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CVS Pharmacy / Play station store coupon of 50 $ to redeem was not activated by the cashier

Pilar Martinez on Mar 23, 2017
CVS PharmacySincerely, I request your cooperation, since I bought last week between the 13th and 17th of February, a play station store coupon of 50 $ to redeem. But when trying to redeem it rejects it and apparently was not activated by the cashier, since another coupon was bought on the same date...

Lostwindowspassword.com / Lost windows password

Bill Wingrove on Mar 22, 2017
I purchased this product with the understanding that it was a 30-day satisfaction guarantee - I bought the basic version only to discover after running the program that my system didn't qualify for the basic version and that I needed to upgrade to another version (at a cost). That version...

Claire / Fish with attitude pearls

Claire Fryer on Mar 22, 2017
ClaireI completed an offer for smule karaoke and got the VIP pass but did not receive the 146 pearls. I emailed in and sent my email confirmation however no response. I did get a response from another one I didn't get the pearls for 28 emails in fact and they are still coming through. Unlucky...

Cluecommerce.com / E-commerce software - totally fake and corrupt company

Ecom Site on Mar 22, 2017
cluecommerce.com which is run by the name Kreative Webtech is totally fraud and fake company. After taking full money they are not giving any services. they will not contact you. they will not talk to you by any means. they are absconder after taking full money.. and will treat as they...

Glu Mobile / Tap sports mobile baseball game

Rickypax on Mar 21, 2017
This game has weekend events for prizes. But when you run out of free plays ( stamina) you can choose to buy gold and spend your gold to refill. I was willing to purchase this gold with my credit card. The gold was delivered in a timely manner and I spent it on the refill when I used it I...

TapJoy / Covet, diamonds

Annoyed1311 on Mar 21, 2017
I completed an offer to receive diamonds for covet fashion, I spent my own money on the gala bingo offer almost two weeks ago I just received an email from yourselves stating that I'm not going to get the diamonds I wouldn't usually complain but I spent my own money, you said in your email...

TapJoy / Web game mobile strike

Felcky on Mar 20, 2017
TapJoyHo scaricato sul mio smartphone mobile sterile era richiesto di raggiungere il 10 livello del quartier generale per ricevere i 16000 diamanti . Io ho completato l' offerta scaricando il gioco e raggiungendo il decimo livello richiesto, sulla applicazione my tapjoy che ho scaricato mi dice...

Big fish / Big fish game app

Lorrie Echols on Mar 19, 2017
I have been attempting to reinstall the game app for several weeks now. Sent an e-mail to support, got info on how to reinstall (trash game app, empty trash, reinstall); didn't work. Sent two more e-mails, no response other than, "please rate your experience with BF support". I am playing...

TapJoy / Gems service on trials frontier

Steve81884 on Mar 19, 2017
It started with downloading hulu sometime last year, at the time is was 600 and tapjoy advertised double gems. Never saw it. Havent seen 80% of theserviceve earn over the past year. Kmart for 60, nothing. Another 60 gems offer I forget. Dawn of titans, nothing. I dont even know how many...

TapJoy / Tapjoy not paying out promised diamonds

Coffeebean822 on Mar 18, 2017
TapJoyTapjoy promised 8564 diamonds on 3/11/17 for paying $2.98 S & H for Highlights books. I have evidence I made the purchase and sent it to them numerous times occasions by filing a complaint to their support email address and filing a complaint through the 'track rewards' icon in their app...

TapJoy / Tapjoy in general

Wutsup fam on Mar 17, 2017
I have played many games with things like cash and gems, and I've probably done almost 1 hundred tapjoy rewards, but i almost never get them. On one game it let me tell them if I've done it and I could get my reward, but I got banned from using tapjoy on the game for lying even though I...

Amazon.com / Kindle customer service and device

Rachael McDaniel on Mar 16, 2017
I am writing this review of the Fire Tablet with Alexa 7” display 8 GB. On March 16th 2016 I bought a new Kindle for $53 I am a student and on a limited budget but I used my Kindle for school. On August 2016 the Kindle died, the battery just overheated it was warm to the touch, so I called...

Gameloft / Minion rush

Jmgalan on Mar 13, 2017
GameloftThey have a complicated customer service process which makes it very difficult to get in touch with them. Even after you manage to get a hold of someone, they do not help you at all. My son's game account was banned because they claimed "suspicious activity." My three-year old plays the...

Covet Fashion / Covet fashion

swedeheart74 on Mar 13, 2017
Hi, I completed the Betway Casino offer in Covet Fashion which was supposed to earn me 37056 diamonds (they have a double offer going on). However the offer hasn't registered as completed even though I followed the steps exactly - visit Betway Casion and create an account, and then deposit...

I don't know the name of the company. Sorry. / Requested free conversion of pdf to word document.

Alicia Broomes-Julien on Mar 12, 2017
In late February 2017 I googled and chose a free conversion of pdf to word document that I needed urgently and my request seemed to have had gone through. However, it was taking so long that I decided to use the option that allow for instantaneous conversion for a payment of US$9.00. I put...

Web game / Web game fly fish

Felcky on Mar 12, 2017
Web gameHo giocato al web game fly fish che richiede di ottenere 200 punti ma è impossibile ottenere più dei punti che ho ottenuto nonostante io abbia preso tutti i bonus perché il pesce è troppo lento rispetto alla durata del tempo che si ha a disposizione per ottenere il punteggio richiesto ...

TapJoy / Reward through covet app not received.

ReecieM on Mar 9, 2017
TapJoyHello I completed an action through Covet which was to download and pay for a months subscription to a guitar tuition app. I was supposed to receive almost 20.000 gems from you guys for completing this action. After lodging a complaint I recieved an email asking for proof which I supplied...

Hothead Games / No Customer Service and give out wrong numbers and numbers that don't work

Kreaper on Mar 8, 2017
I'm sorry but if u own a multi million dollar business and dealing with the public / saying your product to the public should have to list a customer care phone number so customers who has a issue can contact them. Because by email u hardly ever get an answer and also sometimes u need to...

Epos Now / Customer service

Nikunj Patel1 on Mar 8, 2017
Hi My name is nick patel operating 9 stores in Columbus ms... I bought epos now system before 6 month for my one of liquor store to try out your product afterward I bought many products from epos now... but whenever we called to customer service of epos now their response regarding product...

TapJoy / No communication about coins, from a game app, that I am missing from completing an offer from your company.

Wrollings on Mar 7, 2017
TapJoyI completed a Tapjoy sponsored offer, on the WWE Slam card trader app, and did not receive the guaranteed coins for doing so. On 3/4/17, I completed an offer from the Disney Movie Club, which stated I would receive 1, 063, 000 or so coins to be used in the WWE app. I never received the...
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