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Catalog [protected] price misquoted and not honored by Brylane

Received their catalog and the item I wanted is posted as $19.59. When I tried to order it came up as $68.00. I sent several emails asking them to honor their posted price. Finally received an email to call them. I called and I was told that the price is $68.00 and the posted price is a mistake. Too bad and they won't honor the price or offer any customer service. Told them to keep their catalogs and take me off their mailing list because I don't want to hear from them again!

Catalog [protected] price misquoted and not honored by Brylane

item other than what I ordered was shipped

I ordered a product (storage pet bed), but received a white wicker chair. This was your mistake, but I was told that the only way to receive the product that I ordered (and paid for) was to take the incorrect item to FedEX, pay for the return, then apply to get reimbursed for the shipping, then, after all of that, I could then re-order the same item that I have already paid for initially. Option two, as explained by Louis (EID Number: 3418) is that I could order and pay for the pet storage bed a second time and wait to get credit once I shipped the chair that I didn't order back you.
This is unacceptable as this was your mistake and not mine. I will make certain that others are aware of how this was handled and discourage anyone from purchasing items from your company.

credit card

I fell for the easy credit card pre-approval because my mom absolutely had to have something she saw in their...

credit card customer service

I paid off my credit card balance in full back at the end of June and never looked at the account again. Today I go on the account to find a new balance of $14. When I called Customer Service I am told that in July there was an accrual interest charge of $2 and when that didn't get paid another late fee and interest charge as added and again the following month adding up to the $14. They said the best they could do for me was to waive the high late charge and interest leaving me a $6 balance they want me to pay. I argued that I should not have had any balance as I paid off my balance in full. But they refused to delete the outstanding amount. Warning to others, watch out for hidden charges that occur after an account is paid in full!!!

very unpleasant experience

I had very unpleasant experience with Brylane Home, they are far the worst!
Bought something from them and they completely messed up my order. I had to send everything back and the worst part was that I had to pay for shipping!
Anyway, I returned my order and later when they received it they contacted me and said that they were not able to refund me because items arrived in a terrible condition. I told them that I need proofs and asked them to send pictures, but they refused to do that!
I did not receive my money back and never heard anything since. Please do not deal with this terrible company!

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they cancelled my order

I have ordered curtains from this online store two months ago and did not receive anything. I waited patiently but time passed and I started to get nervous, so I decided to contact Brylane Home and get some information about my order status. Lady on the phone was nice and polite, but as a support she was absolutely useless. After several phone calls I found out that my order was cancelled. For some reason Brylane Home cancelled my order but they didn't tell me anything about that. They were supposed to contact me and refund my money but nothing was done. I'm extremely disappointed with this store, they cause me nothing but trouble. Last time I contacted them they said I'll get my money soon but it seems like another scam.

undelivered product and poor customer service

I very rarely write reviews but I have to share this one…I bought a side table from Brylane Home. com on the 7th of January. It is now the 29th and I still have not received it. I checked their web tracking to see what is going on with the order and it says its processed. Not sure what to do about that I called customer service. The woman I spoke with was nice but had no idea what happened. After checking with her supervisor she said the product was on back order and should have notified me when I ordered. No notice was posted on the site when ordered. Then she said I should have been sent an email letting me know what was going on with the order, again that didn’t happen. Then she said it looks like the order has been cancelled but she’s not sure why. I have never been so disappointed with a company and their lack of communication. Through multiple processes the ball was dropped. Not once but several times. This was the first and last time I will ever order from this company. Please don’t fall for this company buy from Amazon instead. At least they guarantee their products and send you plenty of info about your orders. I will NEVER order from Brylane Home again. And BTW I found the same table on Amazon and ordered it through the later instead.

customer service / fraud

This is the worst company I've dealt with in quite some time. They have my credit card information from an...


