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Software & Games Complaints

Candy Crush Saga / getting charged gold bars for extra moves, but not getting the moves

CEMann on Aug 19, 2018

Three separate times now, in the last week, I've clicked to spend 10 gold bars for extra moves. The bars get taken from my account but then I don't get the moves! The buttons go getting so I can't click on them anymore, but it never goes back to the game. So I have to cleck the X and I end...

Gamestop / Rewards program and game labeling/customer support

Gyoschak on Aug 18, 2018

The box of the game my 10-year old bought does not say a PSplus subscription is required to play it. The salesperson also did not say it is required. He never would have bought the game if it was properly labeled or if told by the salesperson, because he does not have the subscription. We...

Candy Crush Saga / Number of moves

Rox1012 on Aug 18, 2018

I have a legitimate complaint about the Candy Crush Saga game. I am on level 1332, the game only allows me 12 moves. According to the tip sites, level 1332 has 40 moves. I have rebooted, the game still only gives me 12 moves. I don't know how to remedy this. If I reinstall the game, will I...

Wusik / Software suite (DAW) for music production

rooncea on Aug 18, 2018

I purchased a 5-part premium software suite with the intention of recording music I composed. I have almost zero experience in this area, but read positive things online about these programs for the type of music I compose. I paid $129 through PayPal. I spent a big part of several day...

Big Fish Games / epic diamond

Angie366 on Aug 16, 2018

I'm due 126 mil my emails are being ignored I'm in touch with Jeff Karp executive of big fish games personal messages sent... Tate on customer service is ignoring my emails I'm fuming... I've paid now I want what I've paid for due now is 126 mil.. I'm saving and sending all corressponance...

Tapjoy / not received the eligible reward coin

Jiburaj on Aug 15, 2018

Dear Team, As per the Tapjoy if we completed the certain task in the game then we will receive a tokens.Please find the reference no (Tapjoy Request Case: 13315038 - Collect 10 4-star Heroes in EPIC S : ref:_00D30pf03._5001B1BhlrE:ref) which I completed. I have followed up with them many...

Dashlane / dashlane desktop

Rafael Millan Milla on Aug 15, 2018

Used Dashlane for 2-3 years. Premium version. Recently upon updating to V6 it deleted itself from my desktop. Contacted support via email and received a response the next day asking for more info. Several days went by and did not hear a thing. Contacted them several times via chat and...

Einstein Bros Bagels / 2nd time they can't make sandwich with the meat I order

Patssee on Aug 15, 2018

This is the 2nd time that I have ordered a turkey breakfast sandwich from the location at 135th Antioch, Overland Park, KS., and they give me the wrong sandwich. I had ordered a turkey breakfast sandwich and when I get to work I realize that it is turkey sausage. I start my day at early so...

Tapjoy / not paying out completed offers

Leticia Kruger on Aug 15, 2018

TapjoyI've downloaded Lords Mobile link thru Tapjoy on Design Home to earn diamonds. After completing required offers, Tapjoy refuse to pay out saying I didn't use their links( 14May 2018). I have only a Samsung s5 smartphone and used the given links on the Design Home /Tapjoy page. I've gone to...

Angry Birds Friends / game is not saving my scores

Shawn Steven Rose on Aug 14, 2018

This is bullshit for the past 3 games when I complete the 6 games tournament eventually working my way to the number one spot using up all my powerups only to find im right back at the beginning with no score. All those hours wasted. All my credits used up as if im first starting the...

Grammarly / auto renewal

Malcolm Brayton on Aug 14, 2018

I subscribed to the Grammarly as a part of the research project and used it for about two months. After one year later, without any reminder, notification or e-mail, they charged me 3 times more (yes you read it correctly) than I paid. This is neither fair not ethical. This is simply a...

Avakin Life / unauthorized credit card charges

Rosemira Oliveira on Aug 11, 2018

I am speaking behalf a friend of mine. His children love the games and one time he bought the game from the website an used the credit card to pay. The website saved the information and his kids just buy almost $200, 00 dollars in the game. The system didnĀ“t ask for security code credit card...

JustAnswer / price charged for tech support

Binaryresource on Aug 11, 2018

On NZ Thursday evening (NZ time) I contacted what I thought was Microsoft with a Microsoft Word license issue. Turns out you are not contacting Microsoft as they have independent, remote support people - no problem. However, the price for this, after several in and outs the cost went down...

Candy Crush Saga / reset of game.

Lynn Ray on Aug 10, 2018

I signed in to play just now and discovered that I am now back at the very first level. I was on level 1505. I have lost everything that I had won. What happened? I need to be on the level that I am a actually on. HELP!!! I will not start over on level 1. I will delete the entire game. I...

Tapjoy / rewards never granted

Gr3yGooz3 on Aug 10, 2018

Offerpal/Tapjoy : same issues. Ten years after being brought to justice because of their incapacity to provide a real content, these guys do it again and claim that it is your fault because you didnt screenshot the proof ... I am currently sitting on more than 10k currency in my game... / metrics and dashboard platform

angry1957372 on Aug 9, 2018 is a scam. They lie to you to get money upfront and then don't provide the service. Their platform does not work. They have over 150 integrations but what they don't tell you is that they have never tested them and they use their clients money and time to troubleshoot the API...

Tapjoy / diamonds not rewarded for completed offer in design home app

dboman61 on Aug 9, 2018

TapjoyI completed an offer to sign up for Home Chef for 77, 412 diamonds in the offerwall on 7/25/2018. I was billed for the item and received it 7/31/2018. I have not received the diamonds. The offer for Home Chef no longer appears in the offerwall nor does it appear as rewarded or not rewarded...

Incredimail / incredimail and company

Karin1965 on Aug 9, 2018

I am a paid user. In the past the customer service was the best. There were updates now and then. But "now", they are the worst. Now is since Windows 10. If you get the automatic reply that it is. Never ever an answer again. No answers, no solutions, no excuses. NOTHING AT ALL. We should...

Playtika / slotomania

Vickib01 on Aug 8, 2018

Since the latest update(s), I have been unable to collect from my friends posts/shares due to "SM-PHP-CA1.PLAYTIKA.COM " being on the post/share. When I click on post/share, it goes to (whom I've also contacted about this) and it comes up "PAGE NOT FOUND"! I have sent...

Digital River / upgrading nuance dragon mac version 6; wrong product, different from what I ordered, language problem, a simple nightmare

Chippysez on Aug 7, 2018

Good day, I experienced a nightmare with the dealing with your reseller Digital River. I have been using your software since 2012. I went to upgrade it taken advantage of your half-price special. In speaking with a digital River representative who had a horrendous foreign accent. She wa...