Internet Services Complaints | Page 5 / organized crime extortion "internet reputation management" website

Feb 1, 2018

The lying [censor] at Guaranteed promise that they can remove any negative defamatory weblink on the internet, but they don't tell you that they: (1) have "special relationships" with all of the gripe sites on the internet, so if you find yourself hiring them to... / internet and e-mail services

Feb 1, 2018

TDS is the bane of my existence. Their internet service is barely faster than dial up and so inconsistent as to be useless. I have had their service for 18 years now and hate it. Unfortunately they are also a monopoly. There is no other choice, not even satellite. The only satellite...

Personal Complaint / dsl plus tv cignal

Jan 31, 2018

Hello I applied on line for my son /daughter they move to San Pedro Laguna this January they response within 48hrs I got my Ref. # then I phone to follow up I was told the address of where my son move in is Bloc listed in order to install PLDT I have to produce Supporting document for...

Jeffrey / disappointed digi unlimited plan

Jan 31, 2018

I m very frustrating n feel disappointed on ur services tat u provide. Recently i have just signed up ur new plan rm100 unlimited online but so many week i encountered difficulties to browse into internet!! Now even 1.5 sc video i cant even watch!!! This called unlimited?? I have called to...

B2 Customer Care Service / stealing money from my account!

Jan 26, 2018

I got a sms notification from my bank this morning of 26/01/18 that B2 dating has deducted a whole R1197 off my account! Why would they delete off my account with me giving authorization?? I only subscribed and got the trial sub.That is basically stealing my money out of my account!!!...

Trust Fax / refusal to give credit

Jan 18, 2018

These people actually billed me a short time before my contract cancellation date and when I called to cancel they stated that I would get a refund but it would be less a prorated fee for one month, so I would get 36.62 and not the full amount of 39.95. I agreed to that (although I didn't...

Digi Rewards / purchase of internet plan

Jan 16, 2018

Received a message on 16/Jan/18 at 12.30pm for mobile no. [protected] saying "Successfully Activated - Monthly RM3 (1GB). Did not perform any purchase on this Internet plan. Please check and ensure no deduction has been made from my account. Do refund if deduction has been done. Hope Digi...

Kurtis Jensen / KBuilds LLC / Concepts Collective / poor software development & cheated with taking money

Jan 6, 2018

Date of Incident - Project SOW sign-off date : May 24, 2017 Total duration - 8+ months with no delivery. Created 5 web page, with few text boxes and labels and charged 10, 000 USD Desirable Resolution: Please return the money as Kurtis Jensen refuses to come on phone / Skype (Since Oct 2017... / owner wont pay employees and engages in criminal activity / is convicted felon

Jan 5, 2018

cincycostsavers.comDonna Daskevics aka Donna vandyne, and about 30 other aliases, is the supposed owner of Cincycostsavers, a generic website that sells ad space for local business . The business is a front for Donna's illegal activity including the refusal of paying her employees . Donna is a convicted... / huuuge diamonds slot machine

Jan 5, 2018⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to whom it may concern * i had built up a winnings of $30M + change i was playing huuuge diamonds yesterday 1/4/18 2:00 pm EDT * the game malfunctioned continuously spinning reels for maybe 60 seconds or longer for each spin completely disrupting the playing of the game and...

Mohit Singh / services by a person

Jan 4, 2018

I am writing to you to show my concern about the cyber crime done by person having profile on facebook with the name of Mohit Singh. We connected on Facebook and make a deal of software, which he was supposed to give me after payment. Today morning when I transferred amount to him he i...

Cable 1 / internet

Jan 4, 2018

Problem is our govt has no regulatory agency to control this 500 lb obnoxious gorilla. Dear Mr. Brnovich: I am aware that I have been ranting on this matter for some time. However, I have achieved nothing. This result is possible only because no action has been taken with authority and...

Celebrity Photo Agency / website -

Jan 3, 2018

Celebrity Photo AgencyCelebrity Photo Agency is owned by Scott Downie ([protected] and is a very shady website that uses/sells images of celebrities without consent or proper copyrighting. They use fake photographer names with their photo posts and do not reply to any customer inquiries contact...

