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Lucknow passport office Complaints & Reviews

Lucknow passport office / Passport not received


Hi I have submitted my application for passport mid of June, 2010. And both of my police enquiries have been done. I am doing a government job. I really need my passport because I have myneice's wedding to attend in New Zealand. My passport status still says police enquiry not received. Please let me know when I will get my passport. I have made several rounds at the passport office. reference number/ file number is - LKOG000937 Please get back to me on this or [email protected] I don't understand why you people are doing this. please try to understand the situation.

Lucknow passport office / Passport not delivered


There is major scandal in Lucknow passport office nowadays. If you are an existing passport holder & you apply for some miscellaneous services the chances are that your passport will not be sent to you. Probably your file will disappear in the passport office. This situation can be overcome only if you have the patience & will to meet the Reg. Passport Officer now a days who happens to be an IPS officer who hapens to be a muslim now a days. He thinks himself to be a king of some palce so he will not meet you easily. You have to try again & again or to apply some source to meet this MF. Then...