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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in El Paso, Texas

Dairy Queen / service

Frown78 on Aug 13, 2017
On 8/12/17, my order was charged at 8:33 pm, and I was asked to wait in Lane #2 for my order to be brought out. The vehicle in front of me during check out was in Land #1. After a few minutes the order for Land #1 was brought out and vehicle left. It was 8:50 pm and I still had not gotten...

Restaurant At The Airport / store i'd elppga01

Luis Zuniga on Aug 3, 2017
Had breakfast ordered eggs they served egg beaters. Tasted like plastic and chemicals. All 3 of us felt the same way. The waitress said they have eggs but only crack a shell if you order them fried. Really a stupid policy. Tell me in your menue what I'm buying, offer me a choice...

Days Inn / floors in bathroom slippery and very dirty carpet

Adam Rodriguez on Jul 31, 2017
I just wanted to cancel my second night we didn't feel at home. Walking on carpet felt awful .bathroom floor got all wet. And almost slip and fell when getting out of shower .I have always stayed at days in this has to be one of the dirtiest room I have ever seen. I don't think we should...

Kmart Stores / men's cap

Leslie Horvath on Jul 29, 2017
My husband received a hat for a gift, so we didn't have a receipt . It is too large. We tried to exchange it but they wouldn't let us. I understand the policy, however when you receive a gift it is common not to have a receipt. So as you can see this policy does not support good customer...

YMCA Fred Loya / staff

Neto on Jul 22, 2017
First of all I've been a member of the Ymca for several years now. Time after time my family and friends we encounter minor problems with staff. Rudeness and sarcasm. Especially with the females. I was beginning to think they are ha ing bad days but today took the cake. The front desk...

Furniture Row / denver mattress

Carolina Vasquez on Jul 15, 2017
I have left about $13, 900 over the years at Furniture Row. I've always got bad attitudes and sarcasm from the employees but I dealt with it because of the good deals but after today I WILL NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN. I previously ordered furniture online and a mattress. I did not like how the...

United states armed services / fraud charges

Lisa johnson 98 on Jul 15, 2017
So yesterday I noticed several charges on my debut cars that I did not perform myself. They are listed as follows: 67.71 27.97 5.54 2.00 50.52 5.99 2.00 Total: 161.73 So I would kindly like to ask you to refund these charges to my card or else I will be filling a lawsuit as 161.73 was spent...

Kool Smiles / appointments/ortho

lynn2182 on Jul 12, 2017
I am having an issue with getting seen on time. Thry need to figure out how they can schedule appointments. I am a frustrated parent, didnt have issues til 6 months ago. This is my biggest problem is being seen at my appointment time. This is ridiculous. I will never use kool smiles ever...

Circle K Stores / treatment of employees

Anon2394 on Jul 1, 2017
I was at the new Circle K location in El Paso, TX. The previous location was 10770 Dyer St., 79930 but they moved across the street, I'm not sure what the store number is. I was in line for the register when a manager came up to the cashier, who looked like she was struggling a little...

Letgo / a guy stole my phone

nikki phayze on Jun 16, 2017
a guy came to my residence to purchase a fan. i had left my cell phone on the top of my mail box and he stole it. i contacted him telling him i had him on camera and to return it or i would contact the police. he said i could come get it but i'm not sure if he gave me the correct addre...
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