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Gift Card / gift card

Jul 16, 2017

I was given a gift card. I have been trying to learn how much it is for. I have called, tried your website, no information. I get phone number after phone number and each sends me back to the same site as before. This is not the way you got your good reputation. I have been an enthusiastic supporter...

Bell Internet / bell internet

Jul 16, 2017

I am having regular problem with bell internet Inspite of calling technical support and one onsite tech home visit my internet keeps going down from last 15 days.i seriously do not understand why you guys are not able to fix the problem.this is the wrost internet service i have came across.i wont...

AP Web World / don't get my full salary

Jul 15, 2017

Don't join If you have high salary. Mr.Pranav jha always give salary in delay and give 40%-50% salary only. He hires me in high salary and only gave me 50% salary.Even before joining he told me several promised like 1.Lead provides from just dial, Google ads, email leads. But after...

MayPoon / 100 call center

Jul 9, 2017

Today speedtest about network speed at 9:20pm found download 1.09kpbs upload 0.28kpbs re-test 9:28pm download 1.42kpbs and upload 0.02kpbs ( shocking ) test again 9.29pm download 0.84kpbs and upload 0.03kpbs...Waloah ! When do speedtest has shut down all my device and my package with TM...

Shagcity / fraudulent charging

Jul 9, 2017

Joined this site about a week or so back and paid the agreed amount for membership! After doing so I had a look and seen a lady I liked, I sent her a message but the message itself could not be sent because it said I had to pay another £1.50 to send a message!! this is fraudulent as I have...

1&1 Internet / credit card fraud

Jul 5, 2017

I had to cancel my credit card due to three fraudulent charges to my account from 1&1 Internet. I have never done business with this company, and I had never heard of this company before searching on the internet. A Google search revealed that fraud seems to be common practice for thi...

Frisco Limousine / domain brand dispute.

Jun 29, 2017

Frisco Limousine has a Trademark registration and has the national rights for brand and trade names Frisco Limousine Establishment business since 2004 identified approved by Frisco Chamber Of Commerce. . Chamber of...

Prime Insurance / car insurance

Jun 22, 2017

Dear All, My name is Evdokia Lambrou, ref: C00316398. We were recently insured with you and our policy was not renewed. I fully understand your decision due to the accidents we have had. But you should have contacted me and informed me that I was not insured as I was not aware. We had to...

Kenez Services Ltd / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 19, 2017

Pls i need a refund of all the money taken from my cashplus mastercard as soon as possible.I never request for any transaction that will warant taken all this payments. 19/06/2017 7729 Auth: GOOGLE *LINE Corp,, GB 1.49 AUD XR 1.674157 £0.89 19/06/2017 7729 Auth: GOOGLE...

Dinz / free netflix

Jun 19, 2017

its been 1 month since weve avail the plan @ globe with free nextlix for 6 months that until now i keep on calling the customer service send the link so i can activate my netflix at home but they keep on saying wait for 24 hours, [censor] customer service ive spoke to your servisor...

DIcentral / ir services

Jun 15, 2017

Account # 4240, Recently, DIcentral increased their monthly " Maintanenace and other fixed charges fee" from $15.00 per month to $35.00 per month with no advanced notice or detailed explanation for that specific increase. Well over a 100 % price increase!! Also, a monthly "Service Fee" of... / internet service affiliate website

Jun 14, 2017

I bought a product call aliplugin pro ($117.00) from alipartnership. The customer service was terrible and when I asked for a refund they refused. I had to a lot of emails with problems with the product. No matter what I said they said I wasn't getting a refund. Happened may of 2017. I...

Linkedin Corp. / social media company in mountain view, ca

Jun 13, 2017

I was a highly regarded LinkedIn member. Not only did I have 1, 000 Linked in connections, I published an article on LInkedin daily that many people read. LinkedIn influencers such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates noticed me according to LinkedIn. I wanted some help because LinkedIn would...

