Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Pleasant Grove, Alabama, United States

Church's Chicken Restaurant / customer service

Nov 18, 2018

I went to get some chicken on 11/17/18 and as I pulled to the drive through instead of asking what can I get from you I was greeted by (its go be a twenty minute wait on chicken) so I said OK because I was willing to wait so I sat there waiting on the lady to ask me my order but instead...

Quest Diagnostics / driver 11658

Aug 14, 2018

Almost caused an accident after getting off I15 northbound at the pleasant Grove exit. Cut off a line of traffic, slammed on their brakes, then flew into the left turn lane almost hitting the car in front. Car was number 11658 if this is seen again we will be calling the local police...

Marlboro / filters aren't full and are flat.

Jul 25, 2017

Ive been smoking Marlboro red cigarettes for 30 years, even through the change to FSC, and ive never had a problem with the filters being in such sad shape. Over the last 2 weeks, ive opened cartons and had packs that the cigarettes filters were unfilled, and flat. They weren't purchased...