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Price Chopper / Special Newspaper Coupons /Not Included in Weekly Flyer

Reviewer11544 on Aug 20, 2015
On Monday, August 17th, 2015, I did my weekly grocery shopping at the new Market Bistro in Clifton Park, NY. I spent $180.00. My mom also shopped that day spending $125.00. Two days later I'm reading the Gazette and see a three coupons, $5.00 off if you spend $40.00, and two coupons that would double any mfr. coupon you may have. They had exp. dates of 8/22/15. I called the store and placed the complaint that these coupons should be included in the weekly flyer and I felt it's deceitful to the customer like myself who spent approx. $200 weekly that I have to come upon a random coupon in a...

Price Chopper - Vermont, Pawlet / chicken

Susan M. Warner on Mar 26, 2015
I purchased a roaster chicken yesterday and went to wash and prepare for supper today. Unfortunately I spent $10.19 on this chicken and when taken from package started to pull the gizzards out. I was surprised to find the gixxards all yellowish brown and then found out why the gull had been left in with the gizzards even though it was detatched from the liver it was left in with them. I was the chicken out and it looked okey on the inside and it smelled okey so I am going to cook it and hopefully it doesn't make us sick. This is what I had for supper so I don't have much of a choice...

Price Chopper / Being lied and ignored

Bledar agastra on May 22, 2014
Trying to buy flowers at price chopper in Bristol Ct, because of broken liquid soap on the floor I fall and couldnt breathe from pain, none of the "associates" tried to help me get up. ThankS to some costumers after 15 min I pulled myself together and filled out a report as the procedure goes, they send it to the headquarters and told me to wait. I recived a letter from them that wanted more details and the hospital report, that i had to go because my whole spine moved from me falling on my bottom, and i stayed two weeks on painkillers, lond story short, after six months of waiting and the...

Price Chopper - New York, Albany / KOSHER

Jane Samberg on Jun 24, 2011
I waited at the Deli Counter for almost 1/2 hour. When it was finally my turn I ordered 1 lb sharp chedder cheese. she started to slice it on the same slicer she just used for Ham. I asked if she could use a different slicer. She said no they were clsoing at that was the only clean slicing machine. That is disgusting. I walked away.

Price Chopper - Massachusetts / use of advantage card

James A. Higby II on May 26, 2011
I was shopping in Williamstown, MA, Wed, 052511, I wanted to put the items I purchased, on another advantage card. When I went to pay, the computer said the check and card did not match!! I gave the teller the card, and wanted credit to go to that card. I was not allowed to do that. I can understand the security checks for use of cards, I was not trying to missuse the card or do anything illegal, I believe this check on use of the card is bogus!!! I showed her my ID, advantage card, and was still not able to use the other card!! I spend about $1500.00 a mounth at price chopper, and have for 37 years!!! I might have to shop at Wall mart, and Hannaford now!! VERY UNHAPPY!!! James A. Higby II Saratoga, NY. 518 587 2549

Price Chopper - New Hampshire, Lebanon / pricing and specials

Teresa Golding on May 24, 2011
I was in the West Lebanon store yesterday. First of all I brought my coupon with me to purchase the coke product for $1.88 with my coupon!! When I read the ad on the product it said in big bright red letters that coke was $1.88 with coupon and that the limit was 6. So that leads me to believe that as long as I had my coupon I would be able to purchase 6 coke 12 packs and get them for $1.88, oh no, don't bother. It was good for one!!! The rest were $3.99 a piece!!! Very misleading, as a thrifty shopper I should have known better...And, the girl at the register not only didn't know how...

Price Chopper / Deceptive marketing

Michellevance on Feb 4, 2011
I was at Price Chopper this past weekend. When you walk in the door (next to the floral department) they have that big wall of sale items. This day they had cereal, 4 boxes for $5. Great deal, right. There were 6 different kinds there to choose from so I picked out 4 boxes and continued on. My daughter decided to get some as well so she went to the wall. She, being sharper than I, read the fine print on the sale sign. Out of the 6 different kinds of cereal displayed only 4 of them were on sale. I thought this can't be true, why would they display the kind that wasn't on sale with the...

Price Chopper - New York, Warwick / harrassement

I will never shop at the Price Chopper that just opened up in Warwick, NY on Rt 94"EVER AGAIN"!!! I stopped in after work to pick up a couple of things for the next few days, but I don't appriciate being followed around the store like I am some kind of criminal about to steal something!!! Whether it was the color of my skin or I was just being the subject of "eye candy" that triggered this male employees behavior, either way you look at the situation it was very inappropriate and unprofessional of him!!! I asked another worker who he was to find that it was a fellow by the name of Tom...

Price Chopper - Massachusetts, Worcester / Harassment and Other

I have worked here now on two seperate occasions. One was late in the year, as i was working at a mass discount and retail location, the other is current. It dumbs down to policy is good, when they want it to be. They will constantly change the minimums for their own goals, such as amount of employee's needed to do a stocking of over 1k worth of product. To the amount of boxes per hour. Recently, who you can call a "Volunteer Supervisor" decided to take into his own hands a situation. I had gained information prior to our altercation about what our "chat" was to be about. And was informed...

Price Chopper - Ontario, Mississauga / Over load of work and less staff

This is to complain that Craig Wood who is running the store is a big ### in himself. The way he harrasses employees especially the grocery guys is really very bad. First is he does not keep more guys on a shift and he expects 1 or 2 guys to work on the grocery load, clean up spills, work on the frozen diary, do the buggies and garbage, work the over heads etc and much more which is really very painful for a single or maximum two guys to do especially in bad weathers. He even threatens to cut hours or send employees back home or he cuts hours off for employees at his own wish and will. We are...

Price Chopper / Fraud

I believe there is not much help they can provide me. I will elaborate: I moved to Vermont to start a new life. I remarried, to a wonderful man and slowly applied for small positions because I was in school full time. I saw an online add for in store customer relations. I applied for a host position to represent food brands and be a host for sales and customer relations. It was in the same store my new husbands ex-wife and minor daughter worked. I applied online, 3 weeks later never heard back. I approached the manager and he told me to re-apply, which I did. According to a friend I was working...

Price Chopper / Harassment

Normally, I would look the other way but at this time, I feel the need to inform consumers and potential employees that Price Chopper, a corporation in several states has a policy forbidding families to work in the same location or to hire within families of employees, but has broken its policy on 2 separate occasion and has shown preferential treatment to "long term employees" against company policy.Two managers exercised preferential treatment on two separate occasions. I moved to the store area from New Jersey in 2007. I married my fiance after a year and together we've bee n through...
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