acai berry tropic Complaints & Reviews

acai berry tropic - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / unauthorized charge on credit card


I ordered the product on line and was told that if I was unsatisfied I had 17 days to cancel my subscription via email or phone. I received an email stating the same conditions. I sent an email and called twice and spoke with live customer service representatives that assured me my subscription was cancelled. On 2/19/2010, I received another bottle of the product. I called customer service again Kim Clark [protected]) told me there was no records of my email or phone calls and a charge for $88 dollars and change had been charged to my credit card. She appoligized for the misunderstanding and...

acai berry tropic - Massachusetts, Newburyport / SUCKS


Acai Berry is a SCAM. I completely regret ordering my "free" sample, it has cost me $90. I am so upset.

acai berry tropic - Delaware, Wilmington / Scam, Fraud, Bad Faith


On 9/29/09 I responded on line to a 14 day free trial period to try Acia Berry Tropic Dietary Supplement, I had to pay $4.95 shipping that was to be charged to my card to try the product risk free for 14 days, a few days pass and a solicitor called me from some company that mentined my free trial of Acia Berry Tropic and was trying to give me a $50 gas voucher, I cut them short and declined their offer and said I wanted to cancel my 14 day free trial of Acia Berry Tropic. 25 days passes and I receive a bottle of Acia Berry Tropic on 10/24/09, decided to try any ways since it showed up, 3 day...

acai berry tropic / Scam


I ordered the free trial for $4.95 and then received another shipment. they charged my credit card for $88.64 that I did not authorize. I have reported it to my credit card company to reverse the charge and I am going to block them from EVER charging my credit card again. I have emailed [protected] and [protected] about 6 times over the last 3 days and have received NO RESPONSES at all. I am getting ready to report them to the BBB and The attorney generals office. I called and cancelled any future shipments but based on what is being said here - I DON"T...

acai berry tropic - California, San Luis Obispo / Fraud


When purchasing this product, I was told I would receive a 30 day free trial. I never received the product but was charged $88.64 seventeen days after they supposedly delivered. Two weeks later was charged another $88.64. When I called the company they told me that as far as they were concerned, I had received the product. When I insisted that I did not receive the product, I was told that they would not refund or resend product because I had the option to cancel within 30 days. I asked him how I could have known whether I liked the product well enough not to cancel if I never got it. I then...

acai berry tropic / money taken from my bank account


was not aware of any other charges to be made to my account when ordering their product was only supposed to be charged $4.95 on my bank card. they took $ 88.64 out of my account along with a $2. 66 conversion fee charged by my bank. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and cannot afford this. Please help me get a refund as swiftly as possible. I was given a [protected] phone number by my bank and spoke to an Alfred James who identified himself as a supervisor and said I had to speak to the billing department which he could not give me a number and said the button he had to push to connect...