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Unauthorized charge on my Chase Credit Card

On Mar 30, 2020 an unauthorized charge was put on my Chase Credit Card. I did not authorize this and would like my card credited back with the amount of $95.40. It doesn't even say what this is for but I know that I have not done business with you previously.

I am not sure how you obtained my credit card information but am assuming that it was fraudulently.

Nancy Rickman

unauthorized credit charge

on 2/25/20 I was charged 128.84 +19.91 interest for CBI*PC/ MACKEEPER. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS. The last time I used mackeeper was in 2018. Do not want it . Please credit my Chase credit account (last # 7824) Thank you. Mrs. Floyd Boudreaux

I did not authorise this money to be withdrawn from my bank as

I did not authorise the amount $57 to be taken from my bank account I did not apply for this win zip product as I was not happy with before when I tried it for free and the Win Zip programme keeps coming up on my computer I would appreciate it if someone could look into this problem for me please Aileen Cox

Need refund for:2/27/2020: $27.95 & 3/2/2020: $199.99

I did not receive products and am requesting A full refund of the above
numbers which comes to: $227.94 My email address is: [protected]

My home address is: 0650 SW Lowell St. Apt. 538, Portland, OR 97239.

Thank you very much. I hope to hear from you very soon .

MaryCarol Molin

I was charged today a debit for $39.95 which I do not agree.

I don't remember authorizing any charges for the amount of $39.95 through paypal to you. I was surprised to see this charge on my paypal account. I don't agree with that charge, which I'm asking to be returned to my paypal account from where it was removed. My wish is to have that charge back to me.

Israel Torres


Invoice Number AKD-[protected] Date 12 March 2020

I purchased this copy of Silky Pix thinking it was the latest version, as the claim that it was worth $249 suggests. It is not, however, the latest, which is version 9, not 7. Having an outdated piece of software is useless, and I would like my money back. It is sharp practice at best to offer to sell something worth much less that $249 as though it were a new product. Please refund the money I paid for this software, and next time, please say up front and clearly what version a customer is purchasing, instead of pretending - even on the invoice - that the software is simply out of date and therefore of no interest to anyone who wants the best of what is available.


I want a refund I no longer want malwarebytes anti-malware premium - #[protected]. so cancel the product I cannot use it on my computer

it will not work with my tracefone
Unit price
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium - #[protected]
$26.91 USD
$26.91 USD
$26.91 USD
$26.91 USD
$26.91 USD

Payment sent from [protected]

Funding Sources Used (Total)
$26.91 USD

Invoice ID: [protected]

Issues with this transaction?
You have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center.

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  • Updated by Glenn Picha · Feb 15, 2020

    i want a refund i no longer want Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium - #207129954. so canel the product i cannot use it on my computer


I have two charges to my Discover card. I want a refund on these charges and this service cancelled as I don't have the computer I purchased it for and I had issues on their product from the beginning. I never was able to use it or contact them. One is dated Dec. 17 for $84.69 and a second one on Dec. 23 for $42.35. I appreciate your help in this matter.
B. Fink

reimage pc repair

Ran the scan then was prompted for payment for a key to 'repair' my pc. Paid through paypal account put in key # finished scan and repair then rebooted... My laptop has powered on but has had black screen since. The customer service 844# tells me if I need assistance to visit the website and this is all I can do... I need some customer support to get my laptop working or a new working laptop!!!

my avast update

I saw on my bank statement that I was charged 19.99 for softwear that i did not order. please refund the money and all will be fine. I have avast and entend to keep it but was not due an update . thank you for your time,
my name is ; timothy allen if there is any thing else you need please contact me at [protected] the charge was on 11/24/19 again thank you

computer "fix it activation specialist"

Computer issues, this sham came up and I, foolishly, took the bait. They want to sign onto your computer to "help" you. DO NOT do business with this sham; they call themselves CBI*Cleverbridge. Yes, they think they are clever and a bridge from your hard earned money to their bank accounts. When you tell them you changed your mind, then they get nasty and hang up. Today I spoke with Lionel, Hassan, Daniel, and Alvin twice. Lionel got nasty and started talking in circles, I may be dumb but I am not stupid. All the others hung up on me after they talked constantly over top of me and would not allow me to speak with a manager. When I finally got manager "Helen", she was rude. She did yell across the "office" (probably someone's living room), "Hey, Alvin, you did refund her earlier, right?" Helen made me get on my email and refresh it twice. Then she had me read her each of my emails (none were re: a refund). Finally, as I'm talking, like magic, 3 new emails pop up and they are all telling me I have a refund coming. I told Helen not to call my number again. I continued to receive 4 phone calls, one after the other. Each time I told her not to call my number again. I finally had to unplug my phone. I have notified the police, BBB, and my attorney. If you see CBI, CBI*Cleverbridge, Cleverbridge, or Reimage anything, DO NOT CONTACT THEM! They do notify you at the beginning of every call that "All calls are recorded for Security, Legal, and Quality purposes". You better believe it has nothing to do with quality but everything to do with Security and Legal reasons. THEY ARE A FRAUD!!

