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Linkedin / Lack of customer service

Colleen on Aug 21, 2017
Their customer service is like something non-existing. If you want to resolve an issue you'll have to do it by yourself, because their support doesn't really care and actually tries to avoid any way of communication. Every time I try to contact them I never succeed. I sent emails and tried to...

Tinder / different way

Karen B. on Aug 21, 2017
What should do people who don't use facebook? I needed to create a new FB account to log in, even though I don't like FB and never use it. The tinder team has to think of a different way of an authorization. I constantly have troubles with Facebook, and because of it, I...

Mozilla / browser issues

Magoose on Aug 20, 2017
I know this is my first complaint to you, but i have been well beyond patient in dealing with your browser "hangups" or "not responding" issues for months now. i have researched on youtube and other articles to try and fix it myself but every two weeks is ridiculous. as this emails is and...

Priceline.com / hotel stay

Brandon Jam on Aug 19, 2017
Priceline.comHello, I've booked a trip for my wife's birthday to South Beach, Miami via Priceline. I use Priceline often to book trips and hotel stays. I am completely disappointed with the misrepresentation of the room I booked here at the Crest hotel. When I made the reservation, Priceline advertised the...

Omegle / omegle start a chat button

pPpppppps on Aug 19, 2017
The "start a chat" button isn't working at all, so I can't access the site via mobile. When I click on the button, it does nothing, and the same thing happens with the omegle icon, which would usually send you back to the home of the website. I can't access my interests at all. This ha...

CenturyLink / internet service

Laura McKay on Aug 19, 2017
Internet service is 'very very' slow. Internet service only reaches one-half of the house. I have DIRECTV and "NONE" of the special services work on DIRECTV. They fail with 'internet speed too slow for play back'. It is to slow to even buffer, screen freezes. The internet service...

Bell Canada / five 50 internet no-contract plan

Jude Haj Ali on Aug 19, 2017
I called to shop for internet plans on July 11th. I ended up choosing the Canada 150 offer plan for the unlimited Fibe 50 internet because it was the cheapest option at the time - I am a student who lives alone so I would have to bear the full $64/month fee, which is expensive for me to...

Telkom SA SOC / account terminated as a result of no service but still expected to pay

Awoelect on Aug 18, 2017
In 2016 I was experiencing problems with my telkom line and internet. I eventually turned to Mweb to see if there service was better. Instead I ended up in a dispute between Mweb and Telkom throwing it to and fro. The one blaming the other. From being without a line for about a month to...

Yahoo! / Yahoo, just shut down please

Richard Karslake on Aug 18, 2017
The service you provide is horrible. The staff that works for you is absolutely incompetent and rude. You ask big money for every occurring issue, you don't make exclusions even for your loyal customers. Each year your service becomes more and more stupid and one day you will ruin...

Suddenlink Communications / suddenlink has promised they would transfer my home phone number from the house we sold to our new apartment in the same city.

Don Molder on Aug 17, 2017
We sold our house at 3401 Derby Drive in Jonesboro, AR 72404 two weeks ago and was told by Suddenlink they would transfer our home number, 870 932 0838 to our new apartment, which also has Suddenlink, in Jonesboro, AR. An appointment was made for Monday for 14th of August between 8 and 10...

Grammarly / allowed someone to change my email and access my account

Diana Hoopingarner on Aug 17, 2017
Grammerly sent me an email that my email was changed to gra@protonmail.com. I did not request this change. The password was then changed. This puts all of my credit card and personal info at risk. They will not answer the phone, I only get a message to contact support. Support just tells me...

DirecTV / account billing

MUCGrad on Aug 17, 2017
I early terminated my account in June. At that time, i requested a cooy of my final bill so my new company could pay the fee. I have called 6 times, talked to supervisors, been promised a bill via email and snail mail. I no longer have access to my account online. Yesterday when i calked...

Microsoft Corporation / awful

NV1980 on Aug 17, 2017
Outlook is the slowest on earth. I don't even like the way it looks. I was recently cleaning my inbox from old letters, but then a mistake happened and all needed and important emails were deleted. I thought they were in deleted and didn't found lots of them. I called customer support...

AT&T / the sorriest service

Davon on Aug 17, 2017
their service is the worst. TV and internet work bad. The internet is slow, I think if I sent a letter using a pigeon post it would be delivered much faster. I decided to change the provider to another one because I'm fed up with your silly service. I will surely change our family's cell...

Sun Cellular / Digitel Mobile Philippines / complaint for additional internet charges without using my sun postpaid sim.

Ruselo Imperial on Aug 16, 2017
On my July 2017 Bill I'd noticed that i was charged an additional internet charges without using my sim. I called right there and then to sun customer hotline to raise my issue and request to waive the charges. I called them July 27 and as per CSR, it takes 5 days to investigate the...

Omegle / captcha problems

bendstar13 on Aug 16, 2017
OmegleFor some reason, every time I try to connect to a new stranger, I have to enter a captcha. I have not done anything to violate Omegle's terms of service. The captcha appears very small so that I can't even see the code to enter it in (see attached photo). This occurred on August 16, 2017...

XLN Telecom / broadband service

I have been with a customer with VIRGIN few years I had nothing from but an excellent service by all means till these people rang me offering to save money for the same service...I accepted the offer over the phone after they promised me that I am free leave if I am not happy with the...

Twitter / Awful support

Simonely93 on Aug 16, 2017
If something goes wrong their support never helps. Someone stole my account and changed my email to a wrong one, and the customer service was absolutely useless asking for impossible things like emailing them from hacker's address. They don't even answer you in a personal manner, all...

Tinder / no sms with a code

keech on Aug 16, 2017
Don't know what's the matter, but I still can't be verified, there's no sms with a verification code. Their customer support is useless as well. They tell me to do obvious things I did before calling them. And when I say that, they tell me to try later then. I've heard that other people have...

Virgin Mobile / Slow service, never keeps promises

Philip Gravson on Aug 16, 2017
This company never keeps promises like many other companies do. It's really a different one. Their call center is a joke, always something happens while making a call. The service itself is arrogant and rude. Something crashes, something breaks all the time. Nothing goes right. And in...
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