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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Untrained person in charge

Mike122289 on Nov 17, 2017
I went to KFC with my family and asked if I could try the two new sauces and I was rejected. When I was told no I was shocked because as a customer, about to spend over $50, I thought it would not be an issue. Nonetheless, because of the experience that I had with the lead or supervisor on...

Corvette Mods / do not buy from them

Mike Edwards on Nov 13, 2017
Hello everyone. I am here to warn you and to advise you to stay away from this company and find another store for buying pars for your corvette. I will explain why (and many of their customers will say the same, just read the reviews). Their biggest problem is their employees, who are very...

Monarch Dental (Fort Worth Seminary Office) / stripped screw on dental implant

Era Murphy on Nov 9, 2017
I paid (in full)for 2 dental implants. Today (11/9/2017), for the 2nd time I went to a different office to get them placed only to learn that one of the screws had been 'stripped' and implant could not be placed. This has been going on since 2/2017. Now what? I was informed that removing...

Wish.com / receiving packages that are not mine

Helpfulhippie99 on Nov 8, 2017
I keep getting packages I have not ordered. I do not have a wish account nor have I placed any orders on wish, I keep sending them back but I keep getting packages. I don not have a credit or debit card to be placing orders in the first place I have tried to call but it tells me to go to...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / delivery

Anjelita Constantin on Nov 6, 2017
Ups took possession of my package on the 25th with a delivery date of the 31st with the surepost. On the 29th it showed in my hometown Fort Worth Tx with no update for 3 days. I called and was given the run around on the 3rd I was finally notified my package was in California. Now I...

AARP Services / monarch dental

KatyHeine87 on Nov 5, 2017
I had a total extraction of all teeth on 5/30/2017 by Dr. Gopi. I was not properly sedated; therefore I could feel the extractions. I screamed out in pain multiple times and he still failed to sedate me further. He then never followed up with me after the surgery until I expressed my...

Wells Fargo / claims specialist

Franny Richards on Nov 3, 2017
November 3, 2017 at 12:20 PM, ended approximately at 12:34. I called the Wells Fargo Claims Department to inquire about a claim i had just submitted for an unauthorized charge. The woman I spoke with was very unfriendly and short with me. I asked if I could receive a provisional credit and...

PODS / truck driver

Italia.skyy on Oct 31, 2017
I don't know if you have GPS to track your drivers but if you do, the driver on Bailey Boswell in Fort Worth TX 76131 at 1:30 pm 10/31/17 needs to be fired. He ripped apart a construction sign and because he tried to make a u-turn where one was not legal and ended up blocking traffic. I...

Capital Towing / car was towed from property

bsj87 on Oct 29, 2017
i have lived in the sycamore center villas for over 9years i have has my car broked into and vandalized more than once i work late at night and have to walk to my vehicle late at night and do not feel safe having being a woman alone at night i did park my vehicle under the car port as many...

Whataburger / food

Raven Taylor on Oct 29, 2017
Two days ago I ordered a chicken strip meal and when I received it they were so burnt I couldn't bite into it then just a hour ago I order a breakfast platter with extra sausage and when I get to the window they say they only have one sausage left but they had already charged me for the...
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