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Tagged / Cant reactivate my account

Arunda1703 on Sep 23, 2017
I deactivated my account. So when i try to get back in, it said that ill be sent an email and that once i reset my password my account will be back. But after i key in my new password and press save, it says failed to save password. How do i get my account? If i cant get it back, atleast...

PlayerAuctions / SCAMMING: Explicit and Blatantly Scamming of Player Account - Order No. 3200051 (will take legal action if necessary)

Jeremy Tse on Sep 22, 2017
PlayerAuctionsThis is a very serious matter, I will take legal action against the seller if needed. Recently, I've purchased an account (OSRS - Runescape 2007) for $200 USD (with 1-year insurance) on PlayerAuctions.com. The seller delivered on 18th September 2017 and the account had no problems. I changed...

whitesmoke software / whitesmoke Grammar corrector Software

Emad Awad on Sep 22, 2017
I purchased lifetime license of ( whitesmok) software of grammar correction . However suddenly I the software stopped working and got message saying that (the license has been expired ‘ I sent many email to your technical support with no response I am very disappointed with the poor...

Candy Crush Saga / candy crush level 2605

Fiona W on Sep 21, 2017
I have finished level 2605 twice now and both times the game wont end. I had to quit the game twice now and restart only for the same thing to happen. Stripes, disco balls etc wont stop. Could you please reply back to me and tell me how to stop this problem. I have read up other blogs and...

TechiWebi Services / looks like a total scam

Joaquim on Sep 21, 2017
I bought their most expensive Ultimate Package, which included everything I needed. But once I got an issue and called them hoping o get a professional support ('cause I paid for it) they ask for more money. What is this, guys? I didn't pay enough or what? Why would pay more for...

Gameloft / banned for no reason

Delphose on Sep 20, 2017
GameloftTodays date 9/20/17 I open asphalt 8 airborne to find that i have been banned of suspicious activity, i never violated the rules or terms of agreement, you have wrongfully accused me of doing so. I downloaded the app from the windows store onto my windows device. i never used a third...

King.com / candy crush saga

Candy crush on Sep 20, 2017
King.comI am on level 2345 i passed that level and it won't let me progress, you gave me 20 bars to retry this level again, I lost all that because the technical support said to delete and reinstall cc and face book, I've done this I've watched all of you tube videos in how to fix problem, I got a...

Avanquest Software / mydatabase home and business boxed set cd

Wendy Crossley on Sep 18, 2017
I paid for overnight shipping, and I do not have my order! When I try to check the status on your website, it says that your site is offline. Please advise TODAY what the status of my order is. I would also like a refund for my $19.99 over night shipping fee seeing, as my order was not...

TapJoy / missing gold

Boliver Shagnastee on Sep 15, 2017
The offer was to complete level 9 in battle camp and receive over 800 in gold. It has been over a week and I have received nothing. I have emailed & tried calling but to no evail. This is not the first or even the second incident where this is happened. On many occasions I would get an...

World Golf Tour / crooked results every game

rich7837 on Sep 13, 2017
This company tries to sell golf equipment to be used to improve one's performance in the game. The exact opposite happens. The practice side is fine with free equipment. The competitive side, supposedly against real opponents, is fixed so the original player seldom wins. Cartoon...

TapJoy / I can't make a complaint regarding missing diamonds

Sue Dunne on Sep 13, 2017
Hi, I play design home daily, I have had so much trouble with trying to submit "missing diamonds" there has been a problem with the drop down menu for over a week now. I have completed so many surveys and quizzes but there are only 2 options in the drop down menu for this game. I have...

Candy Crush Saga / candy crush saga

Frani Belfer on Sep 13, 2017
I was just sent an email of a receipt that states I purchased fifty gold bars for the Candy Crush Saga game that I was recently playing. Please take it off my account. I didn't purchase them and did not ask for them. This is not the first time it has happened and I do not appreciate being...

Direct Focus Software / remove direct focus software company profile from corporationwiki

Bing Chen on Sep 12, 2017
I, Bing Chen, with the email address bchen@directfocussoftware.com, is the owner, and representative, with authorization to request the removal of Direct Focus Software company profile from CorporationWiKi. CorporationWiKi publishes Direct Focus Software company profile on its website without my...

Letgo / harassment by voltron

Veronica Rivera on Sep 11, 2017
LetgoThis person posted my name on his ad. I have never meet nor talked face to face with this person. Because of my steady record of posts of arcades and sales. He has been harassing me non stop by send messages and know placing my name on their ads.. He's not trustworthy and not polite. Is wa...

Gameloft / asphalt airborne 8; i've been banned for no reason!

chloe13ruby on Sep 10, 2017
I just signed into my Microsoft account on Asphalt 8: Airborne on 10/09/2017 and then i got a message saying I had been banned for suspicious activity but I haven't been on my account for ages so I have absolutely no clue why I have been banned because I haven't been on my account for age...

WebtechSolution.net / recharge portal/money transfer/travel portal regarding fraud

imd2 on Sep 8, 2017
freinds me ye post es liye kar raha hu bcause me to en logo k chakkr me fans hi gaya hua ap log na fanse en logo ne mujh se 30000 rupee liya nd kafi kuch promises di batter service ki bt result aisa hua ki service dena to dur ki bat paise dene k kuch din bad en logo ne batter response dena...

Omegle / omegle.com

Jake Grenier on Sep 6, 2017
Um so I was telling scary stories on omegle and suddenly got banned and taken to an adult site. First off, its not like I broke any rules on the site, so id like to know why I was banned. Second, you cant just redirect to an adult cam site. Most of the people on omegle are kids. I may be...

Epos Now / terrible customer service/support and a ripoff

Nagem on Sep 6, 2017
In August of 2017, we signed up for the software to use at a three-day festival. We requested the Standard package, but were instead charged for the Premium. We immediately tried reaching out to have the mistake corrected, as well as to setup the software in general. After waiting on the...

Omegle / unlawful banning

LochNessHamster on Sep 5, 2017
I'm sick of getting banned because of flagged profanity without any context. I use swear words loosely and casually with people who I can get a good enough read on to know they wont be offended. I don't attack or harass people, even when they're doing so to me, and yet I...

King.com / candy crush soda

Lynds25 on Sep 5, 2017
Everything the bubble king bonus is on and I am the king I hardly receive the gold bars for my reign. I always get the hour free and the lollypop bit very rarely receive any gold. I have previously complained to be advised that it is a bonus feature that has no guarantee to which I feel i...
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