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US Birth Certificatereplacement birth certificate

This company is a joke! Do not do business with them!!!

On 7/3/2017 I ordered a birth certificate from them, as we have moved out of state and could not get one locally. Website says 3-4 days to process and I paid for overnight delivery. Expecting it by 7/10 with the holiday. I called on 7/11, extremely rude person basically said it is processing you will get it when you get it. I got an email from them this day confirming the order. On 7/24 I called again, got another person, they stated I will have it within the week. They then used my credit card and paid for the service through — Total Rip Off

I ordered my son's birth certificate on November 29, 2014...they have hit my account charging me four different times for the same birth certificate. The first charge wa...

Usbirthcertificate.comStay away from these guys

I will start by saying they deliver, but you should know and understand this for California that they take about ten days with week end involved, but if want it faster and for less go directly to vital check because this company just takes your information and sends it to vital check and they charge you a $75.00 fee and you will have still have to pay vital check $45.00, when you could go directly to vital check don't be a dummy like me and pay both because you think it would be faster.

  • Ki
    Kimberly 17 Jul 07, 2017

    I wish I had read these reviews before ordering through these people. I ordered the birth certificate June 19 receiving confirmation on June 23. Beware, you will be charged $49 and at least another $30 for the birth certificate. I received another email that the order had been processed. What was supposed to be about a week is now on day 18. I called to check the status. I was not rude; did not yell, threaten or cuss. I did state I was disappointed in how long it was taking and asked when it was going to get here, and mid conversation she hung up on me. There is no such thing as customer service anymore! Companies are out to just take your money and they may or may not deliver the service or product.

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usbirthcertificates.comNo deadline

I needed to get birth certificate for my son asap. I found website and they promised to prepare all the documents within 24 hours. Two days after I still didn’t have the documents. I searched through the internet and discovered that many people waited more than a year.

Usbirthcertificate.comScam, proven by many consumers


  • Brenda* Jun 15, 2012

    Why would anyone not go through the official Office of Vital Statistics to obtain birth documents?

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  • To
    toddclark9 Aug 06, 2012

    They are the first thing that pops up when doing a google search. Not only do you get billed for their terrible service, but then the state will charge you as well. I was supposed to get my daughters birth certificate in 3-5 business days, took 3 weeks. They are rude, hard to contact and do not live up to their end of the bargain. Beware !!!

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  • Tu
    Tutue Sep 28, 2012

    I payed 58$ for my birth certificate and never received it.

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  • Th
    th!sman Sep 28, 2012

    Because your scam detector is not working real good. How about you first hit your states website? It should be cheaper over there and they will confirm or deny who else carries their official endorsement to provide such services. Then work a little bit more on your scam detector. Good luck!

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Usbirthcertificate.comTakes your money sends your info to a third party which charges you again

Takes your money sends your info to a third party which charges you again. I called the company that actually sent me my son's birth certificate and they said they could have done the exact same thing for just the price I paid them if I had gone to their website directly, which is vital records. I did not need to pay this company to send my info to someone else, I thought they would be sending me the certificate themselves. They Did NOTHING!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Usbirthcertificate.comNot only are they rude but there a scam

I called USBIRTHCERTIFICATE a few days ago for a price inquiry. When the Rep told me the price off 100.00 I simply told her I would call back after checking a few other places and she hung up on me. I didn't appreciate being hung up on so I called back. Another women answered and I asked to speak to a supervisor. She said "hes on vacation" in a very rude tone. Then i told her that if they wanted my business that should not be rude and that when they get off the phone they should not hang up they should say have a nice day or something. The Rep then said "look $#*! we make enough money to not care about you as a customer" She then hung up. I was infuriated at this point. I called back and asked for the Supervisors name. she then said "His name is SUPERVISOR DUHH!!" and hung up again. I didn't call back anymore because i refuse to play games with these little girls DONT EVER USE USBIRTHCERTIFICATE . Not only are they rude but there a scam!!!

Usbirthcertificate.comThey are rude and make it clear that all they want is your money

Please do not use this service! Go to VitalCheck and order the birth certificate directly from them. You will get a charge on your credit card from them anyway. USBIRTHCERTIFICATE is just a scam. They take your information and submit it to VitalCheck because VitalCheck is the only company authorized to deal with the state. It actually takes longer to use USBIRTHCERTIFICATE! If you call their offices, they are rude and make it clear that all they want is your money. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH...THIS IS A SCAM!!! — misleading and lied to over the phone

This website is very misleading and has dishonest employees which lied to me over the phone on 3 seperate occasions. The reason why i needed this service was because i was going...

Usbirthcertificate.comThey gave me a runaround

I ordered my daughter's birth certificate back in August 2010. I paid the money and filled in the blanks so to speak. When I didn't hear anything after a couple weeks, I called back to see what the status was on my order and they came up with some new paperwork I had to fill out and fax back. Well not only did I fill out the forms and do the notory they ask me for, but I faxed a copy as well as mailed a copy to be on the safe side. (I live in Texas and my daughter was born in Cali.) Because I needed it asap for her school. Anyway after almost a year now of waiting and calling with no return phone calls and still no birth certificate, not to mention unanswered emails; I was finally able to get through to somebody via phone. She gave me the runaround (big surprise!) Told me that they never received the papers that I made double sure that they would recieve plus said that I could not get a refund because it had been a year ago. WT[censored]???? My husband called them back to talk to them and they told them either they talk to me or they don't talk to nobody then hung up in his face!! WOW!!

  • Mo
    molliewollie Apr 27, 2011

    Hey maybe that's what happened to Obama...

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  • Co
    Coloricanlicious Oct 16, 2014

    They are the worst! I needed my birth certificate by Oct. 13, so I placed the order on Sept. 30th, It's Oct. 16th and I still haven't received it! I missed my chance at a job (currently unemployed)! I went to their website to place the order and chose the 4 to 5 business day delivery but they have no control of when Vital chek, the company that places the order with, who then in turn places the order with the gov, processes said order! Just go directly thru Vital Chek and save yourself the heartache and their 49 dollar processing fee on top of the actual cost of the document. And their customer service sucks to no end! I had the misfortune of dealing with Leeann, one of the nastiest human beings on this Earth!

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  • Be
    Belinda E Nov 20, 2014

    Warning, Warning, Warning! This company is terrible. I was charged a huge price and lied to over the phone. I called to stop the order and put it to another shipping status right after I got the email. I was told the different prices and then I changed how I wanted it shipped. As I was doing this, I received a call I had to take and told the lady wait I will call back.
    I called back 15 minutes later and told that the order had processed for the full amount !! Their email plainly states that you must respond to this email to complete your order. Their website is Not clear. This took money out of my bank that was being processed to pay another bill. You can find birth certificates much cheaper. Beware they are crooks!

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