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PlayerAuctions / customer service

JanMat1970 on Apr 25, 2018

I bought a game account on PlayerAuctions. I authorized the payment through PayPal. After that PlayerAuctions wanted to verify the payment. Now the disaster struck. I have been busy for one afternoon to sent them everything to verify to them that I am the buyer. I sent them everything...

Facebook Marketplace and Bidding War Sites / cannot post anything on these sites

Laurel Allen on Apr 24, 2018

I am a 61 years old from Ontario Canada. I am having problem with face book Marketplace, and biding wars site. I cannot post anything on these sites It states I have been blocked and I have not done anything wrong. I don't sell illegal items, or drugs, weapons or animals or stolen...

Microsoft Corporation / xbox game pass

davis92 on Apr 24, 2018

I got charged 9.99 for an online game pass and I don't have an Xbox and didn't sign up for it I need it credited back to my card please because since the charge to my card my card is now -6 dollars and change if this is not fixed I will get rid of my green dot card and go back to a bank...

Tapjoy / rewarded ingame currency never received, and no communication

CuriousMind on Apr 24, 2018

TapjoyOn 4/4/18 I completed a challenge within Final Fantasy XV: A New Kingdom that should have awarded me for 5112 gold within the game Hero Hunters. I waited a few hours and nothing came in, so I checked the Reward Status and it said that it had been awarded. I waited a full day and still...

Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized / hacker and online harassment and stalking

Basil 6 on Apr 22, 2018

Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized plainsite.orgAaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized Aaron Greenspan, his father Neil S Greenspan and his mother Judith Keene Greenspan all together have concocted this 501c tax evasion and tax fraud operation in which they hide their monetized websites such a...

Tapjoy / in app reward service

FranckD on Apr 21, 2018

Hi, I did many tapjoy offers to get medals in the game Metal Slug Defense. For some of them, including some that took me a lot of time (reaching a specific lvl in different games), I did not get a reward. Following the instructions, after a while I sent an email to the customer service... / pokerist poker games

Ce Ce Mitchem on Apr 21, 2018

Their game is fixed and you have employees who know the setups and what order the cards are going to come. You trick people into thinking that the cards are random but they're not. My friends and I know it's fixed because we've played in live poker games and in other online games and have...

Ladbrokes Betting & Gaming / fobt in waterloo station

Selfy121 on Apr 19, 2018

Hello I spent over 400 pounds in a space of one hour today in your bookies on a machine I believe this is unfair and Ladbrokes took advantage of my illness of my gambling problem I want to know if I can provide nessary information and get a full refund. I didn't even win once and I have no...

Playtika / slotomania game play

Joeyb67p on Apr 19, 2018

Unfortunately I do not have any backup on this as I thought the problem would resolve itself when I logged back in. But a couple of weeks ago, I had won a substantial about of free spins during a challenge that actually finished the challenge. Unfortunately when I restarted the app - the...

Steve Repetti of Radweb Technologies LLC / con artist/scammer/fraudster specializing in stealing from startup investors in florida, nashville and elsewhere

Steve Repetti on Apr 19, 2018

Steve Repetti of Radweb Technologies LLCWARNING: Victims of Steve Repetti of Radweb Technologies, and, Speak! Interviews with Insiders from the BRT/5G/Affirmative Insurance/Zude (2001-2010) Scam, give the inside details. We are writing an expose on Steve Repetti of Radweb Technologie...

Slotomania / won't let me connect to the game

Sarah201709 on Apr 19, 2018

I was on the game and I was winning quite well then I got a big win and it said connection lost then I couldn't get back into the game iv checked my wifi and it's running fine if you could send me some coins I would really appreciate it as I was bettin quite a bit and lost it because of...

Malwarebytes / unethical, unauthorized credit card charge - request refund

yyja on Apr 19, 2018

Email from Cleverbridge announcing my "order", which I neither knew existed nor authorized, along with an attached Invoice in. pdf (Please note that these emails have been "cut-and-pasted" and condensed from the original, with vast areas of "white space" removed from the original. Thank...

Yahoo! / yahoo! powered

Checky, aka Teyana on Apr 18, 2018

I am a very careful down-loader, I make sure everything I am doing is safe and no harm will come to my pc, I have autism which affects the way I do things severely, I will check over and over before I do something on my pc, and I absolutely despise yahoo's search engine and anything to do...

IGG Lords mobile / packs. don’t give items they say. don’t give drop rates. always withhold an item from a pack

Angel Gobin on Apr 17, 2018

I am sick of this company taking advantage and going against iTunes policy of fair play and customer trust. They do not give any legendary items. They do not give the drop rates of items in packs. All adverts in mall show we get legendary item in each pack. We do not. This company ha...

iTunes / igg lords mobile game

Angel Gobin on Apr 16, 2018

My Apple account is: Password: angelagobin7312AG I have played Lords Mobilr a year or so. I have purchased many packs and have been ripped off with each pack. They put what you are supposed to get in their mall- and I have not had one single pack that gave what I paid...

EA Games / battlefield 1

shogunIIScugnizo on Apr 16, 2018

Ive been playing for about 5 months now and the last week and a half the game has been crashing without warning. Everyone knows about the problem. Not so much as an apology for the hours were all spending playing extremely unsatisfied. Some of us got [censor] to do and with what little...

Lister Technologies / vijay ramanan

californianclc on Apr 14, 2018

Pardon me writing it here, but rather I was not aware where else could I jot down the experience that I have. I was approached by Vijay Ramanan from Lister for a enhancement on our current business software. Even though our current software is working well for us, since Vijay Ramanan wa...

Activision Publishing / call of duty mw2 and mw4

Friend2u on Apr 10, 2018

Hi Not long after I purchased MW2 from Microsoft (24/10/17) and am unable to play because game freezes when "Waiting for Other Players". Just purchased MW4 and my rank was reset to one. Am unable to move forward in the game. Please could you advise best options? If you are unable...

Playtika / slotomania

Pierre V on Apr 9, 2018

HI.Was playing Fortunes of gold on Slotoquest Carabbean Delight.Won 400 free spins at 3.000.000 per spin on monday april 9 2018, around 14.45h, lost connection with over 200 spins left... went back my free spins were lost, collected bag of coins.tried to play Fortunes of Gold from the...

Ladbrokes / racist and rude member of staff / staff, no give my money from the machine

John popescu on Apr 9, 2018

Good afternoon My name is John Popescu I leave in Swindon, I am regular customer Ladbrokes every week I spend more then 1000 £ gamebet on the machine. I have 2 hours in the shop in this moment and the man from here Paul from the staff he do not want to give me 15 £ how much I have in the...


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