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Whole Foods Market Complaints & Reviews

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Whole Foods Market - Washington, Vancouver / customer service and refusal to accept their own gift cards which are deemed valid by their corporate office

Gabi Levine on Jul 20, 2017
I just left the Vancouver Washington store where I brought two gift cards which I received from Chase Visa as a "rewards program". I attempted to pay with the gift cards at which time your cashier said she could not take them as they were fraudulent. I asked to speak to the manager and Leslie Wallace came up and said the gift cards were fraudulent and would not even attempt to scan them. I asked her to call someone above her, and she said she was in charge, and there was no need, and would not do so. I paid for my purchase with cash and credit card and came home and called The Whole Food...

Whole Foods Market - Texas, Dallas / 365 Brand Goat Cheese & Pesto

Colorado Girl on Feb 16, 2016
Attn: Quality Product Control Manager. First let me say that I have loved most everything in the 365 brand, until now. For the first time, I purchased the 365 brand thin crust pizza, Goat Cheese & Pesto. I was so disappointed in the quality control of this product because of what I found on the pizza. I loved the taste but unfortunately I had to throw it out and will think twice before ever buying a 365 brand because of this. It makes me very wary of the quality control that goes into the 365 brand now. It was evident that the pesto was brushed on the dough with a pastry brush because there...

Whole Foods Market - Utah, Park City / Quality, safety

I worked for WFM for almost four years and experienced a lot of success and happiness at first. After Five Store "Team Leaders" in three years the store was in really bad shape both in appearance, quality and financially. One of the ways this new Manager was going to prove that he was doing something about the failing business was to fire 70 out of 99 employees from January to August 2011. He would laugh aloud about it during our Manager, oops, Team Leader meetings. All of the Team Leaders were then fired. The other awesome idea he had was to use all of the produce departments garbage in the...

Whole Foods Market - California, Bay Area / Discrimination

tranceluvr on Feb 15, 2011
During my shopping experiences with Whole Foods, I have been subject to rude and discourteous treatment by management and staff. Several times I have been confronted by staff from sampling food from the bulk items, when other customers have done the same with no warning. The last straw came when an incident occured two months ago. I was confronted by Loss Prevention who alleged I shoplifted. He presented a badge like he was a police officer, and demanded I show the goods. I had nothing in my pockets, but he threatened me and took me upstairs. At this point, he made various threats and tried...

Whole Foods Market - Washington, Bellevue / violent cashier

Yesterday I took my family into Wholefoods for lunch. We'd had a lovely (rare) sunny day in Seattle & went for a walk in our local city park & botanical gardens. Then went to Wholefoods (as often we'd done, but will never do again) I was verbally accosted by a 300 pound woman with a huge pile of fire engine red dread locks piled on top of her head. The only reason I make mention of her appearance is because she appeared to be extremely scary to myself & my family as she stood there behind her scanner & cash register, frothing at her mouth, with her large nostrils flaring in anger ...

Whole Foods Market - British Columbia, Vancouver / Bug Infestation

Whole Foods markets itself as being a healthy living, lifestyle store. I had purchased two organic basil plants in the summer, as their display of garden plants and herbs was very attractive. After I brought them home, I repotted both of them. Within two weeks, my garden was overrun with with small black, hard shelled bugs. Not only was that not horrifying, I started to notice small notches on the leaves of my other, healthy, bug-free plants. Two weeks later, one of my plants was pretty much, defoliated and a number of others were missing significant portions of their leaves. I trapped a couple of...

Whole Foods Market / Bad food

Purchased fresh wild shrimp at the Brighton, MA location of Whole Foods/Bread and Circus. Slightly suspicious regarding freshness of 2 or 3 of the shrimp purchased. Telephoned store and spoke with manager. Potential problem immediateley explained by manager as a difference in coloring when dealing with wild shrimp versus farm raised shrimp. I have been a satisfied customer of this store for over 10 years, very few problems - until now. The shrimp in question were bad. Store manager, Donna, refused to take any action. In this instance, she dismissed a basic health issue.

Whole Foods Market - Florida, Tampa / Unsafe Bulk Food Canisters

CC: We were in your store today, July 5, 2009, at approximately 2pm. We did some shopping through the produce area and then proceeded to the bulk foods aisle. Julie got some bulk sesame sticks and as she stood there an entire container full to the brim of rice fell out of nowhere on to the top of her head. I am appalled at the way this situation was handled. She clearly was out of it and was stunned at what just happened..in pain and crying. A team leader named Cherish went and got her a bag of ice and 2 bottles of water, wrote some stuff down on a blank sheet of copy paper, gave her a...

Whole Foods Market - California, Glendale / Food Poisoning

In December of 2008, I had cheese samples while walking through the store. I also purchased a couple items from the store that I had for lunch. Within an hour I was sick and later in the evening I became violently ill. In the middle of the night I ended up unconscious on the bathroom floor and was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance. The emergency room doctor confirmed the timeframe for the food poisoning from the cheese. I sent my bills to the company months ago and all they do is stall but they don't pay the bills. They won't even process the claim if I don't go to the...

Whole Foods Market - California, West Hollywood / molded bread

I worked for whole foods market for many years and have charged people premium dollars for "fresh" bread that litterally sits in a warehouse "par-baked" for weeks. It is then baked and sold as freshly baked bread. There is nothing fresh about this bread, many times I have to scrape the mold off the top before I can bake it, I NEVER wear gloves when I bake this bread--Whole foods market is an illusion and it is ripping you people off--next time I will tell you about the rotten meat they sell.

Whole Foods Market - Illinois, Chicago / Assault

Hello My name is Martin. I'm a videographer and reporter for NPR, Youth Radio based in Oakland, and Radio Arte in Chicago. Most of my work involves health education, food security activism, human rights campaigns, and nutrition. I have been a Whole Foods customer for about three years now. My family decides to spend a little more on food so that we can eat quality food. We did not expect to have to sacrifice our civil liberties and well-being. I'm sad to say that due to recent violent acts against me and my family I am launching a campaign against Whole Foods for harassment and...
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