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I started a paid Bandmix account a little over 3 years ago and have renewed annually. Here's the problem: The email address that I had when I opened my Bandmix account stopped working about a month ago, so, I logged into Bandmix to change the email associated with my Bandmix account. Once I did that, I became completely locked out of my Bandmix account.

The screen prompt tells me that before being able to login I need to "verify your email address" by responding to an email they send there. But "there" (the place that they send the email verification) is the old, non-working email (not the new one that I tried to update my account to).

So, for the past week+ I have been completely locked out of my account.

THE WORST PART: Bandmix phone support is just an answering service and they say they will pass the message on to support (I left both my new email and my phone number). I ALSO used the form on the Bandmix website to file explain all of this to "Customer Support" (if there really is such a thing there). I have not received any response from Bandmix, even after 2 phone messages and three form submissions on their website. So, what am I supposed to do?

I am now locked out off my account, I cannot change or update any of my info, and cannot get a response from Bandmix. Really bad. Is my only option to contact the state authorities?

Desired outcome: Someone from Bandmix provide me with access to my account or refund me my subscription fee(s).

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