Inbox2Cash / paid to read email server

Jun 12, 2017

I an joined the site during Jan 2017 and an active member till date. Now I am nearing to reach the cash out of $ 5.00 ( my earning is $4.26), they are not sending any paid e-mails since last one week. It is clearly shows that, this site is preventing me from the cash out process. I am...

Brown / life 360 app

Jun 11, 2017

Location was and still is way off!! My daughter was traveling with friend and parents and 360 showed her location as lancaster, sc when she was actually in bluffton, sc. Over 2 hrs away from lancaster, sc. The only way I knew where she was was to request a check in (And text her of...

Boostlikes / promotion

Jun 9, 2017

Do Not use boostlikes for any reason. I purchased twitter and facebook service from them and they RUINED my accounts. They promised they were going to go around and promo to get real folks due to their formula and they savagely ruined both my accounts with fake accounts stole my money and...

Ortel / broadband

Jun 8, 2017

My customer id is 0078495. here is what the problem.Services like this take customer as granted and for them customer satisfaction is a brand new weird term.They dont care if your net is not working.Ecen if your net doesn't work for 1 month they will still take money.That's the only...

Option Alpha / text my phone constantly

Jun 6, 2017

They send me texts all the time using a code "665-55" I contacted them 3 times to tell them to stop. Each time they say they have no record of my phone #. This company apparently relies on breaking FCC laws for unwanted phone solicitation. My next stop is a federal complaint. This company...

Sky Business / pay per view

Jun 2, 2017

on 17th may i booked a ppv event and was told it would be £25, 00, today i received an invoice for £225. i rang sky and was told that was the cost, i informed them i was told different otherwise i would, nt of booked it. Now they are checking phone records which only they have access to which... / CV

May 31, 2017

I am very disappointed with CVnow and not impressed with their service. My resume wasn't like I expected and they made several mistakes. When I asked them to fix everything they asked for more money. I refused because I have already paid the full price and that wasn't my fault. I argued... / Trademark infringement

May 22, 2017

Forum 1: Forum 2: Both forums are using our registered trademark name. We want... / it stopped working

May 16, 2017

I purchased this program abouot 10 years ago. I wanted to download an auto repair book and their program came up in the search. I purchased a life time membership for $29 and quickly found out that I couldn't get the book of the internet in the form of a download. I was upset and sent them... / support service for? (unknown)

May 12, 2017

I have zero clue who these people are - Never heard of them in my life! But, they help themselves to my account for $59.95/mo. and have done so for the last 8 mo. to my knowledge. I am reporting them to the BBB; States Atty. of ND; and every other place where I can report them -- EVERY...

Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden) / online fraud germany - german email scammer christian gasper poses as allen martin/allan martin and disappeared with my $1997!

May 11, 2017

Christian Gasper Done For You (DFY) Online Business Consulting (Germany, Wiesbaden)My online fraud report - I was scammed $1997 by christian gasper of germany for his done for you (dfy) internet business which was a complete fraud. the fraudster poses as allen martin from england and later allan martin from united states. I purchased 2 of his done for you (dfy) busine...

The Global Critic / Clare wiese

May 8, 2017

The Global CriticClare Wiese is a bully!!! Clare you think you are sooo cleaver but are stupid just like Lauren Fine!! We ruined her life and we ruined her boyfriends life!!! Do you know we got a restraining order against him??? It wasnt just to make him look like a bad person there was another reason and...

Inmate call solutions / Not honor refund when they cannot provide the service

May 5, 2017

I paid to get services and the jail stated that the number inmate call solutions gave me was blocked. Inmate call solutions continuously tell you that you are on the list for a refund, or their systems or down, or no one answers the phone and they say they are going to call you back; but never do. this is a fraud company and please do not use them.

Locanto / Premium ad listing

May 5, 2017

LocantoI am a genuine advertiser on Locanto. I am a service provider of Adult Entertainment and have advertised on Locanto for 5 years. Locanto has gone through a few horrendous updates throughout those years, but I stayed loyal. To keep this complaint short & sweet. Locanto used to accept 15 of my...