charge on my bank account

on 11/3 i was looking at my bank account and noticed a 64.16 charge pending on my account i didn't recognize. i've never even heard of you'r company so i looked you up and got on you'r site. i used you'r purchase lookup and my email is not in you'r system. i searched my email both inbox and spam and found nothing there. so if i recive no explanation on this charge in 3 days i want the 64.16 refunded to my account. if it is not back in 4 days i shall contact the better buisness bureau.

  • Updated by john timpe · Nov 06, 2019

    day 2 and i see you have not refunded my money back to my account yet. if you doubt my resolve let it be one more day. day after tomorrow i will be contacting the better buisness bureau.

  • Updated by john timpe · Nov 07, 2019

    my money is still not posted back to my account at USAA. it is now 10 minutes before 12 on 11/7 /2019 you have untill this time tomorrow 11/8/2019 to have my 61.19 back in my bank account. i can only assume you don't believe i will do this. i haven't even recieved any correpsondence from you on this matter. noon tomorrow or i contact the better buisness bureau. the fact that you have been silent on this matter only convinces me that this has happened quit often. with your company. once again people noon tomorrow.

debit card charged and I did not authorize!

My card was charged 31.70 on October 26, 2019 that I did NOT authorize! My husband or myself have not been in our email all weekend to confirm any kind of purchases. I want a refund of that 31.70 back into my account and take my card off for any future purchases!!! We are a middle class family that get by paying our bills with our 5 kids to support. Taking money that is NOT authorized that could be used towards bills or food my ourselves is not right!

refund for an unauthorised purchase

I was charged US$118 and complained this to my credit card as I do not have any idea what this is about. Apparently, they said that I will have to contact the merchant about this so I can get the refund.

I have not used any other online app or software. I don't even have any idea what this is about. I just found this in my billing statement

The credit card is Citibank.

Nelca Leila Villarin

unauthorized charge

I recently received an unauthorized charge on my credit card! I called [protected] and was given unintelligible instructions. I do not have a receipt for this, or any other product relating to such a charge.

Please take this charge OFF my account or I will instruct my bank to do so.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Leslie Bonnette


I have used PayPal to attempt to update my winzip software because I was repeatedly told it was out of date. What came up was WinZip 24 pro edition. I didn't really want that but for peace of mind, I accepted it as I still haven't managed to get satisfaction from cleverbridge over being charged for an antivirus software charge which I have previously canceled. When this complaint is fixed I will look for the files regarding that problem.

I am 84 born 07/12/1934. I have several serious illnesses and do not need these problems. I don't even want to go through all of this.. I can never seem to get cleverbridge to communicate. The rate tings happen I will probably be deceased before I get anything sorted. If this does not help get things fixed I will contact PayPal to see if they can help.

I have a tax invoice from cleverbridge
Reference number [protected] which invoices me for $Au 35:72 total
Under payment details, it states your PayPal payment has been successfully authorized. Your PayPal agreement for cleverbridge is now active.

Every time I have attempted to finalize this download I am asked to pay again.I have no idea of how to add copies of paperwork.


Recently I tried to download your product. I was not successfull so I thought since it would not download I would not be charged. The fact is every time I tried to download it I was charge $49+. I want my money refunded and the non-sufficient funds resulting for CleverBridges attempts to get paid for software I do not have.

George Barber
119 Third Street
Rockwood, TN 37854
Phone [protected]
email: [protected]

cleverbridge charged me

My credit card was charged for usd$46.99 for some unidentified product. I didn't authorize this charge and I have no receipt. I want it credited back to my account immediately. I did not authorizthis purchase. I have never heard of your company. I would appreciate a refund from your company. If not I will submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about this matter. Thank you.

cleverbridge charged me

winzip driver updater

About 2 weeks ago I purchased WinZip Driver Updater, and installed it. It has done well in keeping my...

software wrong charge

Just received credit card No [protected]/ VISA statement and there is a charge on 1/7/2019 for the...