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This website operates deceptively. Individuals initially sign up to explore the offered services, but upon discovering a prevalence of fake profiles or ghost accounts, the typical response is to discontinue using the platform.

The issue arises as the site employs tactics to keep users registered, aiming to attract new members, as a dating site lacking active users holds little appeal. Consequently, many individuals find themselves stuck with inactive profiles, unable to unregister. Meanwhile, others resort to creating fake profiles, either to encourage subscription payments or engage in romance scams within the platform.

In either scenario, when you diligently follow the account deletion instructions, the final step requires entering your password. Despite correctly executing all the required steps, the system falsely claims an incorrect password entry.

Repeated attempts to input the correct password prove futile, as the system consistently asserts an error, preventing the deletion of your account.

Subsequently, the logical recourse is to reach out to customer support, formally requesting manual account deletion. Unfortunately, all such emails, soliciting assistance in this matter, have been blatantly ignored. This pattern of unresponsiveness further heightens suspicions of the site's fraudulent nature, suggesting a deliberate effort to retain users and create a misleading impression of active prospects on the platform.

Kindly let me know if there's anything that can be done to get my account and info completely removed from that site.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


which they contact you from. The idea is to entice you into wanting to read thi

Desired outcome: Would like my account there to be completely deleted.

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