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Microworkers.com / Credit Card Fraud

Sumner K on Mar 11, 2013
I've used Microworkers twice for Twitter campaigns. First campaign: 1. Many of the workers hired did not fulfil their tasks as per required, so I rated them as 'not satisfied'. Then my campaign got stopped abruptly. Email to Microworkers went unanswered. The campaign...

Cincinnati Bell Fioptics / Horrible Service

Dean76 on Mar 11, 2013
I had Cincinnati Bell Fioptics installed in early September and have had nothing but problems since. I do not receive all of the channels I am paying for and my internet is also very slow. I have had 8 technicians out to my residence to "fix" the problem and I still have the same issues. I...

Internet America / Charges

HMB94 on Mar 7, 2013
I ordered internet services with internet america, I went with the gold plan wich I believe is $59.99 a month with the standard $149.00 instalation fee.. When I spoke to the rep. on the phone, her name was Rachel I specifically asked her if I had to pay anything up front or the day after...

Nathan Gunn COO of Verisk named in whistleblower lawsuit. / Nathan Gunn COO of Verisk named in whistleblower lawsuit.

Jim Rikson on Mar 6, 2013
Employees allege that Verisk Health has been selling personal consumer health data to Pharmaceutical and Insurance in violation of their contracts with major insurers like Aetna and Cigna. Employees state this practice has been going on now for several months and are working with government...

Time Warner Cable / continuing billing for returned modem

jimaneal on Mar 6, 2013
Time Warner has no shame. My beloved cousin died in early November, and I have been trying to close out her account since then. She had a bundle package with internet, television, and a landline home phone. We cancelled some of the service shortly after my cousin's death. We also...

SingTel / poor internet connection

Jackie Ting on Mar 6, 2013
SingTelI am subscribing 200Mbps Singtel fiber service but the actual speed only around 10Mbps and even worst for this few month which can go as low as 3Mbps. Been called to Singtel for few times but the issue still repeating. They ask me to restart everything and performed the speed test but after the phone conversation the problem repeating again.

Yahoo Mail / Yahoo is the Scammer

Goretex34 on Mar 5, 2013
Yahoo is claiming that someone (always in a 3rd world country somewhere...) was hacking into my account. It happened already few times with my Yahoo account(s)- no matter how long and complicated my passwords are, and researching this issue for quite a while, leads me to the understanding...

AT&T Uverse / Inconsistent billing

Scott Callaman on Mar 4, 2013
We have been with AT&T for almost two years and we have been receiving inconsistent billing from them pretty much monthly. When we call up, we are told for a $53. 37 balance, we are told to just pay $27.35. Then next month, the bill is not $14.95 as agreed upon its $37.93. So we again have...

ATT Uverse / Unfair dunning

Bkolb on Mar 4, 2013
In 2011 I attempted to contract with ATT U-verse for Internet service. When their installer arrived he was unable to install the service because there was no telephone jack near the equipment that it would have been connected to. He said it would cost $300 to wire my apartment for...

Luke Isbrecht Freelance Writer / Credit Card Charges

Luke J. Isbrecht on Feb 28, 2013
I have three charges on my credit card that I don't understand. I don't know where they came from. One is for $19.95. The second is for $29.99, and the third is for $34.95. The number listed on my credit card bill for me to call and inquire about these charges is incorrect: it...

AT&T U - Verse / Doubled billing will not refund, issued credit

edwesson on Feb 27, 2013
I moved from Palmdale, CA to Los Angeles, CA, 2/2011. AT& T informed me that their, U-Verse service was not avalible in my new residence area. I was set up with a new account, which I had placed on auto payments. Recently while reviewing my bank statement, I found out that from 2/2012...

Globe Tatoo / Super slow speed, and no signal

Rodolfo Loquinario on Feb 26, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 had Globe Tattoo modem installed at my home, 111 Sunset street, Country Homes, Soro-Soro, Binan, Laguna. Even before I could test it, the two installers and two sales women representative left, after taking my P1, 000. Finding it super slow, I text the reps 639176016544...

Time Warner Cable / Worse Customer Service

DMW57 on Feb 26, 2013
Off and on I have had all kinds of issues with Time Warner Cable (TWC), but I always went back to them whenever they had a good special. I guess it is like when someone goes back into a relationship with an abusive person who offers them a better deal this time. Now it is doubtful that I...

Suddenlink Communications / Internet / Provider refuses to solve speed issue

Mark Moreland on Feb 24, 2013
We have been experiencing connection speed issues for the past 2 years on Suddenlink's "High Speed" cable internet service. The most notable, and infuriating, is when playing online multiplayer on Xbox Live. After 20+ attempts to get Suddenlink to resolve the issue, which they...

Jump Up Media / Jump Up Media Complaint

kevinjims on Feb 23, 2013
Jump up media customer support services Jump Up Media is an independent SEO and PPC consulting and technology firm, which helps businesses dramatically increase their sales and profits. Jump up media understand that all our success depends upon our customers satisfaction that’s why we...

David Pachkofsky / Spammer gambling spammer scammer Internet

UpsetInvestor on Feb 20, 2013
David PachkofskyThe company bamsas.com and David Pachkofsky are in my opinion illegal spammers and are peddle illegal online gambling software. https://www.betamerica.com This company asked me to invest 25, 000 into new technology that was suppose to rival facebook. NO! that was not the case, David took my...

Yodle online marketting / Billing after cancellation and crap services

deweyeeee on Feb 20, 2013
This was the letter I wrote to the Vice President of Client Services Erin Brockman... I am writing you because I am having problems with your billing department that I have been unable to resolve. I cancelled my service with my representative Bryan Heckler on November 14th 2012 via an email...

Cox Communcations Cable/Internet / False billing

alphonsium on Feb 19, 2013
.From necessity rather than choice and because of monopolistic companies dominance and control I have been a subscriber to Cox Communications cable and Internet service for some ten years in Las Vegas. . My experience has been that of constant complaints for over charges, escalating bills, rude...

magnify local, magnify ads webnetvisible web net visible seo, Magnify Industries / TRIED TO SCAM ME OUT OF $1800 SEO WORHTLESS

Johnny Tabaie on Feb 16, 2013
I hired this so called seo company to do rankings for my website and IT WAS A DISASTER! I gave them a list of national keywords and these people did not listen to a word I said. They guaranteed to get me on first page, but the keywords they choose for me, they didn't disclose this to...

Ladies Watch / Dishonesty

Icy32 on Feb 14, 2013
Purchased a watch recently from them and had experienced problems with it less than a month. Hence I brought back to the shop asking for assistance for a check, Not a Change. However, the Bespectacled lady whom I reckoned to be the boss/supervisor kicked up a big fuss, claiming that...
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