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Pure Acai Berry Complaints & Reviews

Pure Acai Berry - Mississippi, Diamondhead / $4.99 Trial


This product is a rip off. You agree to the trail product for $4.99 only. Two weeks later they charge you $78.81 on your credit card. I spoke with Shawn Wilson-?, English was not his first language. I was told I had to cancel the subscription in order to not be charged for further shipments, no this was a trail product only. I did not agree to further shipments. I did not receive a second shipment, as he stated. I was told I would be credited $40.00, I won't hold my breath for that $40.00 THIS IS A RIP OFF DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

Pure Acai Berry - Idaho, Nampa / unwated membership


I went on line to the web sight stating free acai berry trial fot $4.99. one time charge. I received the product and curiosty told me to do more research before I use this product. Going under the acai berry scam web i noticed complaints about unfair billing on credit accounts. I called the co. and asked if I was inrolled in a program the operator stated yes I was enrolled, and I will be billed for $35.00 a month! I told him when I went on the site it did not state you will be automactly enrolled in a program, so I would like to cancle membership because web did not state this inf. if it would...

Pure Acai Berry - Florida, Miami Beach / Fraudulent Charges and Undigestible ingredients


This company fraudulently charges your credit card. I signed up on the 27th of January. I received the Pure Acai Berry (have not received total cleanse yet) and I called to cancel my account. The first person I spoke to said I could not cancel until the 10th of Feb.?? By then the trial period would be over. While I was on the phone with them they pinged my Credit card account with TWO $1.00 charges. I used a credit card that did not have much money on it..or I'd probably be complaining about the 80 dollar charges as other are. I called back again to ask why they pinged my account and that...

Pure Acai Berry - Florida, Miami Beach / 14-day trial not really full 14 days


The risk-free 14-day trial and all the terms and conditons are not prominently displayed when completing the risk-free trial form. There is a check-box in the middle of the entry form to indicate you accept the policies, but there is no promiment display, nor pop-ups or any way to initial each item in the conditons. You're really floated right through the registration without the site displaying the terms. At any rate, the terms are 14-day risk free trial from the order date, not the received date so your trial period may only be 8 days for example. If you don't call to cancel in...

Pure Acai Berry / Fraud


I ordered a free trial of the Pure Acai Berry and agreed to the shipping and handling and found out that I was charged 78.81 before the 14 free day trail was over. I have tried calling them and the number keeps ringing busy and when I tried another number was advised to cancel by email. I did along with my order number and no one will get back with me so I can get the RMA # to send the product back. My credit card company has suggested we first try the dispute and submit all the paperwork and emails that I have sent showing dates and time and that I have done everything right to rememdy thi...

Pure Acai Berry - California, North Hills / unordered merchandise


I ordered a free sample of Pure Acai Barry and agreed to pay for shipping and handling only. I received my order, surprised that it was a 30 day supply, but I could only assume that was the size of their free sample. Today I recieved an e-mail telling me that my order for their cleanse product had been shipped. I never ordered this and do not intend to pay for it. Then I checked my bank account and discovered a debit payment to TE Performance Health on Oct. 15 in the amount of $79.76 which I never authorized. I will call my bank and ask them to cancel any charges to T.E. Performance Health, with the exception of the shipping and handling charge, which I did approve. Thank you for your attention. Ann Shaftel

Pure Acai Berry - Utah, Orem / they sent me a bottle of pills which I didn't order or want and charged my credit card


I ordered a 5 days package of this product which I was suppose to be charged only $4.87 and nothing more was said about sending me another package of 60 tablets. I received this package a few days ago and I been trying to reach them by phone and by email with no success. I would like to send back the package which by the way came ripped up and bottle not sealed like the one before. I would like to hear back from someone regarding this because I will place a complain with the Better Business Bureau if I have to. Please have the decency to reply.

Pure Acai Berry - Utah, Orem / received pills I didn't order


Ordered a free sample and was careful to read about the offer to make sure there were "no strings attached". Today a recieved a second Bottle I DID NOT ORDER there is no telephone number to contact company and I can see this as a continueing problem of unwanted shippment of pills. ANY HELP???