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Cablevision / Optimum / servicio al cliente (departamento de internet)

Silda F on Oct 18, 2017
He sido cliente de Optimum por largo tiempo, estoy contenta con la calidad de servicio (internet y anteriormente Internet y cable), aunque es cierto que un poco caro, pero su calidad de internet es buena en comparación con la mayoría de las compañías proveedoras... Pero algo con lo que he...

Badoo Trading / my account was blocked

Ioana Simona on Oct 18, 2017
Hi there, I would like to contest the fact that my account was blocked on Badoo without any reason or evidence that I "scam" other users. One of your users tried to harrass me with calls on my phone and numerous messages on watsap. Because he wouldn't stop, I decided to block him on watssap...

Charter Communications / internet

Salty joe on Oct 18, 2017
You're crap internet stops working for an hour at least once a day. Cut the [censor]. You're just lowering the mbps every so often so you save money while [censor]ing people over that pay for it. I'm Getting the [censor] out of this [censor] company and paying for one...

Yahoo! / stupid infinite spiral of account keys

Flurgle on Oct 18, 2017
Yahoo!Alright, so my account, gaming_EMA@yahoo.com has been inactive for a while now, but I've recently stumbled into some important stuff that requires access to this old account. Luckily, I still remembered the password. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THAT'S NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU, YAHOO. Because your system...

IMDB / this company is a joke

mr james pittis on Oct 18, 2017
It's been one month and I still can't cancel my account. I keep getting their stupid emails with ads. That's something that works for sure. But their customer support leaves much to be desired. I've sent numerous emails and got no response. I see their job on the...

ExploreTalent / Don't pay for auditions!!

Mrs Trought on Oct 18, 2017
I have never used their services. But I know what exactly they do. My daughter wanted to attend one of those auditions and found this website. They asked her to pay to be included in the participants' list. Too bad her mom is an ex-singer and knows all of this process inside. I stopped...

Stellar Data Recovery / Stellar Information Technology / worthless

Milan on Oct 18, 2017
So typical for a scam company like that. The free service they provide is not actually free. It costs a lot of money and the price depends on what exactly you want, but it's never appropriate. I was using their free service and clicked the submit button when the small window popped up...

PhotoWhoa / weak

Itchy on Oct 18, 2017
Not impressed at all. Unfortunately, this website has to be improved before dealing with people. So far I haven't found anything useful and interesting yet. Had a small issue, tried to contact their customer support, but looked like they were too busy and didn't pay attention to my question...

Ziprecruiter / could be better

John Wylie on Oct 18, 2017
Many things to work on, you know. The website is often down, that causes a lot of troubles to use it. I have been trying to log in for 2 weeks and haven't succeeded yet. The customer support is absolutely useless and rarely answer, so I have no idea how to fix this issue without your participation. And a...

Wix.com / tech support

Rosy5 on Oct 18, 2017
Tech support downloaded remote assist on my PC last night (17/10/2017), someone called Jorge a tech support rep downloaded a software so he could get access to my PC, and he used this to fish around on my PC looking for personal details like IDs and bank statements account details to steal...

Yahoo.com / yahoo email

paulamartin on Oct 17, 2017
My E:mail itaigetitdone@yahoo, com My E:mail normally remains accessible on my computer without signing in with a password(click on mail icon in Yahoo page ) About a week ago in order to access my mail I HAD to sign in. I put in my Password and got the INVALID PASSWORD! I've tried to get...

Tagged / cancelling my account

Hugh anthony on Oct 17, 2017
I have been on tagged.com since it was a social network long before Facebook became popular. Even though today it is a sort of hook up site full of scammers, fake profiles, prostitutes gays and lesbians I remain on the site. I have never been disrespectful to anyone on the site but I...

eCrater / it may be a scam

nerys davies on Oct 17, 2017
It's a scam. So many times I tried to contact the seller regarding my order delivery. But once she got the money she disappeared. The customer service is absolutely useless and I tried to figure out with help of my bank. They are still working on this matter. But I would like to warn you and...

mSpy / be careful!

Christina on Oct 17, 2017
Why have policies if you don't follow them anyway? This company has unethical practices and one day it will affect their business, I'm sure of that. Don't let them convince you not to refund if there's something wrong. And I promise there WILL BE something wrong. Just read the other review...

Telus Communications / telus home internet

Randynv on Oct 16, 2017
Hi my name is Randyn and I am complaining about my home services that keep being disconnected after I’ve paid the bill on time or early, then charged twice for a reconnection fee of 45$ customer service has not helped nor have I been able to get through to them while waiting 45-1hour and 30mins not pleased and would appreciate some help in this issue

Cablevision / Optimum / optimum email

Jeff E. on Oct 16, 2017
I have been a Cablevision / Optimum customer for almost 20 years. I have had my email address just as long. They upgraded the email years ago but always gave the option to keep "Classic Mail", which I did because the new email was awful. Now, they are shoving the "New" email down...

Flynax Classifieds Software / regarding flynax.com

Robert Burnett on Oct 16, 2017
I am one of those people who say: do everything before starting your business. Don't start it when it's just created. Test it, try it. Hire adequate people to work for you. The flynax doesn't care about serious things like that. Their customer care team leaves much to be desired. It's an...

Thumbtack / fake and fraud

GrUn on Oct 16, 2017
It's a waste of time and money, I highly recommend you to take your business elsewhere. It's hard to find a job, most of the ads are fake as well as people who post it. I have spent so much on this website and got nothing instead. I am convinced they are very unreliable. No matter how many...

Globe Telecom / globe dsl home internet connection

shahidwaheed on Oct 16, 2017
To, The Complaint Manager, Globe Customer Help Service, 1. I wanted to highlight that, My DSL Home connection was installed on 11 October 2017 through Order No 33043799, which lasted for just one day only and became unserviceable and till yet has not been recovered. My Acct number written...

Smith's Marketplace / st. george wifi

ddjohns on Oct 15, 2017
How many times do I have to go to Lin's? Smith's Wireless (advertised Wifi Hotspot) is not working again. This is a continual problem and is beginning to reflect on the store management and highly vulnerable AccessWireless wifi company. This information is about to be sent to the 28, 744...
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