Vacuum Cleaners, By Most Complaints


Pro-Aqua / deceptive sales/ fraud/ scams


PRO-AQUA This Company is using the same scam tactics as the national company. They promise you rebates on food, restaurants, gas, and then when you send in the receipts, you find the company has gone out of business. I spent 6 months trying to track the company down after they moved, only...

Dyro Productions / lies


Dyro Productions lied to me and every other person in my training class. When i called about the job i got an interview right off the bat, when i went in to the interview the guy told me "i cant hire you on the spot but you did good in your interview" he gave me a number to call for later to...

Oreck vacuum Xl / vacuum


My husband bought this vacuum 2 years ago, I had asked him to return it 1 month later and he did not. I have carpet and floors that i tried this vacuum on, it only picks up dust, on the floor does not brush the edges of the wall like it says, and it wont even pick up a french fry. I also have...

TJ Peters Enterprise/Kirby Vaccuums / TJ Peters Enterprise


Promised a variety of accessories along with purchase of vaccuum. Have been calling for over 5 months to receive these items, continually promised that they will be shipped. Finally, now the phone is disconnected with no information as to what happened to company.

phitoma quest / wont pay bonus after quiting


who ever this guy thinks he is >>>>> He is a fraud he runs a scandalist buisness wont pay me my 300 dollar bonus that i worked hard for... he tells you in the interview that you work for 11am to 9pm witch is a lie you have to get there at 10am and you leave when they want...

silver king blue max / select your gift cerfiticate


i was promised a gift to listen to a presentation of a vaccum well the vaccum seemed tempting but we did not buy it The 2 gifts we got were both things we would have to pay for and more than they either were worth I agree the (__selectyourgift___) company is a rip off a 3 pack of tenni...

Ultimate Technologies / fraud


i worked for ultimate technologies back a couple months ago ... they lied to me about everything from getting paid to telling me i was not going door to door ... i was told i was getting paid from 400 - 600 a week then 800 biweekly ... i went throught the training everything sounded good...

Rainbow Vaccums / rip off


My Mother recently had a friend suggest her as a potential customer, my Mother is 81 years old, not only did the sales person boo hoo to her but he gave her a fake contact number, these people take advantage of old people, my mother cant even use this machine, she wont tell me how much she... / unethical sales

on Mar 3, 2011

This website advertises brand new Kirby vacuums in the box for sale for a fraction of the price when you buy a new Kirby from an authorized dealer. No consumer can buy a new Kirby from any outlet other than an authorized Kirby dealer or distributor. Kirbys that are advertised here are...

Tri Star / Total Scam


I went to their 3 day training program the whole time thinking that it had to be a scam and then I googled tri star and the multiple branch offs from their company as well as talked to atleast 3 people that sold for them as private contractors and found out that it is a complete scam and...

JM Sales / Difficulty Getting Refund


JM Sales sold my 82 year old mother a vacuum cleaner after she told the salesman numerous times she didn't want it but was ultimately pressured into buying it. The salesman took away her existing upright and handheld vacuums as part of the transaction. Mom's cleaning lady...

Team 1 Promotions / Sales Scam!


I actually worked for these jokers for two weeks. They are trying to charge nearly triple the listed price of the vacuum. There is a basic price printed on the box which the salespeople are told to not let you see, lest you rightfully demand that lower price. They gave us some BS about...

Team 1` Promotions / Stolen Items after Sales pitch


I got a knock on my door at 9:00 at night. When I answered I found a door knocker for Team 1 Promotions asking if they could come in and clean the carpets. I thought I recognized the female that was asking the questions. It took a while before I realize where I knew her from. I said yes I...

Royal vacuum / Vacuum cleaner


Whatever you do, don't buy this expensive vacuum. I had demonstrated to me at least five different kinds. The salesman assured me this was the best. (by the way, the store is out of business now) It was certainly the most expensive. I have had NOTHING but problems with it and when I...

I Robot Roomba 560 / 9 months and dead


Poor customer service if that is what you want to call it. I paid almost $400 for maybe 24 uses. I called the company and they said I had to buy a new one, mine could not be repaired. Buyers if you work as hard for your money as I do please don't waste it on a Roomba. There are some...

Nutley Vacuum, Dyson, Livingston Vacuum, J and S / Dyson DC25 Warranty Service


Called Dyson and they referred me to Nutley Vacuum (they own three stores - other two are J&S Vacuum Co. and Livingston Vacuum Co.). Vacuum would not stand upright. Unit was off the track. Dyson authorized them to complete the repair of my dyson DC25 ball vacuum Nutley Vacuum claimed that it wa...

Bissel Steam Cleaner / Merchandise


About 2-3 months ago I went to the store that I paid close to $300.00 I have had all kinds of trouble with it falling apart not working properly ETC. I pick out one to replace it.I did not have my (slip big mistake I know.) That store manager came out of her office and I explained my...

Tri Star Vacuums / Poor quality product


As an owner of a TriStar vacuum for seven years now, and having paid about $2500 for it originally in 2001 I feel that this product is one of the most over priced, poorly designed pieces of junk on the market. As a former technician with business equipment for 20 years I feel I have a very...

