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Cleverbridge Complaints & Reviews

Cleverbridge / adj-cgi. inc800-799-95701l

Mickie Cooley on Sep 21, 2017
I have no idea what cleverbridge is but this charge of 49.99 is not mine . Pleas e do something about this charge or I will. Would like refund fir my account Today!! July 11 2017 is the charge date. I would like to know how a company can do this to someone. How did someone get my card...

Cleverbridge / unauthorised extraction of funds

Tony Neilson on Sep 17, 2017
While preparing my tax return I have just discovered an unauthorised charge of AUD$612.66 on 26 May 2017 referenced: HSW-PC?MackeeperCleverbridgeLux I have no knowledge of this organisation and do not knowingly use any of their services. The ref # on my bank statement with the above debit wa...

Cleverbridge / unauthorized bank charge

JBouse on Sep 17, 2017
Received an unauthorized charge on my debit card for $66.14, from a company called, "cbi*cleverbridge, inc." on 09/17/2017. I called the number on my bank statement [ (800) 799-9570] which was answered by a recording that explained they are a third-party billing company, and that thi...

Cleverbridge / unauthorized charge to my debit card

military1997 on Sep 10, 2017
I have never heard of Cleverbridge, so when I looked on my account and saw a charge of $49.60. if you don't refund me I will seek justice throughout paperwork of fraud and theft. I refuse to play your games. I work all [censored] week for the money I make and I refuse to let a scam...

Cleverbridge / credit card charge needs to be refunded.

kornelija on Aug 28, 2017
Just received my credit card statement today, August 28, 2017. There is a $44.99 charge for which I have no idea what it is for. The charge reads as follows: Post Date: 08/11 ... Trans Date: 08/10 ... Ref #: 1098 ... Transaction Description: CBI*AVIRA ... 800-799-9570 IL ...Amount $44.99 My...

Cleverbridge / malware invoice 115570168

Wanda Waddle on Aug 19, 2017
There is a charge on my Discover account in the amount of 24.95 for Invoice 11570168 dated August 17/ 2017. I did not authorize this charge and have no idea how it was authorized. I would appreciate your immediate attention in reversing this charge to my account and contacting me before you...

Cleverbridge / protection software for my computer

Michael Flynn on Aug 17, 2017
I spied on my computer an offer on my screen for a year or two protective software advertised at 25.95 euros i consented and on 24th July 51.95 was taken from my Credit Card .I did not check my c/c until much later when i realised i had got no confirmation by e mail to activate the...

Cleverbridge / unauthorized credit card charges

Steven Brooks on Aug 16, 2017
My name is Steven Brooks, and I received an unauthorized charge on my Discover card of $79.90 from "CBI*CLEVERBRIDGE INC." today, 8/16/17. I didn't order anything from you, and to my knowledge have not updated any subscriptions today. These are words that I'm typing to hit your character...

CBI*Cleverbridge Inc / grows digital business

Brdar on Jul 6, 2017
Stephen Bardon does not own any businesses, digital or otherwise. He was scammed by this organization. Mr Bardon has no recall of this company, subscribing to this company or that they are billing him $21.15 per month via his MasterCard. Last record of charge to his card was May 8, 2017...

Cleverbridge Reference Number 108267590 / Panda Promotion Advance

Phyllis Rosenberg on May 30, 2017
Hi, my name is Phyllis Rosenberg, my action code 8PWA3V-110681440 I.am paying $2.99 A month. I wish to cancel because I am Homeless at this time. have no address I need my money. please reverse it back to my account.as of May, 30 2017 my internet not on it has been disconnected. so please...

Cleverbridge / cbi*malwarebytes 111976864

Suzette Atwood on May 18, 2017
I was charged twice for the same thing ( Malwrebytes ). Listed above is the second charge on my credit card on the same day. I only need one so please REFUND me one of the 59.99. This charge was May 7 2017. I wanted one not two. It would be nice if there was a way to contact someone by...

Cleverbridge / no clear email address for contacting about f-secure. private customer

Douglas Brear on May 4, 2017
I have tried to send the following email, 'asiakaspalvelu' ('Customer service') being given in the original emailed F-secure installation guide. ----------- Good morning. I have by accident paid twice for two renewals of F-secure SAFE for the family's computers. The first was with viitenumero...

Cbi Cleverbridge / Unknown

david npr on Apr 16, 2017
I was going over my bank statement and found an $11.95 debit on 4/10/2017. From this cleverbridge outfit. I called the number i received from my bank, the phone is disconnected. With .87 cents in my bank, i cant afford to have people willy nilly snatching my disability funds. Who the heck...

Cleverbridge / Mackeeper

SusanJA on Apr 11, 2017
Today I received a message stating that my credit card would be debited on 14 April with another year of subscription. I do not wish to renew my subscription, so please cancel it immediately and do not debit any amount to my account. In fact your company has never provided any service for the...

Cleverbridge / Recovery

rlowe on Feb 24, 2017
After loosing important notes form my iPhone, I purchased the recovery software through Cleverbridge. I had hopes that it would recover the lost notes. When it didn't work, I contacted Cleverbridge right away for a refund of my $55, all they did was forward me to the 3rd party that the use...

Cleverbridge / Illegal debit of my bank account

William Dean on Feb 20, 2017
On Jan. 29th of this year my Wells Fargo checking account was raided by the Cleverbridge Mafia on behalf of Avira Antivirus. I had ordered this a year ago and ca ncelled within tht 30 day grace period due to poor service and product. These A**holes obviously kept my credit card no. and...

Cleverbridges / Unauthorized charges to my banking

Karol Dockter on Jan 18, 2017
Today January 17, 2017 we discovered an unauthorized charge for $44.16 on our checking account. After calling the bank, we discovered Cleverbridges, an organization that submits a dollar amount the bank against your account without telling who or what the charge was for! I am 75 yrs old...

CBI*Cleverbridge Inc / Purchased support plan now cannot contact company/phone disconnected

Thelma Moore on Jan 3, 2017
ON 5/10/2015 purchased 2 yr TPS Platinum Support Plan for my computer $369.27.Reference# 74536421, invoice# BKD-7369608508 today 1/3/17 attempted to call company 855-765-6711 having problems with my computer and 1st the line was busy all day then call another # after speaking with rep from...

Cleverbridge / Purchase of Nero via download direct to my PC

peter edwin thompson on Apr 2, 2016
I purchased a bundle from Nero on the 26th March at a cost of £19.99and it was paid for through Pay Pal.The Amount is shown on my bank statement, which is Barclays, twice. I only purchased one download., direct to my PC. The Nero purchase number is Nero, AG, #89390546 and the bank number of the...

Cleverbridge / CBA Parallels

Geoffrey Sims on Feb 3, 2016
I recently installed this product - but my bank account was charged twice for it in the sum of £34.99 dated 30 Dec - Ref CBA ParallelsCleverbridge DEU This is clearly an error and I would be grateful for a refund of £34.99 as there is no way I could have use for a second copy.

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