Heritage Hotel New York City / Charged Twice

May 4, 2017

My husband & I went to New York & stayed for 3 nights at Heritage Hotel. 11th, 12th & 13th April. Unfortunately we gave our Credit card details and money for our stay was taken from our card on the 9th of April. When we checked in on the 11th, we were not TOLD that the money had already... / Overall publisher affiliation

Apr 29, 2017

I am going to also leave negative comments for LInkshare. I did get paid for some of my campaigns but the last banner campaign i ran was a 10c banner. It generated $900 in revenue and when the time came to pay up they said the Company advertiser was not paying them so unfortunately I would...

Kumar Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review / Fake reviews

Apr 28, 2017

Kumar Wealthy Affiliate Scam ReviewNews Release Re: For Immediate Release - Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review Revealed! April 27, 2017 - It has come to my attention that the Wealthy Affiliate program actively teaches and allows their member...

Thelma Clendenin / driver restore license, order#[protected]

Apr 27, 2017

I purchased this 2 year license on september 10, 2015. My registration key is c93ce337. The license expires september 9, 2017. I have not been able to use it for 2 months (since mar.2017). I get a message that avantage has run into an error that causes it to shut down. What are you willing...

Avanta / Sales

Apr 19, 2017

I wanted to expand my office at Gurgaon -Park Centra- but their has been no intensity shown by the sales person -Mohit Tyagi. He is short temper, always arguing and never ever able to respond on time. Rest of the team is still very courteous and prompt. We felt that The executive center and...

Bayanan Elementary School / Late giving of soft copies for the client

Apr 5, 2017

Every month we call up the customer services for the soft copies of our bill statement, our cut off date is every 5th of the month, whenever i call evry 5th of the month the customer services told us to wait . This happenes evry month . Please take action of this especially the one who i...

Hamish Eisler / Internet harassment

Apr 2, 2017

Hamish Eisler My 5 Year Cyber Battle with Hamish Eisler and His Socially Abusive Alter Ego Visit the above referenced link if you have more than a passing interest in the Hamish Eisler comments originally posted on this site. As the former owner of Ponderosa Montessori...

ROI Booster / You should not deal with ppc campaign -

Mar 25, 2017

ROI BoosterI am running a small business in Gurgaon, India. I have a website (sorry but will not share my personal details over here) and I was planning to do some SEO or PPC so that I can increase my sales through visitors. I opted for “ROI Boosters”, call itself one of the biggest SEO and PPC...

Hello Little Joys / Bandana Bibs

Mar 24, 2017

I ordered from Hello Little Joys via etsy in January. It's now nearly April and I've yet to receive my items. I contacted the owner via Etsy and via the email provided on their Instagram @HelloLittleJoys and did not hear back. I find it sketchy how they don't list their full names or... / Expensive editing service

Mar 23, 2017

I want to share my problem with you. hides real price from customers. If you read Price section, you can see that there is fixed price, according to website data. But after proceeding to order form, you can see that price changes following to different characteristics. As a...

Hey Carson / Web development / website fixes

Mar 21, 2017

Hey Carson is a Shopify Expert you should NOT do business with. Their people are incompetent, cannot make the changes you want, and decide if they can't do it to just end your subscription for tasks. I had a few small tasks for my Shopify story and the Hey Carson people could not do them...

melissa Hood / moneypak

Mar 20, 2017

your service took 5 days to verify my I'D last week. after it finally accepted my moneypak load, I received a message stating try again with your next moneypak without delays. The very next day I tried to load another moneypak and again it's trying to verify my ID. it's been since Thursday... / Promospro

Mar 16, 2017

This company provides misleading coupon information. They have taken an old Facebook offer code from months ago for our online store and put it up on their site saying it's still current. It always says next to it stuff like "ends tomorrow", "expires in 15 hours", etc - every time I've...