Oreck Handheld Canister/Vacuum / Disconnected Hose


Oreck's office in Tampa needs more training on customer service. I called them today to ask how I could fix the vacuum's hose that disconnected on both ends. Their reply was "bring it in." I asked the rep if he could just help me over the phone but he insisted on my bringing the...

smer / Notification Letter*


Send me a message on behalf of Emile and I won the lottery prize the ability of B [protected] and I do not know that fraud or real please reply to Emile [protected]

sena finacial/kirby vacuum cleaner / vacuum cleaner


I bought a Kirby from a door to door salesperson after I had just moved in to my new house...what a disaster...the thing didnt work and the paperwork I was given did not have any info on how to get it fixed thru the warranty...I later found out the person had not left the warranty info or...

tri star vacum / can't get answers for vacum parts!


I have been looking for a direct number to tri star vacums. I bought a vacum from a sales man back in [protected] i moved and misplaced my papers, i figured ok just go on internet and get a number to the company, all i can find is places that sell the parts. I was told the hose and other...

moitzi klaus / Betrug


I have C& at the company; W Technology 10 Irobot Roomba bought. Paid at Mr. Sunday Joseph Okoro by Western Union, 1200 USD. Sales manager: James Foster. Is all fraud. No Tracking number, no money back. Does not announce itself any longer on mails. Address: NR 34, Zhonguancun Nandajie Subbranch, Beijing China

Oreck Vaccum / Hard to push on high pile carpet


I have an Oreck XL Plus vaccum that is approx. 3 years old. I have high pile carpet throughout my apartment. It is very hard to push the vaccum over the carpet. It is hard enough to push that my wife can't use it, and I have to do the vaccuming, and it is even hard for me. We thought...

Think Vacuum / Fradulent Business Pratices


Worst Business Practices EVER! After being assured that the central vacuuming system I was about to purchase was a "universal fit" I purchased a power brush kit from them. I received the item, IT WAS NOT UNIVERSAL and would not work with my system as promised. I returned the item (of...

Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaners / Fraudulent Billing Practices


Please refer to the attached communication I received from “ORECK CORPORATION CORPORATE CREDIT DEPARTMENT.” RE: “We were unable to obtain the necessary credit card payment authorization from the information in our system.”You may continue to use the credit card payment...

Pro Aqua / Wont pay me


I worked for this company for 2 weeks they kept putting off paying me now they are saying i didn't do all the work required to get a check. I turned in everything required by there contract to receive a paycheck. It's a ripoff for the customer also a $2600 vacuum.

CleanSmoke / Free trial of this product


I placed an order for 15 day free trial for this cleansmoke product to help quit smoking. supposedly all you had to pay was £3.95 shipping. After placing the order on the 9th january 2017, i waited for the product to arrive.I rang their customer services on [protected] on 26th... / refund


I want a refund of 20$ because I never signed up for cell flirt I never answered a call or text from them and they took 20$ of the money that I put on there.I have a Virgin mobile phone which is a pay as you go.I put 20$ on my phone on Feb.5th and did not use my phone the rest of that...

Shark/Euro-Pro Cordless sv800 & 800C Stick Vacs / Shark SV800 (and SV800C) does not work properly


I recently purchased a Shark/Euro-Pro SV800 Cordless Stick Vac. I Am not impressed. There appears to be several issues they need to be addressing. Here's the skinny: 1) The vac's dirt cup is way too small. Take a measuring cup, fill it to 1 cup... that is the capacity... even...

Tri Star Vacume / Bad Service


On the evening of Feb 2nd 2010 my husband notified me that we won a prize, But we would have to have someone come into our home to demonstrate a product to get the Prize. We Liked the Vacume but my husband is Unemployed and i work on casual basis. So talked about it and Said yes we would...

rumba vacuum / short live


the rumba does a great job, but it start to malfunction afert just 5 mouths we start to use...don't you think it is a little to expensive for 6 mouths? We bought the roomba in November of 08 because was on sale for 25 off, but we star to use it just inSep. 09 cause my husband is in...

umar usman / tell me about this


--- On Wed, 2/10/10, WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER <[protected]> wrote: From: WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER <[protected]> Subject: Attn: Umar, Weare waiting for the payment so that we can get everything done...

Oreck / XL21


I also own an XL21.. After paying 699.00 for it 7 years ago I find that the supposedly guaranty is NOT a guaranty honored by all stores.. One store says they replace one thing while another says thats not something that in your guaranty.. WHO runs the show?.. individual store owners?...

Garry Vacuum / vacuum


My vacuum broke on the 2nd use. when I asked for a replacement they said I had to pay $50 s&h & send the broken vac. back @my cost! The outsoursed costomer service rep. have no ahtority to resolve the problems & refuse to let you talk to the manager or some who is athorised to solve the...

Kirby Sentra / SCAM


Dyro Production run his company by training his employees to go out at night to elderly people homes and peddle this vacumm cleaners $3, 000.00when you can find the same vacumm for about $450.00 - $700.00. They have been doing these scams for years. there are a lot of complaints in intrnet, from... / unfilled order


order made on May 13, 2010 on credit card; not received. Unable to make followup contact via Internet; unknown business phone number and operators, company name and location is a guess based on other complainants information. Please have this business removed from Internet for consumer...

Tech For Less / Bad equipment


Do not buy from Tech For Less!!! They have terrible customer service and their products are bad! Our company tried to buy a labtop form them and when it arived lets just say it could not use the labtop screen! there were two big lines through the screen. when i called to get some...