Stuart Aitken / pathetic service from vodacom fibre!!

Dec 30, 2017

This was a disaster from the word go! It took forever to get system installed then, I requested an upgrade on my line more than 2 weeks ago! I have spoken to and emailed them almost every day since then. Every time its a different problem. I was even told that I as the customer need to...

Kromtech Alliance Corp / kromtech alliance corp

Dec 28, 2017

Kromtech Alliance CorpI Downloaded mackeeper a month ago after i deleted it it kept on automatically installing an extention for safari disguised as a Chill Tab. this extension uses pop up ads and says it could be resolved with mackeeper and at the bottom its says Kromtech Alliance Corp i have tried everything and...

Henry Tan / yes product consignment number [protected]

Dec 28, 2017

Henry Tanyour service is very bad, your Masai branch telephone is not working, after meanwhile i call again they said there're not masai gdex branch, i ask my worker staff go and collect my stock they said my stock is in lorry, but i check my order number its said my stock have arrive. i had been...

Yourmailinglistprovider ( / unable to change account

Dec 23, 2017

I was a satisfied customer for about 10 years. At first, without problems. But when i started trying to change my account to a license with less credits and costs, it didn't work. I tried a few times over and then decided to contact YMLP. The response of the owner (Patrick van Acker) wa...

Ibraheem Tosin Agunbiade / I can't access my email

Dec 20, 2017

My Name is Ibraheem Tosin Agunbiade, Before I use to live in the united Kingdom and have Relocated back to my Country Nigeria, My email address [protected] which also attached to my mobile number [protected] can not be access any more ... This email contain all my life...

Kishor Athalye / internet security

Dec 18, 2017

I did not renew the antivirus. Yet you have auto-renewed directly deducting from my credit card INR: 3799.00 on 2017-12-18:07:67:43 at avangate*bitdefender. HDFC credit card I had already paid for Total Security 1 PC 3 years Yet hoe can you deduct again Please reverse the transaction or... / dirtsearch - can't remove my name!

Dec 17, 2017

There is currently no contact information on Dirt Search, making it really hard for you to get your name removed. I looked them up on and it says that the site is legally represented by Craighton T. Boates and his law firm is Boates Law Firm, PLLC. The website is: I... /

Dec 13, 2017

I agree. I am a female and from when I joined It was saying I received about five messages a minute. All the messages were similar to each other. They seemed automatic. A lot of the males had a similar appearance athletic, fit muscular etc and had professional pictures. My feeling...

ARVmedia / online advertising - dsp

Dec 13, 2017

ARVmediaWe're a DSP, demand side platform and we work with many advertisers via XML and RTB integrations, One client in particular was the lovely Anisha Singhania from ArvMedia her skype: live:sales_68215 their website: We've started a campaign for them, cost was over $2000~ in 1... / zevera class action lawsuit

Dec 11, 2017

Zevera class action lawsuit ( I too have been scammed by zevera regarding their no-risk, money-back guarantee. It's time to let companies like zevera know that they can't get away with treating their customers deceptively and fraudulently without repercussions. Therefore, I am...

Bryan Blue Show, Jeremy Bryan / fraud organization bryan blue show

Dec 10, 2017

Hi, I wish to share my worst experience with named as "Jeremy Bryan" or we can say "Fraud Organization Bryan Blue Show". One year before I had a long conversation with a team of this organization. I was depressed due to my payment is not given this organization. When I chatted these...

Domain Listings Internet Directory SCAM Fraud Exposed Las Vegas / fake website listing service - domain listings internet directory

Dec 8, 2017

google these frauds apparently they've been operating for a while total scam to get your money by pretending to hold the rights to your urls / website addresses has anyone submitted this fraud to the FBI or some other authority? I received an invoice from them for $228 report them please...

Google/Google My Business / google my business/google search

Dec 7, 2017

Should be called Damage My Business. Google doesn't help any business owner. In fact they're more likely to Damage your business than help it. That's what they did to ours! A person was making up bogus Gmail accounts (thanks to Google) and making bogus reviews about our business saying we...