I purchased a gazebo by Brylane Homes through a third party vendor in April. Brylane directly drop-shipped it to me labeled as "a gift". The quality was very poor and not as described, for which I note improvements have now been made to the new ones. Under the 90 day warranty I contacted Brylane and arranged to return the gazebo to them for a cash refund and/or store credit. They sent me a FedEx shipping label. This was not easy to disassemble, box and take to FedEx. *I HAVE IN BLACK IN WHITE THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN MYSELF AND BRYLANE NOTING THE FULL EXPLANATION OF HOW AND WHEN THIS ITEM WAS PURCHASED.* Brylane has now found the original person that purchased this item and refunded the money to them! The gazebo was my property. Brylane was fully aware it was my property. Brylane now has the piece of junk gazebo. The person I purchased this from has my money and the refund money from Brylane and isn't talking to anyone. I have nothing! If I get a Christmas gift and return it to the store the store does not go looking for who purchased it to give them my money, credit or a refund. I have spent over an hour moving my way up through Brylane's customer service as well as having the afore mentioned black and white communication between us prior to my shipping the gazebo back to Brylane. Another Brylane supervisor was to have called me yesterday afternoon, which never happened. At this time I fully intend to file a BBB complaint and anything else I can do as Brylane has taken my property, kept it and given someone else money for it.


Brylane sent me the wrong size bedskirt. I informed them by email that I was returning it and in exchange wanted them to send me the size I had ordered. No word from them that they had received the returned bedskirt. So I waited and waited -- nothing. Tried contacting them again explaining in great detail and asking when I may expect to receive the size bedskirt I had ordered in the first place and further that I expected to be sent the right size at no additional shipping charge and to be credited with the expense of mailing the wrong size back to them. So my credit card two months ago had a Brylane charge of $19.98: $14.99 for the bedsirt and $4.99 shipping. Now my recent credit card has a Brylane credit for $13.49. Try figuring the math on that one. So I end up with paying shipping charges for Bryland sending me the WRONG item and paying shipping charges for sending the selfsame WRONG item back to them. PLUS Brylane even going so far as to credit me with only $13.49 rather than of the $14.99 cost they had charged me for the item! Small potatoes, I know -- but it's the idea of Brylane being so brazenly dishonest and getting away with it.

shoddy merchandise reshipped to me

I have ordered from Brylane previously and been happy with my merchandise. I ordered their little kitchen trolley for a good price (although I thought the shipping was a little pricey). I was surprised when it arrived in a beaten-up, taped-up box. It was much worse when I opened the box - the trolley pieces were just thrown in the box loosely - no packaging of any kind - with the screws and bolts rolling around in the bottom of the box. The pieces were dirty and bent AND in the box was the Return Receipt from the last person it had been shipped to!!! Apparently all they did when she returned it was throw a label with my name on the box and send it out! Of course I decided to return it - and low and behold, it is going to cost me money to send it by UPS PLUS a shipping charge that will be deducted from my refund. I am totally disgusted with this company and want to warn everyone NOT to buy anything from them! I kept the Return Receipt from the previous "owner" as proof.

shady behavior/terrible customer service

Stay away from brylane home. They are shady.

I ordered three under bed shoe storage kits on november 30. The next day, I received a notice that the item was on back order until 12/15. A few days later, I located a suitable solution elsewhere and decided to cancel the back order, which is where the problem started.

Brylane does not provide a method for canceling an order online even if the order was placed online. On december 7 I emailed them twice requesting my back order be canceled. When I looked at the order status a few hours later, the status had magically changed to "in process". I called numerous times during the week of december 7 to request this order be canceled and their excuse each time was "we can't". Excellent customer service, no?

Finally, on the evening of thursday, december 10 I spoke to someone who claimed he would forward the cancellation request to the warehouse. He stated that if I checked back on tuesday, december 15 (The original date given for the back order) my account should show the item as canceled.

Surprise, surprise. It wasn't canceled, but shipped anyway. As far as i'm concerned, they purposely changed my status from "back order" to "in process, no cancellation" when I attempted to cancel. And exactly why does it take 10 days "in process" to ship a package? I shop with many online retailers and have never seen anything like it.

Needless to say, when the items arrive, i'll be returning them. I'm bitter that i'll have to pay for shipping & return of items I tried to cancel. They've lost me as a customer & i'll tell everyone I know not to buy from them.

  • Sg
    SgtsScullsWife Feb 08, 2011

    I am currently having the exact same problem with them. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I would contact the BBB as they are an accredited business.

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extra orders/faulty website

So I have been ordering comforters from Brylane home for over 12 years. Well I was going through a rough time and to help better myself I thought a new comforter would be nice. I went online to order the King of the Dragon comforter online and submitted my order. I got an error message saying that the order didn't go through and the website was facing technical difficulties. So I tried again. I tried several times and became frustrated and opted to call it in instead.

