if rolls can cost $275… Please help!

Silver King Vacuum / What a scam!

whiskerlady on Oct 2, 2012

Just like the other complaints, I received the "research" phone call, then was told I won their drawing and was eligible for their gift certificate but it had to be delivered in person and I had to sit through a 30-45 minute demonstration. What a scam - posing as a research company and...

VLP and Associates / Sold useless vacuum cleaner

Gertrude Reyna on Oct 5, 2012

VLP and Associates persuaded me to buy vacuum cleaner for $900. I don’t need it at all. They have very qualified marketing experts. I respect their professional skills but what will you recommend me to do with this useless vacuum cleaner. Maybe someone wants to buy it?

Garry Vacuum / knob to switch from hose to vacuum

Robinreneebart on Feb 16, 2013

The first Vacuum I paid the shipping and handling it was like 90.00 then I had to pay to ship the old one back it cost me 65.00 so lifetime warranity what a joke...I cant afford to send back the second one that broke the same way but the knob came off so I cant switch it over at all...I...

kirby sentria / BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SIGN!

2013 Victim on Feb 21, 2013

kirby sentriaThey advertise "hiring" on craigslist in the customer service area. Once u complete the App, you interview, and is told on the spot if u have the job. They look for desperate unemployed people to trick into thinking they will earn big money $1800 and up. Then they invite you to a 1 day...

Hyla Vacuum / Faulty

Herrold on Mar 30, 2013

Hyla Vacuum vacuum is faulty and the hose does not stay in position, when trying to pull vacuum behind you with the hose attached, the hose comes out and water is slouch all over floors, so no suction is going on. The salesman has changed his number so no contact but I stopped all payments immediately.

Silver King / sales scam

klamp on Jul 20, 2014

Like other posters, I was misled by a 'markting company' who told me I had won $300 in shopping from a catalog (which I assumed would be overpriced goods that I would have to have shipped, but was curious) to view a presentation of an air purification system. Turns out it was a...

Pro Aqua / deceptive

JacindaHope on Sep 27, 2014

Two people came to my door. I was 3 days post-op on some heavy medications and told them I didn't feel well. They told me I could have a small air purifier if I let them do their presentation. The girl was nice and personable but I was under the assumption, by her presentation and...