D Link / router

Dec 6, 2017

I purchased a dlink router at greenstone telkom on 21 dec 2016 it packed up on 28 nov 2018. According to my calculations, still under warranty. My ref 397crk281117 (bianca). I took it in to greenstone and they send it off somewhere. I do not have a cell so my friend gave her number. She got a...

Open sky shopping / I haven't received my package it's been a month.

Dec 4, 2017

I have contacted Open Sky a number of times my package never came I tracked it to Virginia and then they said it went to Korea. You can't call them no one speaks to you. I am out $35.00 and no present that I ordered. My order # is [protected]. It was a Women's wool Tassel Pashmina Shawl...

Find-Bride / russian dating

Dec 3, 2017

I came to this site after foraging around a number of others and finding nothing. Now that doesn't mean this site has been easy but I do believe that Eastern European women are more like mother than women from many other places. They are portrayed as women who believe that marriage i... / service of the fat dating site

Nov 30, 2017

FatFetish.orgAlthough is the high quality fat dating site for fat women, fat men and fat admirers. However, there is no dating tips for users to read, if they do not join this site. The design of this bbw dating site is not cool. Fat people or fat lovers can not view the details of users'... / wrong written about dalal (jat) surname

Nov 29, 2017

www.ancestry.comWrong written about dalal(Jat) surname .they have wrote wrong about dalal surname.Fix it '' occupational name for a broker, from Arabic dallal ‘auctioneer'.'' Please remove this line Early. Otherwise, Hardest action will be taken against this website Edit this Line see below   Dalal (दलाल)i...

Find-Bride / russian dating

Nov 25, 2017

I've met my wife on and now I want to share this experience with you. Frankly speaking ii am not a fun of all these dating websites, but I decided to try. And I got acquainted with Kate in here. She is really the best for me, the kindest and the most beautiful lady. I am...

Gordon Plany / lack of connection

Nov 23, 2017

I have had a Hotmail account for close to 20 years. But for the last 3-4 days I have been plagued with the following message "unable to connect with servers". It seems that I when try to either send a message or read my emails I get this message. Then from anywhere between 10 minutes to a... / video advertising scam by martin edwards

Nov 21, 2017 Edwards ripped me off by advertising my services to the wrong audience. He begged and pleaded with their advertising platform partner to accept my advert. They didn't want my ad on their platform and I was horrified when they told me. I received no response at all and quickly told...

Yahoo Mails / I can't respond to comments on yahoo articles.

Nov 20, 2017

I receive replies to my comments but can't reply/react to them. The error has occurred alert is always showing as if it was programmed. This has been the case for 5months now. Before then, for 4 yrs, all was perfect. I need this rectified asap. For instance, I react to a blog and a reader...

Find-Bride / russian dating

Nov 15, 2017

I can say that I am rather experienced in terms of dating website. So, if characterizing it, I can mention that generally this platform is very convenient and the price is also reasonable. As for the girls, they are mainly Russian and Ukrainian, extremely beautiful ladies I can say. But...

ABS World / unethical behaviour

Nov 14, 2017

On 7/6/17 I received a call, while I was online, from Absworld, telling me they were part of Microsoft. They said the were tech support and that they saw that I was being hacked or scammed...I was stupid enough to allow them access to my computer. They then said they would...

Cymraes's Corner – ~ weird and wonderful blogging from the Welsh marshes troll and fraud / lesley jackson wales "a traitor to wicccans acow" and "a warlock medusa" scammer and fraud

Nov 14, 2017

Cymraes's Corner - ~ weird and wonderful blogging from the Welsh marshes A HATE SITE in halves this welsh older woman has caused to much upheavel in the pagan community she is now shunned by all of the major higher magical societies American Council of... / website design

Nov 9, 2017

Cold call. Upselling. I take responsibility for accepting those. But full refund policy in their own printed contract is 7 days. When I realized at 7 days they'd promised a lot but had zero to show me as progress I invoked my 7 day refund right. They asked for extra days (Which would have...

FLVS / deleting things

Nov 7, 2017

So tell me how i'm done finishing an assignment that's long overdue yadda yadda and if I don't turn it in I get kicked out of the course. A little back story for ya'll I started the course late and now I have a super difficult online class along with regular school and...