The woman on the phone was quite friendly and helped me out accordingly. However, when I got a knock at the door a few days later I received two comforters in the mail. Confused I called Brylane home to see what happened and they said that there was two orders that were sent in and if I returned one of the extra comforters then I would be re-enburst. I don't have that much spare money to be throwing around so I went to UPS and sent it immediately that same day.

The next day I get another knock on the door to find out that they sent ANOTHER comforter. I ordered 1. I got 3. I am quite frustrated at this point and call again to see what is going on and to make sure that I am not going to receive their whole stock of these comforters.

The lady on the other end of the phone was extremely rude and had quite the attitude on her. She was belittling and made it seem like it was my fault that their website was faulty and charged my account 3 times. She then sent me to customer service where the woman also accused me of ordering three. I told her that I did not order three. I ordered one over the phone, because the website was not going through for me. It is not my fault that their website screwed up and charged me three times. Again they told me that I should send it back and they would pay me back.

However, this was such a horrible experience. I was expecting some compassion and help and an apology. I got NONE of that. I will never order from them again. Customer Service was horrible and mean to me and they belittled me for something that was not my fault. By the end of the phone call I was in tears and had a throbbing headache. I would suggest finding other methods to obtaining a comforter, or just ordering it over the phone, just to be sure.

Also as a note, I only got one confirmation number and that was for the order over the phone. It was a humiliating and horrible experience.

scam charges

I returned a product by mail for which I paid $87.73 in Oct 2007. I was given credit for only $72.44. I received a bill after that for $14.99, which did not specify then or when I originally made purchase that it was for Ship/handling of this return. I paid Post Office for its return mailing. Now, they say I owe $53.99 which includes late charges. This is mail fraud personified.

poor customer service

Found them on a site recommending good discounts on comforters.
Had good prices and pretty good selection, we wanted new comforters for rarely used guest room. Bought total of 3 comforters as well as an 14 piece Iced Tea Serving set.

I recieved emails saying I placed an order, but did not notice until later that no order number was on the order. I called several days later to find out status of my order. I had recieved no further emails nor confirmation that shipping had occurred. My phone call resulted in getting tracking numbers on the things I ordered and later in the day I was able to track them on line.

When the order was recieve 8 days after ordering, the Iced Tea Serving Set was packed simply in a flimsy grey plastic bag and the thin card board box inside contained a very damaged set with the pitcher and many other items damaged. The shipping paperwork stated and a phone call to the number on the pack slip confirmed that I could return damaged product, but I was responsible for shipping and handling costs and to ship the package back would cost me a minimum of $6.50 which was more than I paid for it. The companies policy is such that anything they ship that is not worth returning to them at a cost of $6.50 does not need to be well packaged.

I have learned a hard lesson not to deal with new online merchants without more research. I would never buy from them again and would tell others not to as well.

  • Av
    $avy Consumer Nov 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Over priced merchandise for the quality of the product. I purchased a bedspread (King size) and it was not as pictured in their catalog. The sides of the bedspread did not reach the floor as if was pictured. I didn't bother to return it, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it so I kept it and had to use a bed skirt so it didn't look so weird. I decided I would keep an open mind and give them another chance. I ordered an electric blanket that was on sale but it was still very pricey. I started shopping around and found a much better deal at a much higher quality retail store and I ordered 3 blankets that only cost me $40 more than what I paid for one blanket from Brylane Home. I returned the blanket to brylane home. I attempted to write a review and as it turns out, they have to approve what you write before posting it, and they didn't like it that I mentioned what a better deal I found at another retail store. If they stand by their merchandise, they shouldn't censor what customers write on their reviews.

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  • Av
    $avy Consumer Nov 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree!

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  • Ke
    Kelly Lonchar Jan 17, 2013

    I had a really bad experience with this company as well and I would NOT Order from them again. They do not understand the concept of customer service. This is one of those placed that is fine with providing terrible service and they don't care if you order again. This is a one trick pony.

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  • Se
    serena26d Dec 23, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the negative reviews. The company has no customer service culture. My Order was not handled and no notification was sent to me. They refused to cancel and told me to wait maybe a year for the delivery, then return it for the refund. Ridiculous!

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  • Se
    serena26d Jan 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Falsly advertised as available and deliverable within 7 days. When asked to rectify I was refused either expedited delivery, estimated timeframe or refund and cancellation.

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