Vacuum Cleaners Complaints | Page 4

Kirby Northwest / Pay


Daughter was told she would get paid for her training. She was not. They claim it is in her signed contract, which we had to demand a copy of the day she quit. The contract was signed 3 days after she worked her hours. They are refusing to pay based on that contract. They take advantage of their employees being very vague.

Euro Pro Shark Steam Cleaner / Machine suddenly stopped working.


Have only had the Euro Pro Steam Cleaner one year and this week it suddenly stopped working. It should last longer than this. Has not been used more than five or six times. What are we supposed to do now. It should be replaced at no cost to us. Model s3101. Not worth the money we paid for it.

Sz Enterprises / Employment


This company is a rip-off-they run ads every Sunday that they need help for assembly-it's too sell vacuum-they say they will pay you $500 per week if you have 15 appt. but they are a load of ...tell you to come in a 9 and then you can get three appt. a day-show up and they don't...

phones 4 u / baisically they wont let me get a refund or change my fone thats 2 weeks old


Im only 14 and im so up set because 2 weeks ago i bought a phone from phones 4 u. Everything was fine until the 5 of june 2009. I don't know how i did it but the screen was broke when i opened it. So on the the 6 of june 2009 me and my mum went into the phones 4 u shop in liverpool...

Centuria Kirby Vaccum / Customer Service Rep


I responded to an ad on craigslist (probably won't be doing much of that anymore) and was set up on an interview for a Customer Service Represenative position. While on hold, I was listening to the hold music which was really a recording stating that there were many opportunitie...

Tri Star Vacuums / Poor quality product


As an owner of a TriStar vacuum for seven years now, and having paid about $2500 for it originally in 2001 I feel that this product is one of the most over priced, poorly designed pieces of junk on the market. As a former technician with business equipment for 20 years I feel I have a very...

Oreck xl21 / service and parts


Are oreck XL21 has a broken plastic handle, and oreck will not send the part to us, they want us to drive 1 1/2 hours to get it fixed at the closes service center. They just want your money. High priced and always needs worked on. Don't buy from oreck. Service and vaccums suck.

Bissel Steam Cleaner / Merchandise


About 2-3 months ago I went to the store that I paid close to $300.00 I have had all kinds of trouble with it falling apart not working properly ETC. I pick out one to replace it.I did not have my (slip big mistake I know.) That store manager came out of her office and I explained my...

Nutley Vacuum, Dyson, Livingston Vacuum, J and S / Dyson DC25 Warranty Service


Called Dyson and they referred me to Nutley Vacuum (they own three stores - other two are J&S Vacuum Co. and Livingston Vacuum Co.). Vacuum would not stand upright. Unit was off the track. Dyson authorized them to complete the repair of my dyson DC25 ball vacuum Nutley Vacuum claimed that it wa...

I Robot Roomba 560 / 9 months and dead


Poor customer service if that is what you want to call it. I paid almost $400 for maybe 24 uses. I called the company and they said I had to buy a new one, mine could not be repaired. Buyers if you work as hard for your money as I do please don't waste it on a Roomba. There are some...

Royal vacuum / Vacuum cleaner


Whatever you do, don't buy this expensive vacuum. I had demonstrated to me at least five different kinds. The salesman assured me this was the best. (by the way, the store is out of business now) It was certainly the most expensive. I have had NOTHING but problems with it and when I...

Team 1` Promotions / Stolen Items after Sales pitch


I got a knock on my door at 9:00 at night. When I answered I found a door knocker for Team 1 Promotions asking if they could come in and clean the carpets. I thought I recognized the female that was asking the questions. It took a while before I realize where I knew her from. I said yes I...

Team 1 Promotions / Sales Scam!


I actually worked for these jokers for two weeks. They are trying to charge nearly triple the listed price of the vacuum. There is a basic price printed on the box which the salespeople are told to not let you see, lest you rightfully demand that lower price. They gave us some BS about...

JM Sales / Difficulty Getting Refund


JM Sales sold my 82 year old mother a vacuum cleaner after she told the salesman numerous times she didn't want it but was ultimately pressured into buying it. The salesman took away her existing upright and handheld vacuums as part of the transaction. Mom's cleaning lady...

TJ Peters Enterprise/Kirby Vaccuums / TJ Peters Enterprise


Promised a variety of accessories along with purchase of vaccuum. Have been calling for over 5 months to receive these items, continually promised that they will be shipped. Finally, now the phone is disconnected with no information as to what happened to company.

Dyro Productions / lies


Dyro Productions lied to me and every other person in my training class. When i called about the job i got an interview right off the bat, when i went in to the interview the guy told me "i cant hire you on the spot but you did good in your interview" he gave me a number to call for later to...

Oreck vacuum Xl / vacuum


My husband bought this vacuum 2 years ago, I had asked him to return it 1 month later and he did not. I have carpet and floors that i tried this vacuum on, it only picks up dust, on the floor does not brush the edges of the wall like it says, and it wont even pick up a french fry. I also have...

Tri Star / Total Scam


I went to their 3 day training program the whole time thinking that it had to be a scam and then I googled tri star and the multiple branch offs from their company as well as talked to atleast 3 people that sold for them as private contractors and found out that it is a complete scam and...

Lippy & Asoc. Inc. / unlawful entry


Sometime this afternoon (around 2:00pm) while my 18yr old daughter, 15yr old son, and 12 yr old son were home alone, a female representative from the Lippy & Asoc. Inc. assumed her way into my house to "clean the carpet" with a Kirby vacuum. During small talk with my daughter, the rep...

Club Members Direct / H2O Steam Mop


I ordered a steam mop on 9/20/08 at a cost of $104.90, which was charged to my card immediately instead of on the ship date, and I still haven't received it. I was e-mailed one time to say it was back ordered, but haven't heard a word since. I went to the web site and they are...